March for Our Lives goes down Pennsylvania Avenue

ABC News' Kenneth Moton takes a walk through throngs of protesters demanding action on gun reform.
3:37 | 03/24/18

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Transcript for March for Our Lives goes down Pennsylvania Avenue
Kenneth mode with ABC news coming to you from Washington DC where we're alive. For the march before our lives here our nation's capital let me take you right down Pennsylvania Avenue and you can see there are hundreds. Thousands of people who are still listening to speakers performers who are on its books I've Jumbotron. All we lined up down Pennsylvania Avenue that it could take part in this. Global monumental event here. And Washington DC so many people calling war. Congress if you move and act on what they say they want meaningful gun control legislation to make schools state where. As well so we're about two blocks away from the White House to give you some perspective were about ten blocks away from that means stage where everything Parkland students. I'm really student impacted by gun violence across this country take that state. And really come with some powerful powerful message it if you that's crowd down here below me here analysts say that they've all got signed it. Many of them all have searched on that have a methods on them about. Warning some type of gun control legislation tougher gun laws I'm anything that assault rifles are weapons of war that are not needed in this country. And we've seen some powerful methods it's here. Wanna go this way here you see on this plot that I hear it now there are a lot of security that just around this area right here but there are a number of folks who. Have outcomes of the backside of the march 2. Lift them but to engage in talk this or that civic engagement that we've been telling you about talking about. You know what we're gonna walk down here to step down if he still little shaking that's because. I got behind the camera he's walking with me here let's walk let it I don't care about with news. Fifty years ago marching on the Pentagon and I'm here fifty years later and I can't believe I'm still marching to the bill different. Yeah back then we were you know protesting a war in Vietnam and there was a lot of I actually saw tear gas use for the first time. And it was a lot of high high energy this seems more like. Desperately from the heart and the soul we need this change our country and the fact that young people or leave it. Yeah fantastic and I teach them on the faculty at Boston University. So I have students and the problem with this it gun thing is. That you know the kids are nervous that something's gonna happened. And when you're nervous and anxious you can't learn you can't taking in so where's my teaching going. So I'm here. You are here thank you so much I really appreciate she's here so many other people are here as well walked with me here when she got a little bit of what we're seeing so far. Us a lot of folks who are just. Here in solidarity out with all of these folks who we have come from. All over the place. To call on congress to take action to do more when it comes to you. Gun control legislation now lawmakers. They're not here many of them not in town right now president drop also not here even South Florida. At his this. Resort and but folks here still believe that they will be heard that they will get their messages through. For those lawmakers for the president when it comes to. Really making a difference here I'm. As we walk around here we see some folks who are really trying to take a stand. We're gonna talk with a more folks will be here I can't I want to point out that what we've seen very peaceful. We haven't seen any are heard are being reports that security issues and also very important for defeat that really make that people watch on this thing. But so far hundreds of thousands of people your Washington. Trying to make their voices heard this Kenneth but reporting for ABC news.

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{"id":53990033,"title":"March for Our Lives goes down Pennsylvania Avenue","duration":"3:37","description":"ABC News' Kenneth Moton takes a walk through throngs of protesters demanding action on gun reform.","url":"/Politics/video/march-lives-pennsylvania-avenue-53990033","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}