Major settlement reached ahead of planned opioid trial

Dr. Kathleen Brady with the University of South Carolina discusses how she hopes the money from the settlement will be used to combat the opioid crisis.
3:44 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for Major settlement reached ahead of planned opioid trial
One of the first. OP early trials was supposed to get started. Out in Ohio it did not and that is because the parties on both sides reached a settlement 200 million dollars settlement. That is not a small amount of money and now what happens to other cases that are pending I want to bring in doctor Kathleen Brady she is the vice president of research at the University of South Carolina doctor great to have you with us on this Monday we appreciate it. Obviously. That this would have been a historic case had a gone forward but. You wrote not been about now that we saw this settlement from this 200 million dollars what do you hope that money can get used for. Well my hope is. Likely to that historic tobacco settlement act in 1998. I honor that this money is Henry Lee is cheese and court. Treatment and to support research about new treatments now. We really didn't do money really doesn't need any boat is on. On audio yet again and unfortunately. Whipping historic settlement. Much of that money went to just covering the state budget deficits and not your pet projects only 3%. Is in ways we're directly impacting. On tobacco use in prevention. So Idaho that restrictions and fishing restrictions can be put our money said that there really is dedicating. To both. Treating on people. And an. Bradbury and compensating people have been an impact. It IPO in. Hopes on research into new treatment I mean we treat our treatments and eat bearish and we haven't treatment system that's really somewhat broken at. Addiction services are often say inmates and taking. General medical care and we know that shouldn't be addictions and mental and physical problems so we really need integrated air arms and he's really need to be used to ship reform art treatment systems and to researching treatments. All kinds exciting developments in our science these new pathways an important reason dated that might. Hell in treating addictions in treating chronic which is our main ways these academics. Starting in so again. Re search and evidence based treatments. And I hope we can really see some restriction is these are sent an air directed. I'm towards solving the problem. And doctor ready before I let you go your eyes you're speaking we're putting up some of the shocking numbers. On screen four audience obviously where Ohio where this case was set to begin. Today they have the second highest number of debts is reported in 2017. Related two OP Lloyd's give us the number they keeps you up at night in your research that you think are an idea where about. There are so many numbers really just yet admit that we is a 130. People a day GOP operatives so we're 300 picking an 130 depending on which you're looking that we lost 400000. Lines. You do eat and dad actually. Over jet is yet overtook tracking. The number one cause acts and acts last year and it kind of numbers that really keep me at night. It's numbers that we just shouldn't have to talk about doctor Brady thank you very much for your time today we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Dr. Kathleen Brady with the University of South Carolina discusses how she hopes the money from the settlement will be used to combat the opioid crisis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66428220","title":"Major settlement reached ahead of planned opioid trial","url":"/Politics/video/major-settlement-reached-ahead-planned-opioid-trial-66428220"}