Marco Rubio: 'Everyone's Attacking Me' As Rivals Grow 'Desperate'

ABC's Jonathan Karl gets exclusive behind the scenes access with Rubio in New Hampshire.
3:36 | 02/04/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Marco Rubio: 'Everyone's Attacking Me' As Rivals Grow 'Desperate'
So rubio thanks for Rudnick was long the boss thank you for comment. So are you ready for the onslaught. It's adjusting right Ametek cruise won the Iowa caucus Donald Trump is leading in the polls whatever one's attacking me adding that's a good sign image shows that our campaign is growing and that others are growing desperate. Chris Christie says quite frankly rubio has proven he can get anything done except get up in the morning it takes is there. Smile and give the save speech. Well back yeah. That's an interesting line of attack look I'm proud of my record of public service analyst Chris Christie's what you heard the boy in the bubble called the boy in the bubble. Now the king of you. I'm not sure that England is. The boy the bubbly here coddle you are protected the most scripted candidate last man you want and yes there right next thing I mean I've done seven debates we'll do another one you know that equestrian. Anything that one I've interviewed virtually everybody every publication. People can ask whatever they want people these governors via they've all got more experience than you have more executive experience. And you look this is especially this year while they don't have more foreign policy experience and national security experience and the most important opera's. President doesn't run the economy. And by the way is governors never rated single job other than in government jobs are worried about the private sector. Governors don't run the economy and that the presidents. But only if president and become energy. Not a I have more foreign policy experience than any of them. I actually shown better judgment and and consistently over the last five years than anyone running for president once a leader supporters of a hard time. Meaning your accomplishments Ingrid Rick Santorum got the big endorsement he was on television as we get up couldn't let me read to sign on or campaign and he just. Literally signed on last night. And so obviously Rick has focused his campaign my record when running against you that right so I mean that's unfair to say someone. Has been your endorse of the twelve hours now he doesn't like history. What does Obama compares I just think it's another one of those things people come up with a class at the last second and I think what they largely. Decided that you're waiting for the last days of a campaign ago. Crazy your tax you know either isn't true words desperation if it Ted Cruz pretty hard before he got out you're re all pretty hard after. Some dealers what he really. I have my skirmishes Donald earlier in the summer and fall he was attacking me and I responded but in the end if you look at it most of the time. My debate or are my you know differences on policy. Are you afraid to take control given what he's still in. Everybody else that is I certainly had our run ins with much like technology won't look in the and I don't go around looking to see that we can fight with I'm not here on and it run for president. Strong qualified if President Bush I think he has athletics have to answer your over the next few weeks and he's running out of time crews. Really went on after trump. Basically said his young daughters are better behaved said that you know. It's kind of got in his hand on that on the body weight new Denmark one day. Now what do you want answers I don't think on the Denmark now they don't. The temperament to be president bottom. It's an open and but that's an open question right now August adding a lot of people are concerned about the way Donald expressed himself that Hillary is going to be easy to be. Why no one's easy to beat me especially in the general election in the country as divided as this is on partisan basis. I know this if I run against drug beater and you know it Clinton does not want to run against me neither did go to the early games. Why don't want to run against me.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"ABC's Jonathan Karl gets exclusive behind the scenes access with Rubio in New Hampshire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36723514","title":"Marco Rubio: 'Everyone's Attacking Me' As Rivals Grow 'Desperate' ","url":"/Politics/video/marco-rubio-everyones-attacking-rivals-grow-desperate-36723514"}