Meet the Volunteers at a Phone Bank in Dearborn, Michigan

ABC News' Serena Marshall talks with volunteers hoping to mobilize the Muslim-American community.
11:45 | 11/08/16

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Transcript for Meet the Volunteers at a Phone Bank in Dearborn, Michigan
It is Election Day we are in Dearborn Michigan where these volunteers are making sure everybody knows to get out and vote. We are emerging as saying I'm Serena Marshall and joins nearby Andrews side you are board member on emerge USA. Is this group suing. Our a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization. It works across the country to act helped organize and mobilize the Muslim American community and the democratic process and for the last few months specifically to how gave out about an educated voters on will be on the ballot who's going to be on the ballot Sorensen. Now in Dearborn Michigan is aids. 40%. Arab American community here in Michigan and actually has the possibility this way this election in one direction or the other what are you hearing from the nuclear speaking to him. Still keep. Our more engaged than it ever seen them before. A large piece of that is because what's been happening kind of end the political narrative across the country I think people. Are ready to show that they can impact an election with their voice with their vinyl. And so people hiring gays are really paying attention to issues that the candidates are talking about. I think in this particular political climate really seeing how people talk about our community of Al Arab American issues about Muslim American issues. And really letting back. Be a deciding factor four. Now historically Arab Americans aren't quite as politically motivated is the general American population about 10% less and are registered to vote you seeing higher numbers of voter registration. Gas and we actually. How a number of voter registration drives across the country and an increase in in people registering to them but also just really kind of anecdotally speaking I have seen an increase in part. Indeed genes that are coming in hearing. Keating friends and family involved it's. Now you said that part of the rhetoric of this campaign is then one of the motivating factors what are you hearing from the community about that. Speech. I think people are really disappointed. To a certain degree about how our community is being displayed how our community is being talked about. That I think. That has really just tough questions and that it investigate involved Nike said. The stripping me you we haven't been granting gays who maybe haven't aren't out event in. As high numbers as we should be and so will hopefully this election see an increase in voter participation. Now here in Michigan actually that the primary went to two further democratic ticket at least to Bernie Sanders not and Hillary Clinton stronghold are you finding people are coming over from the burning ticket for the Democrats. We definitely. Have been working a lot with. Really both sacked for our purposes immigrant USA and working across a ticket across party lines we have seen. Many. Are bidders mania about her and many people in our community. Really expressed interest in learning more and now. What is one of the topic issues that media highest on the agenda education Syria and so those are issues that are important to all Americans and that one standing out to the Arab American community here in Dearborn. Yeah absolutely foreign policy is always a big concern of ours and give in our communities you know granular immigrant community as well answered that plays a big factor also out of domestic issues you know civil rights and civil liberties is huge for us. Immigration reform I'm and an economics. Policies and tax reform social policies. And it really in any given that rhetoric I think I'm as that well impact. Our communities. I mean I find the rhetoric slowly turning its population toward the democratic ticket over the Republican take. Or you finding that it's a pretty even though. And it's elegant retreat unit say you know we we've kind of thanks in part I think you have your tossed into the voters yeah hearing from them directly yeah exactly so you know I I would say that it's it's pushing people to get more specific candidates. It's not necessarily seeing fifty Victor gets hurt created say is I'm not really kind of looking at this accident numbers. That being sent I think people are motivated partner in less what's being sad thing. It certainly. Will certainly benefit for impact this community. Well we're into a little look over here you have all of these volunteers. In on Election Day. Volunteers and a veteran found raise your hand if you voted today. Only one are you read all allowed to go you know you're uneven able to though and you are over here were in the fountain. I am seventy years old high school students and actually it's important to volunteer and get the massive loans to. I'll go out and vote because Arafat matters in this election are what will continue to matter. Later I'm and I believe we can really make a difference. And what about your friend over here you. Let me just turn team but in this. That you're trying here are and a what. What are you hearing when you make these calls. I. Do you. See actually. You can see just over here this. Volunteer is making a phone call its go over there and listen. I'm from yeah. Though his songs on vacation. He I'm. It. Us. And I'm here now at the sun chic you helped organize this phone bank here today and an exit. Director of the Michigan chapter in Regina saying I'm as you can see. We have a lot of our dedicated. Young enthusiastic. You know phone makers. Daydream ranges varies from high school and college in the summer. Mothers yes well. We are younger is volunteer every marriage uses you'd think. Are you learning now. You know salaam and that we make sure there. We get as many people polls possible polls close that you keep them. For young individuals such as you know this young this young and maybe in the future you know we need to mixtures that we create a culture where. People are giving up the polls for the future of our you know our our community. And it's it's very. It's very positive to see such a great impact on the community didn't look how many days have you been doing. We've been doing this for about. 21 days now we're getting people. You know a lot of very young volunteers hair yes it is so. We. If that our our volunteers ranged from a mania from many age groups we have four. Stations you know continuously going right now this one locations in another location in Dearborn at a location in Cantonese and the location and look where continuously making calls and getting as many calls me as possible. And it's like if it's want to see so many young enthusiastic individuals. And as firmer Jersey measure focusing on Arab American vote. I'm Larry calling everybody so we're talking with coaxing angels in America. We want to make sure you know we we are harmful. Seymour for those communities moment yeah. All communities can. But we are specifically focusing those canoes because notoriously. Those communities are no intent not get out envious. Involved and it's you know for a merger say it's important we keep these communities and you can get them to schools and educate them. Now over Michigan here is a leaning blue state but it it. Almost and that tossup range now are you finding they getting these folks that book and to the polls could make a difference on the left. Definitely I mean did people to the polls is what. You know and reflections and you're never obviously but specifically in Michigan. You know an election can be swayed either way. You know. It's and it's imperative that we get you most American vote out because more that no one has mentioned an average historically. We will have the biggest impact with the numbers were the we have the largest and most Americans. Population read certain orchestras right now so hopefully the connection to the polls and the. Old and so when these volunteers carcass there whether doing heroin and make these phone calls or heard one of them are lair. Yes opens they're calling and letting them know their opponent from the nonpartisan. Organization and the merger assay. If it would definitely there pretty they're they're caught people off a list of registered voters everybody that they're calling is registered. On the for the more from there what they're gonna do as they're called. If that person answers them statement hello I'm I'm looking for someone so. Are you going to be voting today. And the like you know the individual young lady over there said majorities people. Our voting which is which is wonderful it's wonderful to hear on for the small population voting. Finding a line. And what we can do to tell them what I resent when you hearing from them they say no actually I'm not gonna go out as an act of various reasons calm but a lot of you know a lot of times you know what we've what we're trying to do for them is trying to respond to the polls but the various reasons and specific reason. And spend a lot of divisive rhetoric that you fining people are just fed up with the election and elect. Not worth going now I mean that you find that in every election. A lot of people detail counts of the politics but at the end of the day we must understand that yet but threw him this is the future Clinton's. Enemies. You know we knew who gets in you know let it now is in effect for the next four years so this is something you know. And we kept can cause I have very convenient and making these cars. But let's wolf until one of these phone calls. There. We actually went in. We own eyes that I hate. These specifically bowl. One of them loans. Oh. April is here people are. Number. One they. 1010101000. Dollars I don't. And he's doing a car an out for hair. Very good heart tugging that's great thing anything so much. You up right. Pavement marking down yes no answer what is what kind of response you getting from people. And winning the moment in the arm noting. Some of them are not home. Hopefully. And here's draft. That is might the with the experts to close to 141014. Now and and growing and what you guys are you gonna and this election next hour. And a regular golf viewed through until hopefully between seven and 8 PM right until election the polls close. If we get one person there at 755 rep for the locals that one vote yes as many people as we can. Well thanks for joining us renal let them keep making their phone calls and we'll be checking back in with you guys. Little bit later this afternoon from a polling location here in Dearborn Michigan for ABC news answering a Marshall.

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