Meet the Youngest Delegate at the RNC

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson speak with Jack Salm, the youngest delegate at the Republican National Convention.
9:07 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for Meet the Youngest Delegate at the RNC
Happy that you're here this is Jack song he is the youngest delegate here. At the convention. I shouldn't thank you guys that much at the pleasure theater show and you are seventeen write a slam corporate that is that irked that there is speak we're with general election. Hands on look like you plant it. Barely made it it's like soap bar. It's it's been a great experience. There's been so much energy and enthusiasm on the floor down there now. I've had an opportunity to be adults that great what it meant for across our Virginia delegation and now also some people all quarters the globe. We have the walk delegations sitting right behind us that we had I had a locally conversation with some of them I've got the chart dried mangoes for the first stocks those securities. Here I think it is. The victim very careful. I have to ask you you're 70000. Want these she could be your tie. You chose to Cummins who row and sit for hours and habits of people talk at this at one point say hi. So by courts view is why. I I have it deep love and it just for politics started. That's about thirteen or fourteen years old at the local level. And I had the opportunity. When he spoke by father was alternate delegate for Virginia. At the opportunity to travel there I got to take part some the delegation events but they're actually go to the floor so I told myself and a 2006 you know one of the full convention experience than worked my way up to do that. Since you're from Virginia right I'm also for Virginia are debating Virginia politics earlier could do that right now if pensive you know where you grew where you come from. How you think that this party the Republican Party speaks to you and light excites. Yes I come from the Eastern Shore which. Usually left. About half the maps or Virginia there's actually you'll be surprised them urging people are really sure. The sisters were this the people they gotta to speak papers its Maryland. Or some far off finally but yes your Europe and the eastern shoring it locally school. Broke water academy. At the ticker at schools record teachers back we'll be there and route two. Is there but. I'm really excited to be here because that lead over a conservative message in what their own art as the the future that's that's one. Where it is this. For economic policies that though it's been adjusted. Fort Collins city. Business or find answers that relate that's I think the fiscal responsibility economic message the republic party. It's something that that pitchers really interest me. Are you alone among your friends turned soups. Not only your party affiliation purchaser activism and politics. Well I have a great group of friends. Some. A group politically some don't let up a currently the chairman up by counties GOP committee as well beyond its share of at each year peak in the commonwealth. And I have actually been able to get some other classics that by other seventy year old swell to about Jordan be involved and our unit the conservatives are secretary. So I think it's great that we have conservative beats getting involved to our look we unit and that's really where it starts at the local press. Grassroots level. What's a super pac I am assuming you're pretty worked together Snyder are absent credible. It's a lot of people. Out you know. They tend to associate with the young American. Americans. They tend to looked more active liberal policies look at the Democrats look at this movement that Sanders. Let the democratic primary season. Did think that young people. One of the unit with there. Party. Why. How would tell you this party. Well I think it really comes down to the future mean I've I've got a long way to go ahead oaxley armed. Regarding our country and our belief that a economic. For principles that the Republican Party promotes is really what's a secure our country. As well as theirs four Supreme Court justices. Possible appointees coming up and that's an impact our loft for years years to come. As I'm a citizen of the state of this country so that's that's really important factor we're looking at it and there was alerts. Progressive movement for senator Sanders and because there was part of that in this election I think it a kind of outcasts it. The conservative millennial voice but I. Go down on the floor it there's actually we have a FaceBook page for daughter thirty delegates actors are. Over hundred of them here at the convention so I think what part does the Republican Party is really trying to get the millennial voice involved. And I getting involved and our party nets or it's really great. You identify one or two things that you thought going to to its process. Through one way and not answer it it it's when bills different or is surprises you. Really the big thing is the convention floor. You know what you see on TC you're sitting in your living here your relaxed. When you're down there you see each it's just the energy out there. You got media people come and all over the place the governor of Wisconsin he's walking expire pro war oh Chris Kersey he says coming down or so army. Just justice that there's just. Being their realizing you're amongst the most important people our country is it's just tremendous feeling it's just something that's totally unexpected but let it. I want to ask you something just to follow up like you mentioned the Supreme Court they Odyssey at weighed in already a key issues in our country continue to do so. What are some of the specific issues that youth don't really matter to you. That the kind of aligned you war with the conservative. Viewpoint but what what specific issues that speak Tia. On specific issues personally I would say is that government spending is a big issue myself and Heidi where it. Out because. I'm looking forward to getting involved. Business related aspects what I go to college such an it's important that we have a fiscally responsible. Government. Two governor citizen since. Are there social issues you care. I'm not. As involved with the social issues I do you have stances on social issues as well. But my main proponent is relief that economic aspects of our party to increase. Yes obviously this year it didn't easy yes OK and TO is studying at school this mr. targets you don't Wear. Arms currently look Europe is a lot of very college is the commonwealth of Virginia. So it's going to be hard to decide on long but. There's so many University of Virginia acres for it or William and Mary Washington Leah there's just so secret schools to choose from so forward tuba. Start start the application process common comes out August 1 though. I. This is a brutal went through with us a couple of years ago it's an accurate data sealed their ticket pictures if that is. Take dad. Our proper bang you done good. There are important and well at the entire process suckers that the incidents. If that'll sisters. Oh. And she. Then. She is currently. Politics at them but try to work. Should I got a couple days ago here what what. Year. Desperately shirt that from our delegation. As low as mr. Exit speech there's. A told its trees. Imports. With her pursuers civil suits. Yes. Last hour like that. A case campaign. There is mr. trips as well. And actor he travel to or the USS Wisconsin. At the opera to eat. See you on the Internet lower. GP and its image percent about it. Archie to talk with. He's very personally is yours attic it just brought with the presidential. Atmosphere Bowden. And that's really sealed the deal the support. Experts. I. Really appreciate you time to talk to us I can't so poised. Articulate adding. That. Nearly as it that extra happy that you Rupert think of us that much good look at the common app. Oh. Look you sort through it.

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{"duration":"9:07","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson speak with Jack Salm, the youngest delegate at the Republican National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40750102","title":"Meet the Youngest Delegate at the RNC","url":"/Politics/video/meet-youngest-delegate-rnc-40750102"}