Liz Cheney Abruptly Withdraws From Wyoming Senate Race

Daughter of former vice president Dick Cheney ends campaign, citing family health concerns.
3:00 | 01/06/14

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Transcript for Liz Cheney Abruptly Withdraws From Wyoming Senate Race
This is a special -- Report from ABC. I'm Dan Cutler -- new York and this is an ABC news digital special report Liz Cheney is controversial campaign for senator. Has come to an abrupt end he daughter a former Vice President Dick Cheney was challenging a fellow Republicans sitting Wyoming senator Mike Enzi. In that State's Republican primary but late last night word began to trickle out. That she would abandon her bid. So with the latest on why -- Cheney is quitting -- we're joined now from Washington by ABC news senior Washington correspondent jets on inkjet. Thank you -- -- this morning it is still the question is or why Republicans say that was Cheney withdrew from the race. -- -- Cheney herself as saying that she is withdrawing from the race because of serious Stanley concerns so immediately. Some Republicans stocks went to her father former Vice President Dick Cheney who has a history of heart conditions but it turns out he is just fine it is actually. Health concerns involving one of her daughters one of them was recently diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at some point -- late last fall. That as one of them but also just other family concerns I'm told. Sort of vague reasoning from Republicans have spoken to the -- who spoke into the campaign but what one. Republican friend of the family told me that this is a time when she needs to be a mother she needs to be with her her children ages three daughters and two sons so. Family concerns being umbrella here but -- also important point out she was struggling in this race the campaign had been had not turned out like -- Had hoped it would she announced her candidacy last summer. And really has -- struggled to. I connect with those Wyoming voters introduced herself to Wyoming voters so it was a tougher road than she expected it would -- again. And fact those frustrations. By a lot of Republicans had been growing in recent days right. I mean that's true -- and never was able to find an issue on which is. Approved for own identity. And really find an opening to challenge senator Mike Enzi. Now Mike -- is hardly a household name across the country not even in Washington but in Wyoming he is. He is a three term. In comment a a conservative. Republican with a deep conservative voting record and and many Wyoming voters. -- We're not pleased with the idea of her moving from Virginia to Wyoming to challenge him so there were -- All that many holes out there and the polls that were out there were not that reliable that she was a long way. From. Even becoming anywhere near him the primary was in August so she had eight months here to work on this but. She just decided because of those Stanley concerned she said to drop out of the race today despite having lots of connections lots of money obviously a lot of Republicans are still -- -- what in fact happen. What you get the kind of momentum when she announced her candidacy. Is so so early on. I think one of the things that she got in and it was a surprise to everyone including Mike NC but it was also. A surprise to the voters of Wyoming she hadn't laid much ground work for being a candidate there she moved her family from Virginia to Wyoming in 2012. The two Jackson hall and spent -- several months driving around. Around Wyoming sort of introduce yourself to some Republican voters and she suddenly just got in the erase the middle but who's trying to scare off. Senator and -- didn't have him announce his retirement and then she would have a clear path here but he in fact double down. And he is six to nine years old he's been in the senate for three terms but he -- raised more money than he had ever had up until this point in the last. Three months of twenty search. Point thirteen he -- more than a million dollars on told a lot of money. In Wyoming for television -- if he actually doubled down and people like Tim Moore and there was no reason to unseat him that's what she had a bit of a hard time finding an opening here in this race. Well I fair or not there will be speculation this decision coming right after the holidays in fact admit that -- her family. May have played some role I mean aside from the health concerns affecting one particular family member but but from -- pressure itself. It tell me a little bit about the relationship that she -- with her sister Mary how that affected. The campaign. We'll Dan is a very -- private family feud spilling into public view and it all hinged on. The topic of same sex marriage Liz Cheney announced her opposition to same sex marriage in an interview on Fox News Sunday last fall she said. In a sheet and opposes same sex -- her sister Mary Cheney her younger sister is gay she is married. And in fact the -- have been. A work together on campaigns and they've been fairly close that she went on television announced her opposition to same sex marriage. Shortly after that Mary Cheney's wife Heather -- Posted a message on FaceBook really calling out Liz Cheney for saying how can you be opposed to this he spent so much time around our family you've been in our house. How can you now be opposed to this. Accusing her bases league trying to be politically expedient Mary Cheney -- -- -- her wife's side of the story here and she said she could have said it better herself. Suddenly the parents Dick and Lynne Cheney had to try and refereeing this but sided with if you follow -- here sided with Liz Cheney and said she has always been opposed to same sex marriage so. A family that has -- -- and so. Well being disciplined all these years on a variety of topics suddenly spilling out their disagreements in public view so much so that the sisters weren't speaking to each other. At the holidays so that's certainly with the subtext of this but Republicans close to the campaign tell me that that was not the reason she dropped out of the race again. So then what is next for -- -- -- she moved back to Virginia full time continue a political life there. That's the question she's 47 years old -- -- it has. A big feature however she's become and known in Republican circles through her work on Fox News is a commentator and through her work on national security issues so it remains an open question how long she -- stay. In Virginia the family still has there are -- -- shall stay in Wyoming to -- still has. -- its house in Virginia most people think that they will stay in Wyoming for at least a time because that's where. The apparent spent a lot of time Dick and Lynne Cheney have. -- house -- ranch in Wyoming -- they'll spend a fair bit of time there but will see. If she makes another. Run for something in Wyoming or eventually. Is drawn back to Washington and decides to have a public career and something else perhaps back and accommodating business for right now the -- hike campaign the Cheney family endless chain yourself is not. Commenting they're letting the statement speak for itself but will be watching to see. How long they stay in Wyoming and that will help answer questions for what shall do the next chapter of her public life. It could be a demonstration of just that the kind of relationships in the ties that she built to the state in YM a threat ABC's -- Johnny Jeff thank you so much appreciate that. So with all of the latest on -- Cheney's decision to quit her senate -- stay right here on This is -- in ABC news special report and Dan Adler in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Daughter of former vice president Dick Cheney ends campaign, citing family health concerns.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"21436914","title":"Liz Cheney Abruptly Withdraws From Wyoming Senate Race","url":"/Politics/video/liz-cheney-abruptly-withdraws-wyoming-senate-race-21436914"}