Meet the 'Baseball Card Delegate'

ABC News' Rick Klein interviews the delegate known for collecting political baseball cards.
10:34 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for Meet the 'Baseball Card Delegate'
Hey there it's Rick Klein hearing Cleveland for ABC news digital and joined by Brian Wallace who is an alternate delegate from California and also the president and the founder of the season. 2016 the trading card tell us a little about the sat. Well I'm a political junkie and inflicting treating on my whole life just like you. And I just I just went for rights abuses in B market to remember in 92 while parts. Ross throw it kinda neat at this crop there. If it is to do well. And I was and it it was like what trump was gonna drop out early on. And navigate night just jumped into it. So so so that the Genesis of it obviously you you you talked about this as a big sports tie and you said politics is that is the as the new sports that was on the tech like this that it believed it. Politicians had fans like athletes that is like it collectibles market like its political junkies and much to collect and what is there. And is a whole big button culture are yet to see a lot of the folks there are open a packer to lets you would see what you got decision twice sixty in the trading card. I should say I sagging U gets me a lot of people a lot of cool people but but Bryant haven't won have been watching this product while it's really I mean I. Elect delegates broke it won't do it I'd love it and I think. I crap out. She's a woman right yet Janet Huckabee. I'm not I'm don't want it on his future stars and he is speaking tonight right he was even an EP. You in the beat people and you know this one so futures are tight and skewed view you had some you have some 20/20 hindsight but here's the inner heart. So it is the rare it's the laxity corrected right. The Justice Department a front. The wrong race that was that on purpose now the appropriately to make we make state. East York art and your question to press. Him. On as proof read. And and Tim Kaine was Tom Kane and yes right now we. Maybe for the next series. So what and I'm curious are you talk they would ask art it is yeah John McAfee. All right and let him. We went that it you know it was fun it was it was it was it was a big you know the the flea markets part of the show wasn't happy because old people might. Like it was it's trump associate. And sending. 900 people try to count the pros and and it was just it was ridiculous. So all right like it that's the courts and moment but but to the news so it is with a walk out among delegates it was chaos. What's from your vantage point as an alternate delegate what just happened on the on the floor. Its convention this thing isn't all spots with the fact that you have seventeen candidates on the Republican side so. You had a lot of passion. And you know you always need ground game there was no is no I'm argument that crews had it that a ground game in Colorado prison in Colorado to those delegates to pitch and it kind of be in babies but the thing if they wanted to roll call to change the rules was I don't understand it all I'm not a political that you know political scientist. But I don't think anyone really understand they wanted to change the rules that you have enough signatures to gold of the situation that it would change was but the bottom line is trump has cooled Californians. How pleased to be. State we have that he buses. Coming our way applauded by the Secret Service would bulletproof vests for the cars driving by I mean serious appointees. California's ever really important state because it sold for the Republicans is absolutely and it's a liberal statement that but please. By the time it could have been very important clues for the stadium right but he dropped out trump Donald we're all delegates everyone's delegate from California and you're being tough guy we would get an update from that we were chosen by the trump campaign to right the head of California from. Chose not so he's got 172 delegates he's we'll with the number ingredients I don't understand what it's all about its basic used to change the rules. So all right so is that so that aside your do you get involved is how long would you have this idea that this is that this is that this is something you want to launch yet. Years ago but I executed. You know what's excellent excellent does sixties because of what it. Sixteen during the summer. It's not seem like an abuse. And trumpet in the race it's like okay now we had we had. Holds the trump as them being human right. Is this another the call that from the influencers yet it now stands accused him. Rightfully. If that you gotta vehemently opposed him for. John Boehner is a former speaker of the house. Maybe a little bit. Let's Atlanta readers that we. Decades that the governor Rick that we basically every. Everybody became. Even VP choice almost and anybody who popped up and news mobile site. Plus which hopeful the news night yet Elizabeth Warren. All the people that's she's like this pit bull against him he was already in the city native Russian but the main it was a full. Spectrum and he captured moments that the what is it without the moment is one of the public's eyes yet but local local. That's. What do we. Yet. Somebody asked me well it at the party unified. I don't think cares. And its audience only you voters. Notes and doesn't it would have been better ones with what bothers me honestly is that they signed a pledge. Yet they wanted from this place because they were free he would be a partner that's about Nolan police have a chance. So they that you get them to sign the pledge that he can't Baghdad muted and take votes lately I wrote like approachable. Votes which bush senior. Trumpets and many. At the plant east says. But local community. So you're your your collector in addition via political junkie what do you collect and politics. In politics just makes them autographed photos want to it's time now likes to collect baseball flick I go I like it did your ideal from my seven. Exactly like me knows. Just next borders might mean me in the pac so that's likely if there hasn't been much political stuff to play. The great moments is this the first debate. Right right here in Cleveland right here in Cleveland which would have thought a year ago this for the middle who would have thought eleven months ago. And I vote on a different qualification always wanted to business hours and you know. To meet adds very important to disrupt what's going on to him today to challenge the status while the when I helping these cars the first thought I atlas. I need more I need this to any to finish the story gonna get another series yet but soon more answers to particularly different because in this market and treated as. Such a long plane and hobbies tonight more customers select. That's a long boat with the retail because the market then returning it hopped. I'm obligated be some. It's more expensive but more value would be written every. OK so it will hire and yet. I like premium product. So how did you you you got courts and you that there are autograph courts and he's already got Donald sop watercress Hillary Clinton autographs where do you think so. The fact that these candidates signed books and the fact that period with it will grant for his political average. Eric guys that communities. Rallies especially on New Hampshire now and you'll PSA is obviously it would quickly and so I see a photo keep meeting guys got a lot of stuff and it appears in the it is. They say yes to everything these guys were really like one guy does that mean because we limit running with fourteen. Points bulletin from. The risk out. And meet people but I'd accepted practice in the art design it sounds ridiculous I had the disease that legal like. Some cite ten. House and books right but I think single handedly drove the price from looks up money started buying a threat that they gather along where you make and yet I still have it when I won't rip the signature. With the series two wasn't yet it's I think that's on the book and so I have it's pollen and thwarting trump signed books like it and trump have Clinton's two but those aren't yet. What's the most valuable Clark you produce with most valuable part you had in the series but the trump ordered grip with the red soil and thrive in those 700 succeed any day. And then of course is I think that's ridiculous prices. It's like people that collectors were reading with its more than let it be in other words let's that you opened the box and got it from. What a night puts 2000 dollars on him like that and I go yes I talk about what instruments art in 99 cents. Trump ordered him in the 56700. Bucks but anything's but at least right. So so what what you went out of bowls with the ovens or the next series this you would do it over again them the money caught them really about the money on the shredded dollars and watch it you can much ready. US cards and in. Meet the needs through hard. Seem leading human beauty and excitement that we it was a play cards. The jams. That it's just old gimmicks just looking at itemize to create value you just alert and supply and demand. You know it's very tough it's always if you look supply kills the demand but if it goes slow but who treat me. I would mean that you say from shell right side so it's it's a careful to accompany. This. In much. So I can really make. You know reviews. So one wanted to show you because I haven't seen this before that things are outside. Disney company they'll let that effort again. He's he's this isn't this opportunity as a delegate. I don't know it's nice but he they'll be out there. Can they. When he at least in the beginning exactly all right. Brian Wallace decisions when it's sixty in the attic and Freddie are loyal customer. I gotta say you kind of a Euro one this is real people who does Italy where art. Good thanks thanks for being here we should have funny Cleveland all right that's all from here in Cleveland keep on watching ABC news digital I'm Rick Klein. Oh and like.

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