Former Marine weighs in Gen Jim Mattis Confirmation Hearing

ABC News' Josh Haskell speaks with former marine about Mattis confirmation hearing.
8:21 | 01/12/17

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Transcript for Former Marine weighs in Gen Jim Mattis Confirmation Hearing
The possible future secretary of defense. General James Mattis is news diet right now that room. You can see a lot of coverage and traditional I mean he's Josh Haskell war right outside one to kind of bring you up to date on what. So far and what has been the Oscars now. We can. Lead actor. And number of senators propose. Including. Olympic order. A crew of Texas John. This session. In general. Everything has been covered from. Decent little theory to women in the military too weird general Mattis differs for agrees. With Donald Trump of course general it is. Close to after a vote to serving as secretary of defense under Donald Trump in me the questions were. Would you stand up for what you believe in or would you go along with the administration's control and on a number of the KG occasions general Mattis said quote. I would not have taken this job if I didn't believe the president elect would also be opened my input on this and any other matter that was specifically about Russia. He's repeated that numerous times I was put worn at one point said. Will you advocate your beliefs general Mattis said on every circumstance I want to bring in a former marine we've been speak. You. You've been in its most mornings. Network entering after elections now that he's got a full plate everything from buying new pistol and I'm millimeter. Although if you LG BT issues to 35. The American public reading these news get a grip Marie try to understand if they can. Roar around here we have a part timers day all the accusing him and at what but sector that's. You've got before in terms solving addressed. Described in yours temper she. Homeless alone of yours which human. Bloody the rink were outnumbered our appraisal of the reasons. Live it live and die by the warrior oppose. What matters a and it sort of there warrior philosopher scholar. And that's what general Mattis is in many regards the rule warrior at hand. If he talked. Breaking theories and and there's vote ended. Yet cynical about another session. Information. On. And getting shot yet to get back our picture. On the issue. Siding with electron. On Russia. Something. Happens if he's going to speak on. What you think. About the sort of general. You're generally different kinds what are and if your general board spent many years of record with service bureau matters. Find out that you believe that hierarchical structure the guy at the top only down like that bottom Gina command. So general Mattis the development talking Donald Trump herbs are prevalent crop and say here's my position mr. Forbes's list our position. Here's position at a store on his position. And make it up shut the door would all agree that's the specialist from some mr. I want that's so we're. I want to read you a quote that stood out in my mind when one of the democratic senators was asking general matters about his stance on. LG BT few issues it was Kristen Gillibrand. New York. G general Mattis said. Quote frankly senator I've never cared much about two consenting adults and who they couldn't that would. It that response. That we are that we for many responses like that hander. Complete. Honesty very blunt responses from him not at all with Fareed to be politically correct. A lot of members of the public and they're telling me they find that pretty refreshing you probably just think that's. You've been. It's total career we'll probably a lot of military officers view in the military we you do in the private hours after duty at your business. During presenting adults. It is their businesses private matter. But like do your job nine to five your mind after that you answer it that's Fremont unified for a while the Pulitzer. Dennis how many years Freeman scored 2220. Q so do you believe from your experience that general secretary. Hit. A salute question with a load of answered yes absolutely it would be to do an excellent job you slap you seem pretty blunt on audience real laws. He'll dole pres re things the president it doesn't line up with a more I want. Yes sir yes or three bags hold on the door that's Wentworth. General Mattis has been out the military 2013. But usually it's seven years civilians where they would come. Actors serve as secretary of defense cuts mean there's your concerns you now me an exception for him in this case. You gotta get the best people in the negative that people in the right jobs and the issues at hand and general Mattis is the right guys the right job. When he answers. The tough issues that the pace the country's please. And unfortunately people in the great midwest and red states don't really interest and all of the stuff that goes on there with the issues oxygen 35 correct me if I'm in Oklahoma. Although even reading the tells orders were injured. After 35 is the joint strike fighter to follow on the F sixteen. And the F fifteen. It's multi multi mission and there's probably ten other countries that are buying off into full public dancing. There was a lot of talk in there. I'm not just fighter jets a quick me. Jones pistols and there was an interest in exchange with thinner crews were asking the general whether. Our weapons to. Object the Jerrells you know we'd better means better ways to me. And what our. Men and women that are using oil. We talk I mean obviously is marine general and proposed sect that. He's easily topped the chance map for everybody. Your point about self wearing out and air force B 52 just dropped an engine over Nebraska the other day. And literally dropped an engine off off the airplane monitoring mission well. I needed the job done I didn't we commission. And a high temple combat environment. Engines one air force jets. Noses or things they really gets down ago I would missile. Option in the last question and when asked. Here and he told me you're retired 22 years. Prior relationship with the general that you admired him obviously. Is it kind of funds. Sit in on the theory this is historic moment in many ways. These sea change that. President elect Rahm achieved. Beating audience the boat waves of people inside during the wrong people. He beat all those guys. And he's got every general that I can identify with is taking over the he seemed pretty optimistic. Oh yes yes we're going to look from this point has this been. A challenge. But many many years though again my job. And I got a John Madison says OK I made decisions that showed up to do your job in the conversation that situation. That's just again in the military is in a way that. Well when I think Josh Morgan for talking to a digital while we're gonna stay up right now. Sort shows or carrier round hear. If it.

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{"duration":"8:21","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell speaks with former marine about Mattis confirmation hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44739075","title":"Former Marine weighs in Gen Jim Mattis Confirmation Hearing","url":"/Politics/video/marine-weighs-gen-jim-mattis-confirmation-hearing-44739075"}