Matt & LZ's Hometown Tour Continues in Santa Monica, CA

ABC News' Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson talk politics in the sun and sand.
14:34 | 05/02/16

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Transcript for Matt & LZ's Hometown Tour Continues in Santa Monica, CA
It would way to get. Let it behind us jealous I know. Eight participate. You agree that yes moved from the great city of Chicago to LA in January and times of war out of Windsor. We are in Santa Monica at the east shore hotel beautiful facility actually Friday that it isn't about a race it is seven Monaco. I'm anxious Netscape who were to take here. You with any sense of urgency greats great unit at a football we have a full bar scene where quarterback there was definitely a warm welcome rather. These things up early. Please escalators. Get excited that you letdown. Besides being your new home gas lancer. I'm here because it is still important yes. But did not visit to seven the last. States as tensions is less it was less bad is it. Ultimately or. Last week or last week lower taxes less there is right last month yet but he thinks that this story might nonetheless that you column view. But this'll be the first time that both parties go all the way ever I mean in this process to California. Just take delegates that might. Right answers fascinate yet because there's so much history. That's when you succeed there's a lot of history that you are because there are things that states and Belgium story that we've never seen before yet but we can't forget that. It's an opportunity for those with Tino. President opposed to you know president. Close socialist president socialist president a first Jewish souls Asperger's billionaire president papers billionaire president first three times Mary president. But there are a lot of things have a lot of cars yet and our first title wins California actually still matters an audience again departments and I think cal. Gloria I mean even though likely won't be at target date for the fall California really sets the tone I think across the country even elect orally in. Matter in the last. In the November election it still is a dominant in dominant need Americans alive played Dallas country and a lot and candidates will come here and they want to raise money. Especially on the democratic side it would be interesting to see suspicious in the numbers home. Nichols had him. The students see. What the bolts about it in California because as we know there's a lot of liberals. There's a lot of that on the bombing going on. Those who haven't nomination wrapped will let us know how much instantly Bernie supporters to finish the deal. So which we may get to Indiana tomorrow night which may be. For their involvement. I think I'd take truth references to it rains every. Which may be viewed sort of end of the line fundamentally for Bernie Sanders. Tankers worth this and I know we've said that. Any number of places along the way that they may finally get that signaled they may stay in the race but really fundamentally label loans which it looks like right now. There are likely to it's really in the line. Well I think it's definitely end of the line for Ted Cruz in terms had any platform that matters does not know Lehpamer. And it isn't a line Burberry Louis blues President Bush presidency but I I think he. Never came into it expecting to be president had closed perhaps body could actually win I think Bernie Sanders in some ways that's accomplished what he set out to do. Which is just departed to talk about these issues make them front and center and I think because of that they'll be Clinton's senate in the general election business initiatives and it. If you don't affect policy Coates when he certainty but at least it's it's got the public way. It's got the Democrats away and it's gonna force to start talking more thoughtfully about it from equality and access to interrupt you are quite lost. And I think that's the effect I agree with that that the power back to Bernie Sanders that the other candidates they took them from did not yes they they. Whether anybody could have moved out countless places moved into a situation may be the only effect they had with him actually running professional. For more of a professional campaign but there was no takers did not impact its racing away that cause downtown to adopt a different plan. There was act and is this really interesting to all of Republicans on the Republican side seemed to be all about themselves and not about. Position I would. Just sort of thing that that is written loosely cover particular exactly right because it candidacies are insisting that these ideas. Issues. And real concerns. That the American people has always taken a back seat. To the personalities that would that you. Campaigns and the GOP debates it's always about the singer's knows about who's doing blood and who's pushing me. There was never a movie about the philosophical differences between. It's yet and he and I think it being represented some fears and concerns that front and crews did but you're right I don't think coming out of this. You have eight. It clear idea what the Republican platform would be the size go to wal. That's the only consistent dynamic and says he says. If for a platform for all pro trade that's gone. I don't think there's that sense of what the consistency social issues existence. Social issues there's no real sense on tax policy course and so I think we're still waiting to figure out what they term presidency. Would look. Now there's a secret plan prices is there but what the McDonald's secret sauce is. Tonight the secret planet earth I think you're going to deal at night. This there alleges. That I've been here we both had been doing this business since January right where we keep going. We didn't win it by saying it. And here we are. You know today he's got a secret plan if you like what okay to make. Life and as I said there's for within you it doesn't you can't rationalize an emotional connection. And he has an emotional connection with his voters cast with a big part of very interesting thing to me it came out over the last few days which shows the dire straits cruises it. Is Donald Trump is now. The most popular Republican right and that didn't. He is now he is now the one to unite the party was before all the anti trump people eat it there's mold majorities against him will now the majority is for him. So he now is the party. Even though teaches jewelry right. Two days before burning yet. It's absolutely. Capacity it I was at the White House correspondents dinner on Saturday just got sober by the way the Cadbury bars and that it. A home. I don't think I'm not a big fan of the way of course but I'm glad he would yes yes I did did not give until quite late night questionable aren't yet. Well nerves GoDaddy. Certainly. Point oh is that. One of the things that her repeatedly. And it's just from both sides of the ideal. The fact that we're going to do is present Obama in these old yes. Look at who's well what would have a real chance about it. It's a hard time thinking. That the next personality that comes to the White House it's gonna have the same level of comfort. In those moments as president Omar. He was he was so much better than anybody else on that stage you know we thank. You think I. I have to say regardless of what you. You feel and he is it cool cat yes he is wants and in those and those things and that is delivery in his his pauses and way you know understand the moment. He was so much better. And that professional comedian. What we never talk about that you could talk I thought I thought is off. He was not varied well one is very difficult to follow present problems. Here with a huge distributed address where these locker room whether he's cracking jokes is is difficult to follow him. And I think Larry was overwhelmed by the moment you know couldn't beat the crowd wasn't aware of how to deal with that particular. Most important body bombs and of course ends part of the president of the N word wasted to inform you about that word was the very uncomfortable the most horrible in this. But other vice president Everett this. The president of the last that you called him was. I think this is I think in obviously I don't think it's still. Inappropriate yet. I think kids it's okay to go after the audience and you. But he was that he felt me that he felt that he wasn't trying to be funny right now if you need with a laugh. And it felt like to. Which you know when you think going in the morning editor from the we'll move back. Possibly you know that's what we love you don't like. I don't be eligible would do that because he does understand. TB and pop culture which is one of the reasons why he isn't because there's only with what would Hillary. And because she knew protective. She's so guarded with any press she's not going to be Obama who she's going to be Obama Kool. Just distance rates this is. You. The clip of her who left us is there just yet dagger you if you'll get the whole thing is just north. It wanted it unwise. Just Spencer the what do you look and for tomorrow. Tomorrow on a cruise and get this thing you need to stay who's our tests. You can hear that there's. It's what we talked about yesterday. And I certainly don't need network shows to represent yes this agency this week. I think it's still a license but we. I think that we'll probably come to the story hotel didn't it do we could you do this week premier I would do this week I would do what it's what do the you already received this particular spotlight. To sort of basic rights watch. But don't what I think you'll soon so it right still believe today is that as soon as he walked the Bible Belt he got the president's. And that he's been trying to keep the supporters routed around but he's an intelligent guy like me personally but it's a very Smart that he. Once he lost the Bible that uphill battle just got which of course I think he's been where the number of months that he wasn't going to do that race. I just I think I think that he saw that his original patent. Block and then when I think he thought oh everybody dislikes them so much. That they're gonna come anyway he had figured out is that there with their daily campus the facts they might not only don't your butt and just watching that. Right dynamic I think is in the end if you can't take out down through breast right you know. As somebody said even downturn can be Lucifer this. As best we if you look at the two parties would like Hillary. This was he does not mean well liked it the right like a lot of people lot of Democrats don't like Hillary and get you look at the numbers. She's gotten the most primary votes of anyone 2008. And she's got the most but were able to anyone in this election somebody likes you know so while the narrative may be. You know she's not trustworthy and that could build upon people you know rather stay home vote or the fact of the matter is that for the past two. Opens to seek the White House she's been the number one boat did it departments. She's just carries I agree you have to give her props for this person. That has run. It keeps doing this to matter that the circumstances run through it mean you have to give her she got in the arena place. I was overwhelmed by it. Last night right and then she'd gotten gains another mountain. And the key is plotted he's done it. And I Indian shall win this thing and she's likely they are heavily favored in the general election to be the first woman president. She reminds you use that she's the Dark Knight. Leaving the news trying to get out of the cave. It is a climate which we'll. Note that language it says we're Harvey. Grant you read networks Harvey's day dance dance Harry Edwards accurate words. Curtis Martin who organized the 200 and those who either lived long enough to become. He did died hero of the moment. Yet. And that's brightly when she first posted to the city actors it was Hugh she was running for. He writes she's fighting for health care women want. She's a woman was just stand by her man. She was gonna get progressive hero did it in wetland and see live long enough and now she's become. The villain even though. Certainly she's changed a lot of ways she's. It written Washington. I'd do. Record and I'm talking about an appointment which he became the first students to give the commencement speech at a college all the way to today. That she. Has changed in terms of what she needs some rest got to put the service. I think about that Baghdad injured. So here we're we're gonna close. Palm trees shrubs now ocean. We're here cynical. In. Meaning that. We're obviously there next into Detroit right yes we're next in Detroit in June. Hopefully. Detroit Tigers at your watch as we want to be there so you'll bring aside. Brad Ausmus to American authorities don't sort of you know apartments in an accident but we've talked of Miguel. What a mile tactics of the surgery to. Since yet brightly days since the earth. What with this as. Please please don't we take you talked about the Pope so we will see you in Detroit. We're gonna have a few more primaries will probably report in California where either one of us will be like you being here. Program. And but no breaking your own. Your town now all the please let currently taxes yes yes page dedicated to cook that I like Texas we have no income. They're having water well well well there you are. This press you feel it I don't know. A lot of dollars most of your that your. Thanks the next time make you.

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