'M*A*S*H' Stars Honor Korean War Vets in Heroes' Homecoming

Korean War Veterans spend Veterans Day weekend with stars of M*A*S*H.
3:00 | 11/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'M*A*S*H' Stars Honor Korean War Vets in Heroes' Homecoming
The heroes are all you people who serve. Men and women marched in the parade at veterans day march and -- in the fourth of July. And I salute you think things -- -- -- -- don't do enough for our veterans and this is a wonderful opportunity and it's so great that this community is so. Heavily involved in making sure that we don't forget we're gonna be with the veterans. -- speech about. How we should honor our veterans but this is this is of. -- become part of of this third hero's homecoming. Of course we -- marking. This particular time. The Korean War. And we of course. We who worked in -- a special. -- of the Korean War because many of our stories came from people came back and we're given to our writers and use our show. So we've dealt with all these kind of very interesting delicate issues. And they never stop trying different combinations of characters. We hope we were valid and we hopefully. We wanted to -- of those people throughout our show -- he summed up the military vet now and then but the military has always been and with a laugh at itself. Hello Carla what's your credit -- Cross between a bishop for the full price it's. Celebrity she learned she -- completion. And that's what made all of our -- -- that the state -- it was a dichotomy there. You know how crazy it's silly to be but -- they had something else that -- -- no I would not do that. Would not do that major ruling and I would not do that OK they were my. Brothers and sisters -- could possibly. And that was the interesting thing that -- -- that ran through managed. Craziness war is hell and everything else in it these marvelous people. Who didn't want to be and yet did the job because they knew -- had to -- -- -- -- And wound up in Japan and I was with armed forces radio. And that Japan and then -- also been requested. To the State Department my -- Red Skelton great comedian. Who left. Asked for me to help him entertain the troops solemnly up the demarcation zone. William Christopher who served in the real United States. Yes. In the old army. I was came news mentioned four -- and I didn't go through there and the infantry training I just happened to be early enough to be I have been have to go to Korea. Not only that I left it. Even worry about being shot at. All the hostilities were over. We hadn't signed the -- -- so officially. I'm -- to be a Korean veteran probably. The heroes are not the movie actors that you see and in that film. -- the men and women who march in those parades and veterans' day fourth of July there -- the ones that. Gave their lives. Can -- in harm's way. For the love of their country. We love of their family. -- the love of their friends. And their level free. --

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{"id":20868219,"title":"'M*A*S*H' Stars Honor Korean War Vets in Heroes' Homecoming","duration":"3:00","description":"Korean War Veterans spend Veterans Day weekend with stars of M*A*S*H.","url":"/Politics/video/mash-stars-honor-korean-war-vets-heroes-homecoming-20868219","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}