Mayor de Blasio says debate brought 'important conversation'

The 2020 presidential candidate said that Democrats must get to the "heart and soul of what this party is about."
3:03 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for Mayor de Blasio says debate brought 'important conversation'
There are clustered at zero man thanks so much for coming on your body Philip tonight's. I think it was important conversation and we got to sort out who we are as Democrats we guy gets a heart and soul of what this party is about. I'll tell you something I fear we're gonna repeat Tony sixteen if we're not a party that stands up for working people for not a party that's bold. I think a lot of people stay home and a lot of people are disappointed in us and don't feel as were voting that's run to you in Syria a couple times tonight that some of your peers on the series we're telling the truth. I'm coarsely we weren't getting clear answer who who who are sometimes Vice President Biden several times. To tell us what he did on crucial issues when he had a lot of power as the second most important person in the country. And he wasn't giving us experiences and take him on and deportations and we have a president my. We do NYT size in the hands do you think for a moment these issues are coming up in a general election. I mean come on primaries are when we open ourselves up and prime Reza when we get to the truth of what we are what we stand for what about tell the people. I talked about taxing the wealthiest tonight do you think for a moment. That that's something that. People are yearning to hear more about average middle class people working class people want to hear that the Democrats will stand up to the powerful and the wealthy. When I talked about tax the hell doc comic got a bigger applause because as relate people and relate to it but you don't hear enough Democrats being bold and clearly something McComb county today swing county in this state one unicorn county where Daryl -- Obama twice then slipped to Donald Trump lot of the voters fiercely independent. Afraid of having taxes raised on them they don't wanna feel and they had a chance there hope that they would want to hear that suddenly here's some of the rhetoric that you're using data they told me explicitly today they're worried about that idea. Does that didn't you just as I'm or an example using now I would. Not it were clear that we're glad tax the wealthy and make them pay their fair share. Look what I'm proposing it is that the wealthy be taxed the same level as during John F. Kennedy and Dwight. 70%. If you had that we could fix so much in this country now I think working class people middle class people would see that as fairness and justice. I don't think they'd be scared of that at all and. Mr. mayor how are coming out has had a has get to see you currently pays yeah. We're coming up the hills of the air guard as its endowment from a justice has failed to it and I have. Officer hunt taleo you have failed in every count and you got asked that question today guess he's NF finally you can take it back from the federal government into the hands New York City. Can you clarify that a little bit because Angela Brandt and then hits you back. But that just be fired immediately and what do you say to that response. Two point one there will be justice for garner Primakov sort of very first time there's going to be an answer as we based on a fair and impartial process we didn't see that for five years from the Justice Department they held that they held that they held it they told us not to act and then they did nothing. First time there's going to be justice second there is due process there has to be due process you would want it I would want and we want it. But in the end there will be justice it. It's rare I think he's a great great do you appreciate it says life transient you're everywhere hope a lot of New York thank you so much sir to see you able we see your Houston. Messing me all over. I don't have Lazio's.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"The 2020 presidential candidate said that Democrats must get to the \"heart and soul of what this party is about.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64719057","title":"Mayor de Blasio says debate brought 'important conversation'","url":"/Politics/video/mayor-de-blasio-debate-brought-important-conversation-64719057"}