Melania Trump: 'Donald Wants Prosperity for All Americans'

During the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump's wife speaks about her path to citizenship and the kindness of her husband.
17:02 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Melania Trump: 'Donald Wants Prosperity for All Americans'
Am. I. I. Gonna win so big. Or. Instant view. Himself and rewritten so big thank you very much ladies. League's okay. It is my great honor. To present. The next. First Lady. And my life. An amazing mother. Had incredible woman. Maloney a drop back. Okay. U. Thank you very months. Even up all been very kind to Madonna's and needs to lot of young son better and Tyler holt sanity. It's a very nice about them. And be excited to DV DUIDs he's story convention. I'm so proud of their facilities for Betsy then. Of the United States. My husband it. Z eight time. And I guess you know he's cool but he's great honor. The 2016. Republican primaries their fears. And started many candidates. Seventeen to be exact. And I know Madonna did he's made me when I mention how talented a blown. Talented one of them. They deserve Davies fact. And attitudes from Lodi news. It's comes to my husband's. I would say then I'm indefinitely by. And for good reason. I haven't seen at McDonald's for eighteen years and I have been no they have he's love for these kinds GCC. Thanks met. He never had an accident to end that when he comes to he speak to tease them. Because let me. He loves peace Conte eight months. Learning and Slovenia. A smoke and beautiful. And then commons currency incensed that you have. My season Ines cuisine incredible woman and a friends and I eight hundred eighties that my mother wanted her parents. My and it ends and hard working mother an idea introduced me to fasten and beauty. My side and beat Stiller east killing me up passing the bee's knees and Chad. Dating Ted Haney come passing. Any tablets. That's next did these days on me and for my love and hope sanity. And I'm medica. I'm happy eighths. The bad news that you weren't hired for what you want to life. You don't learned Vizio belongs. And you do what you say and keep your promise. That your seats because we did expect. They thought and so mean bad news and more roads in Dave deity life. That he's a lesson that I continued to pass along to other son. And in the need to pass those lessons. Mom to the may need to know basis to follow. Because. Because he wants out. Student and in these nations to know. That there are any need to your Siemens. Ease this man. Albeit Venus. And you leading us to learn crowd. Oh my head edicts. But also photo egg drop me today. I traveled the world what a working hard in getting credit Bernardino fasten. Custody leading and lurking in me land and Perry's. I Iraq and millions CD twenty years ago. And I so bulk it's always. And high sweeps of the life. Until we like to take 282000. Seeks. I was very proud to become C seasons of the United States. Okay. Neat if he eats them. Oh. I didn't know. Speed that freedoms these kinds off Ferris her grandkids. But these speed NS have Connolly the price so many times. The sacrifices made by Arab veterans. Body mind there's lots of these. I would like to take a moment. To recognize an amazing that NN. This debate senate Bob goal. And yes and com home oh lead and scheme that arena today. And those across our grades Conte. I. The odds even has to be here that's magnetic states. I can tell you it's certainty that my husband has been concerned about Arab Conte for Islam the sick had I have known he. We all of my heart I know that he let me ugly race and lasting dissidents. Don Knotts visit Vegas and deep and on bond he did to meany said. And a never ending battle ax troops. I had C seen fight for years to get the project done even start dates and he does not even up. It. These few months sound and decides for you and you don't hunt scene I can assure you he's the guy. MI. He won them an idea. And most importantly. He would never ever lets you down. I. Got my keys. And always has been an amazing eighty deck. Now. He will go to learn it for you. It. He says Siemens speaks against. And he's performance. Without the primary campaign. Proves that he knows how to lean. He also knows how to remains slow clues on improving our currency. On keep it it's saying and sit fewer. He's got plenty pats could be but he's also kind and fair and carry. These find this is not always noted it's but he he's there for all to see. That he's not cities and I sadly I love the team to Vickie Bates. Donna he's intensely lonely. To family. Friends. Employees. Conte. He has the utmost respect for peace parents Maggie and threats to he ceased their marry and and that he's a back. Though he's been out there all bets and to demand audio he's laid out their threat. He's you can have been can explore. And men take to the extent that even Jesus advance advice cities at meets. They're an amazing testament. To cool he ease as a man. And a father. Eddy said Canadian open up in that sound sanity. That is our bonds and that these hours thanks. Yes Donna seemed to speak we T spent sitting Florida and went on seating the presidency. Of the United States. Nodal personal thinking. No room for small it results. Donna it's dean's done. I'm season under fenfluramine. And needs new leaders see it either she is also what the world needs. Donna taunts are kinda cheap to multiple eggs in them most cause he did on race. And anyone wants teens. Donna he's the only one that can then either hate. Police would not be sent this five weeks that the Mason. Donna wants for steady. Thorough follow unmarried friends. We need new program. Don't have that cooler air and it would delete these to top Wednesday young. There has to be up flat or grow up on need then associate news result. My husband's experience exemplifies. Ago and successful passage to put put through knee deep within a destination. He six yes indeed case includes then had their Indonesian. My husband also face a new do you accept. But coming and seeing its fiscal sanity and native code Grayson I'm long peoples and nations. Donna intense due to present all the people. Not just some of the key vote. That may include. Police in. Leading to seize Fanny Sanath it. Am. So that's he's thirty air. Donna this successful you learn these people of many states. And we've many knees since. Let's not an Alice I have seemed a tad fence. And and exceed. The tendency. It is souls and minds and this seemed seemed a goodness of their hearts that god gave to Don that's him. Now he's this time to use those visa has never before their purpose this tirade aimed and Adler. And he would do these bacteria than anyone Alice can. And eats want to even be close. Everything and sunny it's. Our costs and for our front street. Even though county guards team all the millions ovule. We'll pass tax does so months beginning kindness. And your confidence. You have to end these unlikely campaign into a movement. That these steel and gaining east bank and none better. The primary season. And he's toughness he's behind us. It's all come together and in Vanessa not accompanying like snow on their. Okay. Or. They're Mason would be hard my thoughts. There would be good times and hard times and unexpected times. It would not via jump contest to be dubbed excitement and drama. I. That it's all. Hasn't benefited remain focused. On only one team these beautiful up front seat that he loved sell months. Eat objects to serve as First Lady. I would use that belonged to company leads to tied to how people vote in our content seat who needed them else. One of the many causes did to my heart he's had been seen again an abatement. You just society. By how they tsetse CQ cents. We must do our best to assert that every child can leaving conflict and sick QDT. We the best policy but education. CUS. Of these detainees send ED's kindness. Love. And compassion. For each other include being does to bad there and keep us together. He said that I used Donna and I would be deemed to the White House. The it. My cousin when he's ready to leave these debate nation. He's ready to five's every day. To leave I was sooner than the that it Fuchs hair babies earth. And 87 cents a men. Donna tapes trump isn't ready to surf. Any needs me these can't see it as the next president. Of the United States. Do you. It's human goodness. God creator. Enjoy the crowd even.

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{"duration":"17:02","description":"During the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump's wife speaks about her path to citizenship and the kindness of her husband.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40687532","title":"Melania Trump: 'Donald Wants Prosperity for All Americans'","url":"/Politics/video/melania-trump-donald-prosperity-americans-40687532"}