Meet the Students Who Brought Hillary Clinton to Their Rural Iowa School

ABC News' Josh Haskell reports from the campaign trail in Keota, Iowa.
6:24 | 12/22/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet the Students Who Brought Hillary Clinton to Their Rural Iowa School
ABC's Josh Haskell lively Q and Iowa Tom thousand people was only eighty students to Kyoto high school. 4 am right now but it was a theory specialty for them just wrapping now Hillary Clinton just left the building she actually came to keep that up the request. Of three students. Who make up the sociology class here schooled at an assignment. Let's right to presidential candidates campaigning here in Iowa let's see who can come and talk about the issues they've had Rick Santorum. They've had Martin O'Malley the date hadn't had the democratic front runner Hillary Clinton came today she was introduced by three students. It was a nice moment here to talk about rules schools as they are school there's some rumors that their school might be dissolved into a neighboring school district. Which they believe would turn their town. Ghosts don't want to bring in happy right now you're. Here it is out. I'm. Pretty big day for them. That was just to share were all good had nothing to do it does not. We'll bring you girls in what was it like I I knew. Told them. Yeah yeah everything we've ever loved foot. The bad day of I thought I. What he did talk with her about it and what went on behind students currently pats have how many Smart people like politically in non. Now we. Get credit and seeing is that the unions the music and it's just to get more people. She. If they get I know that you had the opportunity to ask Hillary at the coral Phillips and today seemed a little different when you tell our viewers what happened. This is very different audience I mean I knew every line. I knew all of my friends and parents are here Amy I'm still making news here is an entirely different up here also. It was much closer to Secretary Clinton and she was standing right next to meet him. And 700 people here. Only a thousand people in the whole town what was it like this brings them any friends or classmates. And know that you guys accomplish this in the small town he'll. I mean it's just sit on and so. Others might not I. ABC's Josh Haskell here don't to invite highly paid game. And Abby and they're the ones that kind of wrong Hillary Clinton. Here in their gonna tells little bit about their sociology class I mention their fealty. You've gotten skewed. Right. The talk about how it's together. What the world is and why it's so important to this town. It that we can. Lot and it. On. It. It actually. Yeah I. I'd rather not know anything reaches its. But he has been and I. So he got cut that we'll get back. Absolutely. It's highly what do you tell us with the school means to Kyoto. This Ali says it's such a small he ought everyone liked. See it end. Like to close down like I found an option thing. Cute are this yeah. And 902 fewer seniors. What's it like to and this school year. This way I know going to Chris Gibson mess left but getting to meet a presidential candidate. Com you were an independent write for time you're a public hints on how does that change. Your opinion more a month out for six weeks out from the I'll talk. Ian. I am a Republican. In. Any tiny. Anyone's packed. I mean it's just on. I mean we'd network. And now it is being mean I am so glad. I mean the high. And not only to act on it out of steam. I know why. Mom and I. Agree on you mean he. Didn't think. It's. And England ambulance. Well thank you so much for talking and we appreciate. And there you have it folks three students the sociology class here Kyodo high school came together wrote candidates and they just put on an event with Hillary Clinton. 700 people behind us. How's the want to let our audience noted Hillary Clinton did make a little bit in news today she did double down her comments at the ABC debate. Where she said it Donald that videos of Donald Trump being used by crisis for recruiting. An and she also said in a question. About bully. She says that you cannot believe your way to the president. Invention Donald Trump's name that answer she was clearly talking about him so that's a storyline continues to. Beef at Walt through Hillary Clinton is on the campaign trail she has two more events in Iowa so we expect her to meant mentioned Donald Trump again. But that's the news here from Kyoto deafening special day. For this town of a thousand people and those three students that I just spoke to. For now on ABC's Josh Haskell live in Kyoto Iowa State.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell reports from the campaign trail in Keota, Iowa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35912952","title":"Meet the Students Who Brought Hillary Clinton to Their Rural Iowa School","url":"/Politics/video/meet-students-brought-hillary-clinton-rural-iowa-school-35912952"}