Melania Trump Campaigns Against 'Cyber-Bullying'

The co-hosts discuss the perceived irony of the potential First Lady's speech.
6:08 | 11/04/16

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Transcript for Melania Trump Campaigns Against 'Cyber-Bullying'
I don't want me took a second crack at a campaign speech for my husband's. At the rapid already. And she talked about issues she'll tackle as First Lady. Outs has gotten too mean. And two. Especially to children and teen agers. It is never eighth minute here are our armed all right mom but only a rec tac. KeySpan boatman that happens on the playground. And eat eat he's absolutely unacceptable. And it's done by someone we know mean high beam and it seemed to net. So my question is if she wants to fight cyber bullying shouldn't she delete her husband's Twitter attack. So I'm I'm in a separate the fact that. This does need to be addressed in good for her for taking it on anything. She can't stand up I mean she'd be apologizing people times aren't panicking my men think. And it is free and it I didn't finish okay and half a burger I don't suppose I am sorry that was really bats a her messages great an ominous separate out that you can't get their apologizing constantly for him he does we'd eat she's a grown adult this is an important caught they don't without passage to be fairy. In the Paula but does anybody see the ironing in every one yeah yeah hanging out you know I giggled like yourself. I'm hypocrisy. I think there is a fundamental difference. Between cyber bullying innocent children yes and counter punching attack spy. Ron let him we know that the vicious counter act are usually attacks are counter puncher because he attacked back. Boy did she knows this. Well yeah yeah. I. I. Weeded out her typical couldn't think maybe you know fat slob and bimbo like compliments sloping she. You heard her say it I would like for him to tone it out but she's like I have my own voice he has his own voice and his own style and she allegedly. Does not control her and he's not to control her passage either again I agree with you everybody sees the irony. The hypocrisy but it that is an important message an important message out of left sees somebody champion tops and probably needs a clause right as a first yeah bomb it. Childhood obesity some of the one Rose Garden. And I'll I'll be there is arts at home you think this is I this is this is brilliant. She's going to be in the White House to go and she's gonna usher in some like you're saying first ladies all have these. These different priorities that they espouse and I think this is their way of saying. She saw a frenetic campaign needs to speak to people who are disgusted by his behavior. Or it isn't it's coming out and saying. This is not we don't condone this kind of stuff I don't she's have to Mac campaign and she's now saying we don't stand for this so it makes you owe. More likely to be able to vote for him them because the whole campaign isn't represented about I was really campaign strategy. Probably the best thing you can did you can't shot cannot right so what option it's brilliant campaign. Strategy but this is also a strategy that they should have espoused a long time ago I UC a funk on the trail a lot more. Now you're seeing a little but more of maligning and I feat eat out and they're looking at those numbers with women and they're still not doing well with women they should've had those two. On the campaign Trout right right out there right after they aren't as strong on his side. The bullying at the bigotry that I don't know safe it is counteract that the two of them. Trent frankly hard job like her for any with not a Santa Kelly and this is this is the hardest job because you actually have to show him up one awful and camps and you can't so you have these women Ibaka. Lonnie Kelly and a cousin had to come and explain why does not center line right now is that he's on the air announcing Donald B client don't be bad be a good. Until himself lately. Yeah. If you just act presidential for two seconds people will vote for it even though you've done all this horrible stop in the back I don't believe it. Parts of all let's do this part also because last time I want it was accused of plagiarizing Michelle Obama remember that. I think this morning Twitter. Is a blowing up with accusations that she plagiarized part of this speech that she did last night from guess though. Marla Maples. And pray this not Cherry Hill cannot JFK. Marla Maples you know instead showcase in her because she's that Islam audience that if you could dream it you can become it marvelous net. Years ago I believe if you could dreaming you can become a book who hasn't that is one of the most but in all phrases and overused phrases that huge can actually think you're gonna do it I thought I that's from a dining and William awful war at Wright who said if you can imagine that you can achieve it if you can dream you can become. And I'm sure most of the audience is probably. We sent that once or twice or three times it's a very overused phrase and I think it's a little ridiculous that's becomes injured Twitter trolls just looking for everything that they can I was like malaria sat side by side on TV it was like. Awesome now this one is like a bit of re chafing. Once again I think there they're smarter and people are giving him credit for I think this is them making fun of the last time and always something important topic I hit I don't see because I think that campaigns are are Smart and I don't Donald Trump strategically has not been Smart I think a lot of the people behind the scenes are. And I think they have some fun with us I think the way we have. And I think amp I would not send. I agree the seven say he's not Smart man. No he's police got a lot of he's not politically savvy now he's not he makes a lot of mistakes. But she's doing well because people don't know what else to do and it looking at Hillary Clinton they don't wanna support our Gary Johnson doesn't Wear a lot lands I mean people don't know where to go out. Scholar say that they're there they're driving under the symbol I don't know maybe maybe do something they don't know constant outlet but he's not politically savvy and exempt on the mistakes. Any other year this would not work.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"The co-hosts discuss the perceived irony of the potential First Lady's speech.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"43308101","title":"Melania Trump Campaigns Against 'Cyber-Bullying'","url":"/Politics/video/melania-trump-campaigns-cyber-bullying-43308101"}