Marie Yovanovitch to testify on Capitol Hill

The former ambassador of the United States to Ukraine is expected to discuss her ouster by the Trump campaign in the second public hearing of the public impeachment inquiry.
3:34 | 11/15/19

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Transcript for Marie Yovanovitch to testify on Capitol Hill
Here's what I can tell you so far about. Marie Yvonne of its Lindsay I actually had a chance to talk to a supporter and co worker. The Ivanovic late last night and he tells me that the former US ambassador to Ukraine. Was devastated when she was ousted from her job he actually tells me she couldn't believe how her reputation was being publicly tarnished. As she unwillingly. Had to kiss her career goodbye well today marina bonnet it's the third official to now testified these impeachment hearings. Gets her turn to tell the public. How she feels about the way the -- administration treated her and why she believed. Foreign policy making was happening through this quote. Irregular back channel led by the president and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani Giuliani being a name we're gonna hear a lot today probably. Yeah a lot of it's now already told house investigators when she was deposed in those closed door hearings. Weeks ago that Giuliani worked to have her removed from her diplomatic posts because he believed she was standing in the way of this pressure campaign. To enlist Ukrainian president the Linz need to dig up dirt. On Trump's 20/20 rival Joseph Biden that we should note Lindsay that the whistle blower who triggered this whole probe. Actually cited your bonnet his ouster in a series of events that amounted to what the whistle blower defied as abuse of power. By president trump Ivanovic a little bit about her she's sixty years old she's been a career foreign officer for three decades. Her co worker describes her to meet as solid. And very much by the book you may remember two days ago during the first hearing house intelligence chairman Adam Schiff said that Giuliani also conducted a quote. It's smear campaign against Ivanovic with hopes to get her. Out of the way of doing business that it was revealed that imp in this July 25 phone call. That trump calling Ivanovic bad news and urged Ukraine's president to work would Giuliani instead of the Ivanovic she has testified that she was shocked and she felt threatened. When she heard those deet tails. From that call and didn't know what. Trump meant by that a lot to look forward to two today and possibly some new revelations Lindsay we don't know right certainly going to be Anderson what she has to say and also as you said likely a lot of that is going to be about Giuliani. Your city to give us a sense of today's format. Very similar to the first hearing this is what I can tell you that the public impeachment hearing what will go something like this the house intelligence chairman Adam Schiff and ranking member. DeVon newness will make opening statements and then. Followed by an opening statement from the Ivanovic then shipping newness will each have 45 minutes to question the former ambassador to Ukraine. That as we saw on Wednesday. They're expected to frequently deferred to the committee counsel to ask questions after that extended questioning Lindsey. Members of the House Intelligence Committee will be recognized for five minutes of questioning. And also as we saw on Wednesday Republican members expected to frequently yield their time to Jim Jordan. Or shall we say colorful cross examination you'll remember that Jordan repeatedly dismissed the democrats' case is nothing but hearsay and at what point even saying. He has seen quote. Prayer chains that were less convoluted. Then this so it'll be interested to see if we hear more from him Maria happy about image Lindsay hardly demarcate marquee name here in Washington. And she's found herself just thrust into the public eye in this fourth impeachment inquiry in US history will be monitoring at all today.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"The former ambassador of the United States to Ukraine is expected to discuss her ouster by the Trump campaign in the second public hearing of the public impeachment inquiry.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67039799","title":"Marie Yovanovitch to testify on Capitol Hill","url":"/Politics/video/marie-yovanovitch-testify-capitol-hill-67039799"}