Medal of Honor Recipient Describes Actions During Battle with Taliban

Ret. Staff Sgt. Ryan Pitts risked death to maintain post during Battle of Wanat.
3:15 | 07/21/14

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Transcript for Medal of Honor Recipient Describes Actions During Battle with Taliban
We've gotten -- the sun and arteries are to come up it was getting light out. I was at -- observation post upside which was -- a hundred meters away from the main vehicle patrol base one of -- missile trucks have spotted some potential enemy moving to the west. -- the mountains about kilometer away. That's when there was a burst of machine gunfire from the north. And just erupted with our communities and 5360. We knew was a sizable force based on the fires -- Took shrapnel to my right leg pretty much. All the way around until my lower back left leg somewhat left him left arm and a little bit -- -- But I understand he didn't stop fighting at that point you you kept going Tyler Stafford crawled into -- do you southern fighting disease and said that. -- -- is willing to incorporate enough Phillips have been killed -- that. Yet on hand grenades slipped up when I called little in the fighting position where we got some grenades stars -- along. Northern edge of our perimeter -- and selling there was any fire coming out of the -- -- positions. It's like call around its you know it is. -- I called around kept -- time. So that everything you can use either dead or gone. He said there was an anybody -- just because of the way that the fight was everywhere there weren't the only ones getting hit -- of the GOP. Says okay in this position as the -- mine's operator. In. Think that -- was really an option for one reason or another and I don't want to be captured. Brief -- initially and then. When I thought about it is always on take me alive and so wasn't as scared anymore. It's what became the air your -- at that point trying take as many in the enemy with me before. It was my time he's tiger attack yet those. The other guys have died fighting I owed it to him to do the same -- on take me alive and so. This up trying to fight -- a grenade launcher. Try to use it -- a tree straight up in the air. It's -- -- drop and indirectly into -- thought the enemy was called down to -- First squad where they were -- And testing but it could see you you'll Peta issued over the tops the -- next to keep the -- -- -- tried to. To breach the actual fighting positions. -- it would be able to -- the top of the setbacks. Your actions. Helps maintain. That position I think it was our actions. Maintain that position. -- -- at first squad was once you can over the tops of the sandbags that helped all the guys fighting as hard as they did. Guys like corporal Jonathan Ayers who took -- round of the helmet -- shoot his machine gun and eventually -- He was killed doing that. Everybody contributed it was just. Keep. A -- watching us what you want them to remember about that day and about your comrades we were small group of Americans -- 48 of us. And partly to and an enemy in this. Basically had everything that they should -- to being victorious they had us outnumbered the high ground element a surprise. Surrounded. And we fought alert around nine guys gave their lives -- they -- rest of -- could come home.

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{"id":24646097,"title":"Medal of Honor Recipient Describes Actions During Battle with Taliban ","duration":"3:15","description":"Ret. Staff Sgt. Ryan Pitts risked death to maintain post during Battle of Wanat.","url":"/Politics/video/medal-honor-nominee-describes-fierce-actions-battle-taliban-24646097","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}