Member of Canadian Parliament Discusses the Lockdown

Jonathan Genest-Jourdain talks about the moments during and after the shooting.
10:32 | 10/22/14

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Transcript for Member of Canadian Parliament Discusses the Lockdown
But right now what do bringing a member of parliament Jonathan engine age or Don. Still in lockdown in the house of commons. In and joining us now by phone and John does take mr. what's happening right now. I'm on seeing them with some agents they're heavily armed and and I'm in the lobby erect mound but to also comment. So are then. The be escorted me with the trying to that this morning current allies in the lobby early in the morning giving an interview and I heard gunshots. I want to of those with one of my colleague shall breastfeeding her baby. Make sure that you of insecurity Chua in the security Scituate faced. And try to both Kevin. Who console moved so arm. But I'm still in the half of common. Send this morning. It's didn't did see you heard the gunshots and then about how close do you think he works it to hearing that. A few meters current the gunshot they came from the library apartment. And I want in the lobby so. Not eat in the sixty meters. The system of about fifty meters from that did you see anything did you see a shooter. Not what I heard gunshots. Hugh. Shotgun blast and after that. Serial gunships. You see here is so you heard two distinct different types of guns. Did did you see police coming in then into the into the the house of commons. So yes now what in the lobby so that's what seemed again don't swept him anyway. Judicial about in the lobby and be escorted us on the first well. Digging in my colleague and then infer from that point that after you heard those gunshots then you were taken to this secures spot that you're at now. We are. And then what were you being told. Hello told to arrest in order from the windows. And to remain calm and that Google's search and their hold them in. Each room after one another title. And are there other others member other other members of parliament with you right now. Normally only one of the but guard Ben. Agents had ultimately bears secret agent try anything but there aren't. Arden. Six against. And hasn't given any. What might happen next if they're gonna move you actually outside of the building. I haven't received any information tour. And term you know on big being didn't give us. And information and so I guess I will be released sometime in the afternoon by. I'm expecting to be or release any time. Did have you mailed to get in touch with your colleague that day you said you were first whiff in the lobby. The album be sent me a few emails and I had a conversation with my my whip and some. Some people from the party just making sure that I was OK and I accepted them. I'm fine and I nature also lets you turn comes it Joker a part. It's who care probably. My colleague who wore what repeating what early will be able he make sure that dark shortened. Secure location so long. It took early in the security agent. So so at this point you know than it is she still in the building as well. I'm not sure and I haven't received any information. A about that are very location actually. They admit that this far from what you've been hearing though do you you know anyone who was with any what was hit actually inside of the building. I do you know of anyone that was actually shot inside of the building. I'm not sure I've heard about warning against their normal military dime I don't knowingly. 11 on one agent that's what I know what. You know. There's a lot of information. Right now. And who we're we're we're looking that that some some some cell phone video that that was taken inside it's it's it's a marble. Who looks again heavy stone sort of arch way to areas and in this is in the house of commons. Not that far from where you were app then I'm assuming how far is that this is that from where you were and the lobbying you heard those gunshots to where you are now. You know fifty feet away probably kind I was attending cock it this morning at nine. And I had to go I'll give an interview so I decided to go and the law because it's more more quiet there. And it's really a few have to walk for May be. 22 just to get from the carcass to the lobby so it's really close to where I want this morning in the last pilgrim sitting right now. Q given the fact that you guys were clear that you were caucusing this morning how many members of parliament then were were in that building. And that building tree hundred and something every every member on the also covered were there with his own respective party. All you were attending their own pocket soon in in a room in front of the house of commons and forty NB PD aware. Under the rush around a hundred saw hundred emptied into one room. And I had to leave this room to give my interview. And now and now you're being now you you're being detain in this one particular area then. I'm by myself religion OK and you don't know that anyone has been able to leave the building itself yet. I'm not sure if someone out of some of my colleagues have been able to leave the building. And did you say have you been able to have contact with anyone that's outside of the building there any any family members or any friends and they've been hearing or seeing any other areas of. Auto on lockdown. Following are utters very what Allah yes my girlfriend she's working up till 131 queen. So it's not that far from the house of commons and she Enron ballot now my employee up and going after she's in love while also. And I've been in contact with my family and the people and a lot of sugar Miskolczi. Because I was. Leave it did escorted me what journalists saw what was 15100 mother this morning he's not a contributor. And at this might they have not give any indication of whether or not the billion has been cleared. I've heard some they were trying to bust the door open at one point occur immediately allowed to keep an opera what they're searching here each world. So. Heard. Trying to ram to endorse some agents probably he around that the doors. That then that's it you've been here or did you actually hear them I'm trying to do that. I heard them and the security agents also being he's said that in the worst searching him unable to endorse to a to force their way in. Ease that it was that part of the protocol that for for going on locked up for that for locking doors. And I just justices. Of the dorms first and after about this search engine ever hear her room. And give us a sense as to how large this billion is obviously you've got 300 plus members of parliament there. As well as ought to supporting sept this is a large building. There's a few thousand individuals who are working their in the bill being normal didn't think. A couple of a couple of thousand every day there. And both police and military are they're both then on the scene and there and they are going door to door. How have they said another that they might move you in with other members of parliament or or gather everyone in what particular area or it has not been established yet. Do not no indication. Wit when you heard when you heard the shots fired that what what did you think did you did you could you instantly talent they were shots or did it sound like something else. I don't know it sounded like gunshots I said to be a journalist that was not on the other end of the phone I said to him happily even now there's from gunshots. There's something happening in the house of commons I'm really sorry but I have to eat. How are you had torn definitely. Gunshots I couldn't. And I could tell right who. And John that would do did you hear the gunshots that were fired and nearby at that the war memorial. Knowledge and credibility. OK. And and had had had you heard screams or anything that from the shots that you have heard from inside the parliament where you were out. Now we have people were shot in the arm there. Giving orders and he it's what people call them this what can go to I don't know if you were talking about it anyway there were. You know and they military procedure in order are yelling here and there. Kept. And NC and so that a and then at apple use that's than they had move you to the area where you're at now. And you you still have to used to have some members of the military or some police that are that are still does inside this particular room where your out. Not really Terry let security agents and secret agents I guess they're secret agent didn't work. Wearing a white church on the conservative Europeans so I guess they're secret agents. I C a okay. And bit at this point no indication of when a lockdown might be lifted or whether or not they might be moving him. No indication. Ice and and hey ECU were in contact with other members of parliament that are lockdown inside. Have they heard or seen anything other than the than what you had seen from this morning's shooting. From what I understand they had two take cover under the table and the caucus room. This morning and being. Made sure to block the entrance also to put some people dared to venture cargo doors they're not that it's. Quality work kind of scared and they tried to barricade themselves inside a bedroom. That's what I heard in the news and I haven't had a discussion with my coat he is. Oh. A bit of discussion but not to that extent.

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