Martin O'Malley: 'Hillary Clinton Is as Tough as They Come'

The former governor of Maryland and former presidential candidate lauds the strength of the Democratic nominee.
6:28 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Martin O'Malley: 'Hillary Clinton Is as Tough as They Come'
I. The if I. My fellow Americans. President of the United States is the toughest job in the world. And I come here before you as a man who knows Hillary Clinton well. I have worked alongside her and I have competed against are. And I'm here to tell you that Hillary Clinton is heads top. Says they'd come. She will stand up to license. She will stand up to the Russians and with Tim Kaine at her side. She will never stop fighting for our children and our families. Because Hillary Clinton knows what our families are strong. America. Is strong. Now Donald Trump. He's a different story. He will not fight for us. He feeds off of economic fears and failures. Stirs up false divisions and ancient hates. Turns anger into a political weapon. But my friends anger never fed a hungry child that it. Anger never protected the family's home were sent to kid to college. And are never built a great republic I say to hell with Trump's America night. Mayor we believe and they American dream. I. We believe. As Hillary Clinton believes that no American family who works hard should have to raise their children in poverty. Donald Trump on the other hand. Has actually said. Quote. Wages. Are too high. Wages are too high. Really don't. I'll tell you what's to hide. College tuition it's too hot. I'll tell you what's to hide the cost of child care. Adapts to high. The number of American children who live in poverty. That's too high. Donald Trump's opinion of himself. That's way too high. And. He's CN actually Donald American wages in fact are too low. Our economy isn't money. It is people. It is all of our people. And Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine will fight to make sure. That every family who's willing to work hard. Can actually get head again can I America. On climate change. Like you and me. And in fact like our children and grandchildren. Hillary Clinton believes. In science. She understands. That climate change is not only a real threat. It's also the greatest job creation opportunity to come to the United States in a hundred years. Now Donald Trump on the other hand. Does not believe in science. He says and again I quote. The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese. I'll tell you what. If the Chinese were really capable of designing some kind of diabolical farce to hurt America. They wouldn't invent global warming. They'd invent. Donald Trump. This much we know for sure. Donald Trump. Has been a bully his whole life. But here's what I learned in elementary school on the playgrounds. Bullies are really just cowards in disguise. The Americo we'd love does not engage in torture. The America we love does not build walls and shameful for profit prisons the American we love does not locked up. Women and children in disgraceful immigrant detention camps. I. Fun life. That immigrant bashing carnival barker Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton understands. The enduring symbol of the United States of America is not the barbed wire fence it is the not stats you. Liberty. It's. Ten so my fellow Democrats. And anger and fear and had their moment last week. But now it is our time time to stand up for each other stand up. Thorough our shared promise to stand up for the goodness in the hope in every American heart. It's time to put up bully racist in his place and a tough one NN hers. Don't White House. Hillary Clinton didn't. Good together stronger to gather the hungry we carry in our lives is waiting.

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"The former governor of Maryland and former presidential candidate lauds the strength of the Democratic nominee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40941548","title":"Martin O'Malley: 'Hillary Clinton Is as Tough as They Come'","url":"/Politics/video/martin-omalley-hillary-clinton-tough-40941548"}