Marco Rubio's Full Post-Iowa Caucus Speech

The Republican hopeful thanked his supporters and promised to come back.
11:44 | 02/02/16

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Transcript for Marco Rubio's Full Post-Iowa Caucus Speech
Is the moment they thought would never happen. Month for months they told us we had no chance. For months they told us because we offered too much optimism and a time of anger we had no chance. For months they told us because we have the right endorsements. Or the right political connections. We had no chance. Atomic that we have no chance because. My hair wasn't gray enough and my boats were too high. A they told me I needed to wait my turn. That I needed to wait in line. Okay. But tonight tonight here in Iowa. The people of this great state of vets at the very clear message after seven years the Barack Obama we are not waiting any longer. This is not a time for waiting. For everything that makes this nation great now hangs in the balance. Are we need a president that will truly preserve and protect. And defend the constitution of the United States. Not one that undermines attacks and ignores the constitution of the United States. This is the time for a president who'll defend our Second Amendment Rights. Not a president who undermines them. The time for a president that will rebuild the US military because the world is a safer and a better. The most powerful military. This is no ordinary election. 2016 is not just worth between two political parties. 2016 as a referendum. It is a referendum on our identity as a nation. And as a people. And America there are only two ways sport for us now. We can either be greater than we've ever ban. Or we can be a great nation in decline. It Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. Got elected. If they were to land that we will be a great nation in decline. If they win obamacare becomes permanent. If they win these unconstitutional. Executive orders and this president become permanent. If they win our military continues to decline. And if they win the balance of our Supreme Court will be controlled by liberal justices for over a decade or longer. They cannot win. Hillary Clinton is disqualified from being. The president of the United States. Because he starred classified and sensitive information on her email server because he thinks he's above the law. And Hillary Clinton can never be commander in chief. Because any. Anyone who lies to the families of people who lost their lives in the service to this country can never be commander and chief with the and and so tonight I thank you here in Iowa I thank you because tonight we have taken the first step but an important step. Towards winning this election. If I am our nominee and I will be our nominee thanked the work done. When I am I nominate we are going to unify this party. And we are going to unify the conservative movement. But. What I'm our nominee we are going to grow the conservative movement. We are going to take our message to the people who are struggling paycheck to paycheck to the students living under the burden of student loan. To the families struggling to raise their children with the right values. We will take our message to them and we will bring them to our side. When I am a nominee we will unite our party we will grow our party and we will defeat Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. I want all thank them all powerful and mighty god. For the chance that he has given us to be a part of this endeavor here in Iowa it's been a phenomenal experience. I want to thank my wife and my family. I want to congratulate my friend senator Ted Cruz he worked really hard here in Iowa and he earned his victory tonight. I want to thank another good friend of mine governor Mike Huckabee for his service to our country to the state of Arkansas he has announced tonight that he is suspending his campaign. We have tremendous admiration for Governor Huckabee and we thank him for all he's done. Two centuries ago. An extraordinary generation living in one place at one time here in America colonists. I'm an English and English colony. Declare their independence from the most powerful empire in the world. They did it with a powerful words and principle that our rights come from our creator. If they do not come from our government. And over the rest. Of the two century history of the most extraordinary nation in the history of mankind. I know America's special. Because I was raised by people that knew what life is like outside of America. I was raised by people came to this country with nothing. It barely spoke English at the time. They had no money my father stopped going to school was nine years old. He had to work. Never go back to school work the next seven years life. I've got my parents are right here in this country they struck. Eyewitness skirts. They persevered. Less than a decade after they arrived here with. My father a bartender on Miami Beach. On the home. Not a mansion but a safe and stable home in a safe and stable neighbor. Decades later they would retire with dignity and was secured. And the most important thing of offer them they left all four of their children. With a life better than around. This is the purpose of my parents life to give their kids are us the chance to do all the things they never could. That's not just my story. That's our story. That's American story. That's the story of your parents know the stories. Of your parents a sacrifice. And gave up so much. So you could be what they could not. It's the stories of those parents today who were doing things there's. It is this that makes America special. And is this what we fight now to preserve. This is the kind of country that I want to leave for my children. This is the kind of country your children deserve to inheritance while. And this is what we must now decide. Whether we will remain that kind of country. Or whether we will be the first generation to lose. It's an important choice. And one that each generation forces had. For America is not a special country by accident. America is a great nation because each generation before us did their part. Each generation before us sacrificed they confronted their challenges they embrace their opportunities and for over two centuries. Each generation has left an ax better off than themselves. Now the time has come prostitutes team. Now the moment has arrived for this generation of Americans to rise up to the calling of our heritage now the time has come for us to take our place. And do what we must. And when I'm elected president of these great United States we will do our part. My night and. Okay. And I am elected president. When we together achieve this victory. We will embrace all of the principles that made America great and we will apply them to the unique challenges of this new century. And what our work is done. Here is what history will save this generation. It will say that we lived in the early years of this new century. And an uncertain and difficult time. But we remember who we where. We rose up to the challenge of our time we confront our problems and we solve them. And because we did. The American dream didn't just survive it reached more people and changed more lives than ever before. Because we did our children and our grandchildren. Brought to be the freest and the most prosperous Americans that ever lived because we did it wouldn't eat what because we did what needed to be done. The 21 century wasn't just as good as the twentieth century it was better it was a new American century. Are okay. This is the task before us. And I thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ I thank god. For allow me the opportunity. To come this far with a each of you. I am grateful to you Iowa. You believe in me when. Others didn't think this night would be possible. When perhaps you were lost in the daily narrative. When some suggested. That perhaps it was time to step aside you believe in. You walk with us you made the calls and knocked on doors. You made a huge difference tonight. We are going to be back. I will be back here in October next year and September of next. Yeah. Because road and. I sat next here I sat next job be back next YouTube nominee back in October. At September of this year because when I'm are nominee we are going to win Iowa and we are going to win this election for this country. I. And so Iowa thank you so much. We will never forget you we will see you soon again. And New Hampshire we will see you in the morning.

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{"duration":"11:44","description":"The Republican hopeful thanked his supporters and promised to come back.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36655002","title":"Marco Rubio's Full Post-Iowa Caucus Speech","url":"/Politics/video/marco-rubios-full-post-iowa-caucus-speech-36655002"}