Meghan McCain reflects on first election since her father's death

"The View" co-host also discussed the race in her home state of Arizona.
2:37 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for Meghan McCain reflects on first election since her father's death
We brought in a ringer now for a little analysis on this very very busy night ABC's my ABC news colleague meg McCain. Great to see you have the Election Day funny thing Election Day I don't assume I have it. That's admissible he is like the Super Bowl for nerds just object this morning it's my first Election Day without my dad and I was so. Everything out came back there yes okay exactly are our crew and I just ask at all yes the Internet asking for a new battery and this is the first election days yeah and I. S Berrian a stop to this morning and I am perplexed picture from my Twitter of my dad taking me the Paulson and fifteen days old and this is so weird and I still get as excited as they did when I was younger and it's just democracy in action and I think everyone should take a pops no matter where your from in just. No that we live in such an incredible country where we have control over our future rate for our eyes and they think it's important remembers. 800% agree and that's why people love where in those I voted stickers. Let me ask you as soon as somebody who grew up in a and it staunchly Republican family how do you feel Republicans are doing. Thus far militarily but I think they're doing less for. An unexpected and I'm really surprised by the Marsha Blackburn as high up as she is right now the stick around thirty points. Faust has to be an act enacted to Tennessee race Tennessee race it just has the power of trump she is pulled from the first woman to come out and support from she goes the White House offense goes on the campaign trail with him often her rhetoric is very company champion in nature and it it's supposed to be neck in neck and she's thirty points I had that so. I'm right now the blue wave if I were a Democrat height I implored Democrats to show prudence before tonight anyway. But it looks like the blue wave may be. You know less strong than anticipated. Mean how are things looking your home state of Arizona there it's very early still but then what's your sense about whether that. The Democrat Christensen acting can pick that seat up. What I just texted my mother about a and this race is is crazy for a lot of reasons number one a matter what happens there will be able female Republican senator from Arizona first time ministries about female senator Republican or Democrat we don't know where Gemma yeah the first woman ever to be a senator from Arizona which is fantastic for a lot of different reasons. Advisories really closely obviously it's my home state. It shouldn't be as close as it is. Giving I'm that mark katic Sally backgrounds because she has a great records as air force pilot. On just one of the first people to pass legislation to make sure that women Wear it didn't have to Wear burqa is when they were in the military like Saudi Arabia to be the Greek Kennedy on heat are. But Christensen a month. She used to be the sixth of radical code pink activist and she's really turned into a more moderate and congress and she's really giving me Sally Iran for her money. Watching that race among others I'm being told they need you back downstairs so thank you very much Kerry Max.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"\"The View\" co-host also discussed the race in her home state of Arizona.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59013870","title":"Meghan McCain reflects on first election since her father's death","url":"/Politics/video/meghan-mccain-reflects-election-fathers-death-59013870"}