Longwood University Students Give Their Take on the VP Debate

ABC News' Charli James talks with students at the vice presidential debate venue in Farmville, VA.
18:16 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Longwood University Students Give Their Take on the VP Debate
Andrew one and apparently came on campus here at Longwood University this isn't. The EP jubilee at the all day party that the campus had been posting here. On when and mom. On Islamic university. And led there's a lot of excited people fiercely in the tiny gains and drugs but now we're getting closer to that they times earnings most people are up here on line. Please. It's the eat. Every time they mention Longwood University show that campus on deep people start. Three saying a lot of excitement and hundreds of kids out here of students. People from the community faculty members so a lot of excitement. Condit camp and and we need debate at south will be. In place just down. That road here. Though well there not India. In the auditorium themselves they're very close and they've been coming on and name it they're part of history but really big deal where this. Middletown farm bill that only of the population. And a few thousand people. And no we're gonna threaten to Fox News some students parents you can see them leases. Yeah oh yeah. I hear this and I'm gonna jump earns positive view of now. Lots and excitement here. I'm yeah. I'm honestly yeah. Got coming out of trouble and didn't hear that you. Yeah. Here. Yeah. These aren't currently are about to mind. I'm staying. Calls duties. That it does this dark because there aren't paying out of the people's art and going crazy. And so they're giving these out as part of the nice eating jelly or how. Gary Geiger. Not Collins in holiday. Maybe get him come out lots within. So you mean. And I feel like half of the do. I. Alcohol average client you know not count on hand in this league like please move it really and is involved. Oh it's yeah. An accident about the politics. He knows everyone. We'll be getting up only about things. They can. It is no welcome basket. It's maegashira. So we have every nickel. Does this. And so what if you. Tonight out its new windows crowded coastal on the bonds with a green scarves. We've language that we. Bosnia gains hosting. They're being assistance under the new. Do pretty busy but this is the night. And so why am I want the world around my home my account for the Mac tonight. Find. Here's. Feeling kind. And you guys doing your bride wearing it long legs apparently. 786. And that night sky and fitness talent and when and where it's pounds and I. It doesn't ask you have that he is candidate and I'm here on I don't seeking to pound on what that means that you guys. I think the number those blessings that students in tonight's winners long's responsibility and de LA wins this not and that's sort of the big thing yeah. Still could be due in June. And was design that's never happen. What's up me. At that particular students it sickness. It's. I'm out. Ominous sound manner. That it. A lot of people are going to be Spain won the debate nights like night and let's campaign. I think every Olympics probably aren't we didn't want that it really. So I'm not. Knowing came home at night I'm thanks now I don't know arrogant and Virginia. Maine is he kind of settlements and the home and in no way in here is. Governor and senator Karen. They spent a lot of people here. I think it's a visit a little bit of a little bit of both ways not as they advise him. He's doesn't he's had a and it can thank everyone here right now sounded. Packing on the world war zone of privacy and a lot of positive coming neighborhood. I want it turnaround girls they can show you a little more exciting going on here we got them ask not what does not name him. Not helpless and isn't that I'm here 'cause closing plants needed aren't that are being given a Lang and you're seeing each mom. Alex and selling fun. And again a lot of these are. There's now. Parents. I'm definitely getting healthier way and that is fun every time happy. Every time. As shown on Eli that anger management everyone out here really exciting. I'm gonna get a look at an hour that is not tiny. She went that way. And we look findings. And those dark. A night. And as ugly affiliate yeah well yeah it does thank you yeah. Look at how this didn't hurt our feelings here let's find more people let's not let it wasn't giving him. And I panicked he and I haven't done it differently relish. Live. I'd get I've been thinking. It is yeah. Hey I didn't it has not gone out. Yeah. Yeah I never let it. Are you today. Movie yeah. Yeah now don't think it is at all. A lot of demand Wednesday. And that outlet I'm not gotten here. Yeah. A look at the crowd I'm here on long live. University campus. And let's find it don't let people see it. She asked as it's not just aren't actually opens you anyone in the community in general public that lots and lots it is a lot. Students but you have aldermen that people want to talk with. A couple more ladies who came down here it. I'd ever hear a lot of money BC news.com. Aren't and have not and Debra thanks talent slip right. Air with your connection. We all loved him paying him is that we supported it went back when he comes Lynchburg nobody knew Anthony plus. When he was bluntly to you governor. And we loving and so we wanted to featured. And a homecoming for him out around. And not so hot yeah anything like this going on when you and Aaron. I'm sure you know about the history. Robert reasoning then gotten. It was I was aware of that. This it was an all emails movement here I'll change my game and it was starting his own Williams college and 1830 days in. So a lot has changed then that we're just talking at them students is that that they are still let it happen if they feel like on the market now look out. They think it's going to be of them and and and it kind of put it on the map in the Atlantic but let's talk a little bit about pain. You number a lot of student. Here they're young they might not remember when he held all these different office says rich parent governor and senator. Tell about his history here. In I like how long he's better out here in this day. How he married off sporadic investment intent. His I was Lynnwood as the governor crutches. I was mayor of Richmond and take them. You know senator. Down to earth human being and straight east from Missouri and things yeah. His system. I really great yeah we're really happy sad Virginia. So a lot of people going to be rooting for him his hometown advantage engine what do you guys think. Mean this is the one the only debate he think yeah. Things I think people are financing. In the accident you know. And as persons and eventually president who has something remarkable happened. Judge them by that win. Just think yeah. It's slick runway that at all and you don't hasn't gone up. Inland Apatow comedy. So we'll learn from them knights and that he will be introducing himself to a lot of the country doesn't. Oh yeah. I'd in introducing them. In making it known that he would at seven. President and need and what else on aircraft and yeah. Supporting Hillary and her students. Just the name change main job. It's reassuring us shirt Aziz. Moment. Yeah main thing on an angry. It's very important ignorance and I think we'll talk about his time yeah. Pain in the works will present position. Another former Soviet leader who I think people understand. Each team not have to tell you who lives. Conservative religious persons ahead. Mobility and tell them and had them thank you ask. Right so we've seen him. Yeah. Thank you so much lady advertising and I got a couple martz didn't and I want to see an inspiring and her aunt went. Hands. Adds we're getting closer and closer to. He started actually my feet that is not very quiet here that's your mom let alone president Longwood University president is. Come on he'd ever right now in everyone's watching intently and listening to him. Here here is. On the lottery and end everyone's quiet. Night news fine. Yeah. Covering the president is on right now in every black intently. But any advice. Garner yeah. Everyone was really excited about that that remind me now on abcnews.com. You didn't think it's yours now. At other area. Yeah. I am thankful and your all students here so yeah. Light one in his ears I. Campuses around in the senate hired an out. Really like nice when something so important company and how something that they happen under indictment does not. I. But rather rough. President including from art benefit that they didn't think thank you know. And I talking about it only when they played excellent and lovely in the opening and I didn't they aren't really killers and it looked at the end it now. I can't. So I am now. Yeah. Recognizing up so it's really nice look like me reckoning is looking to really graceful and from the line. We like I was. Yeah. They're here it's. We're at the university and let's hanging in there that day in. This isn't the only thing happened. And so are you that right now they even following an accident. And and rates it. It. I. Let's hope that was art and and I ice art thing. Though it lets you really wealthy. And eat all of the media here in the camp. They can't think crawling with media ever on that. Have you guys. Any particular like anger that yeah yeah. Me I I don't know about yeah Northern Virginia now and didn't think luckily Harry Aaron nine. Yeah. Popped my and now as well I think that night news. News. Go up in. I'll be on FOX & Friends instead of getting the all the pain here is all of them there and it and it can be the really needs to see every line in everything happening violently. You had indicated. Ticker my theory here is happening right in front that's exploit that period. Some might have some of the future an ABC news employee right. Or. Lastly it what you want to hear from the Canada tonight. I honestly I don't personally I think that's not a racist I don't know enough about it policy as I'm. How they are going actually. Like the Webber's yeah. Look for a lot of people who yeah. Gary Indiana Lawrence cannon they're from they're going to be introducing them now you of the country there's a lot of people like you out there that need to get to know that inhabit a little bit more long and here's how. Same way. Right now. Have a very positive opinion has either in the presidential candidates on that point and I am looking at. I Yahoo! I wanted to. For an election. Thank you so much ladies and that looking good men are. In giant an abate maybe we'll check in with you guys after or well. So it countdown now we're Atlantans permanently if they start having. Currently dean you recently started and it needs to be behind me in the introduction. The moderator of Windsor as CBS and Ziegler client. In really interesting to hear so much from. The students that they feel really proud that the math. As well as well the ten pounds. More people are gonna know. Yeah they are and I think. And Hyman and how the students in the university of bugging you aren't I'm thinking here today that everything is front moves and a hundred volunteers there it's the university stunts that really stellar job outlook technically. And it is now so. Enjoyed the debate you can of course want right here on com and money into England and in my hand all these techniques and with any student movement of people don't know party after it. To date include between what they think I'm turning to England until all night. Apparently lots more coming up from the Camden mom and never.

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{"duration":"18:16","description":"ABC News' Charli James talks with students at the vice presidential debate venue in Farmville, VA.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42572137","title":"Longwood University Students Give Their Take on the VP Debate","url":"/Politics/video/longwood-university-students-give-vp-debate-42572137"}