Loretta Lynch says Federal Courts Effective for Prosecuting Homegrown Terrorists

Obama's pick for attorney general says federal courts are "proven" for trying terrorism suspects.
1:37 | 11/10/14

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Transcript for Loretta Lynch says Federal Courts Effective for Prosecuting Homegrown Terrorists
Through eliminating. You very much. The veterans who've. We've been. Many of us this. Are very familiar with our next speaker. Is the Ritalin being Perry he's district of New York. Ms. lynch first serve that and I. I think this girl along and marks an arm her hero world. It takes a special person. So devoted her community. And so the commitment that. The that we looked beautiful a major law firm and the reason for vote here. Victor. Very important. To have her back there to do you friend. We did. Make. When we have a person rather. We only can park bar. Braves that person. Good thing and let us know your team but many people of this world. Our security is brilliant. That made it. There. At US attorney for the district that oversees all federal civil investigation. And Brooklyn queen. Then I. And so again. Brown. Attracting. The terrorist related use. The Mets look. You. We can really go either keep America. And our communities. Safe from those with the morrow. Lady. And the daughter who's you know I think very for the eastern district of New York. Relatives. This morning. I'm so let me so much. We need. Okay this. More from. In. I'm he wants. And this is. So we're just. He's a who lives. Losses on games. In any case. This thing. House's okay. Or see his face each. It isn't home more. Rings. Fever was my day. I'm just me. This morning rooms. Face much. We want this bill. The terrorists we. Her highness. Bonus in this case and I. Also they changed their working lives. We're just before that event. Security depends on the war. All clerics. Well this week's work. This. My office is worried about her chances of our position. Her sexy. See here. Yes. Our parents use it. It's. News should. Basis yeah I'm. We were close. You're join terrorists excellence which. He has the best yeah. In terms. Even storm. I terror. We'll see full. All we are essentially bodies. And mental illness. CEO attack. There are reasons. And even more the US school cooler this and I believe this it's. I wish you. Actress and her current position books. Rooms. And moves ish. So many. Yeah. Hastily. Boom says yes of course we'll need. Six plus she's not. Easy. Works. Plus visa problems. Yeah citizens are very much thanks Jeanne. Burris who aren't there. Its own home. A great importance. Mind of news yeah. It's just that he worldwide. He's. Yeah. East obviously. And the glasses he. It's time. It's. Let me. This. We'll. Not good news so. So. See you. I'm seeing. Us and it's senseless action spare parts and it's beaten. Those purposes you. It's important mid eighties and sons. And worse. You see here. If you want to say here. Or six. He must say. We must. Six. Works it works and the beauty returns. Chase and Oklahoma today. News. All of us yeah. Was here. Works for GE. Please her exit so. It's 18 games this morning. Well yeah. It's GE home. A news. Sit com that it works. Prove me. Demons her son's. Ticket. Yeah roll my eyes. We have direct terrorist list each. It's there. It's you. She's grown children. Could this. Season there's. Is. Games yeah. Case but. There's no arrests soon. Kids there. Steve this or. Related news. Rules for paying best. For its citizens from terror Stevens. Says he believes he wore when US citizens here. It's. Middle East and it was. Terrorist attacks. CS home. This animal services. This is over. How important. From news Clinton's in. It. Since. She had. Else helps. Under this peaceful cities. He's but he's. Since. This is. Easy. The true. Six. Fox News yeah. Save houses. Ask. It. It's bags. For us and it's. This people. This. City. Yeah. Fish turns. CN. This. It's not. This computer. Can see you. Guaranteed. Just today. Assessing. It suggests. It is it's. Not. Sprint. PM makes searching. Hard work. So many times. He union. Okay. News as a braves. Its east so soon. Does not. See something. Over 100 Harris. It's just this. Since it's he. Parents all of us. I. These kids home. Not he'll. It's hard and didn't notice it since this is. Yes. It's and it was a recipe. This is an. Critical intelligence to do. It's. When. He was. So agents and we'll see news. He's justice. He. Reform won't notice us movies foreign and blocked. Stuff works you. Us that the ages it's. To. Her case and he years Cox itself. It's. Fun person pass through here she had. Former are. Oh. She's you. He's here. Okay. Kids this year's. So. Yeah. News. So yeah it's. It was. Space station. So yeah. He's twenty. So. This is her state to. It yeah. News. It's. Soon. Kiss each center to news the space station. Where all this you. Are serious. Tell her this is. Yeah terrorist. Care it's. Terror suggests. This.

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{"duration":"1:37","description":"Obama's pick for attorney general says federal courts are \"proven\" for trying terrorism suspects.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"26815257","title":"Loretta Lynch says Federal Courts Effective for Prosecuting Homegrown Terrorists","url":"/Politics/video/loretta-lynch-federal-courts-effective-prosecuting-homegrown-terrorists-26815257"}