Members of Congressional Hispanic Caucus and House Democrats visit detention center

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, "Officers were keeping women in cells w/ no water and had told them to drink out of the toilets."
27:06 | 07/01/19

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Transcript for Members of Congressional Hispanic Caucus and House Democrats visit detention center
Everybody welcome to the Griffin around Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Monday happening right now in congressional. Fact finding mission to the southern US border with Mexico. Investigating those detention facilities were hundreds of migrant children. A have been held over the past few months in what some have compared to torturer light conditions. Alexandria. Casio Cortes the congresswoman of New York just tweeted a few moments ago after emerging from one of those facilities. She says I left the first CPB facility ACY Customs and Border Protection officers are being so physically and sexually. Threatening towards me officers were keeping women in cells with no water. Had told them to drink out of the toilets. This was bent on their good behavior. In front of members of congress a short time ago I caught up with another member of congress who had just emerged. As part of that delegation congresswoman Madeleine dean a Pennsylvania. Congresswoman thank you so much for joining us and give us a sense about what you'd saw inside the facility. I just come from El Paso Border Patrol station noble one. And we are now on the ground at Clinton. What we saw in the facility was extremely disturbing. We were asked to leave Smartphones and everything behind we were told we were not able to speak Annie at the detainees. But very quickly that broke down and we were able to go in Q. A belt that was holding fifteen women lying on the floor in blue. What which call them sleeping backs a which apparently they just recently been issued intact these fifteen women crying most of them. Just that they were just moved inside to this room called the refrigerator. Tuesday. They have been 66. Days at this border station they went from nine to fifteen days with out showers. Two women have been separated from their daughters 118 year old daughter another 23 year old daughter. The 58 year old mother was on the floor crying thing I have no idea where they've taken her. She would out in the tent with her most recently and has been separated from her. They are hungry they said they are said sued that is cold spoiled. Food for dogs is what they can't. Automate some of your colleagues have described the facilities as sacked concentration. Camps do you think that's fair based on what you saw. I'd say it was definitely camps here's why. We took a look and just like a prisoner which its stainless steel toilet with note speech. With water in it but when we tried to think there was no running water. It was a sad we were told it's okay to shrink out of the toilet backed potable water. They put them in their shelves this morning I I have to imagine there's some connection between our visits and building these women out of tents. Literally as we just stroke here the temperature gauge read 108. They moved them in this morning. Anyone who went and gave me. Some an aluminum sheet that she said they had been given. And had used or weeks on and some just recently there's been allowed daily shower. How did how did he get this bad is this a case of gross mismanagement by the agency. A lack of fund mean. A lack of preparation for they were the record numbers that we've seen coming across how to get to this point as so many Americans are. Shocked to find out. The purpose of harvest is to investigate and to find out how it got to get spot. But when I asked the women what are your criminal offenses they that we wanted to come to America. They're being held as a result of the trump administration deciding that we will not easily get you refugee status we won't make you suffer single tree you'd like dogs. That is the change as a result of this administration but there's an awful lot more we need to learn. Before I let you go I want to ask you about this report that Pope who book has put out I know you've seen at the Border Patrol. Is responding to it it's a report of a FaceBook group of current and former Border Patrol officers and members. Allegedly former border control officers and members. Who have really ridiculed you and your colleagues on this visit racist sexist comments. Have you heard it all from the agency did anyone there respond to you about this. I'm coming this. Just you know I thought that was very inadequately dealt with a group that don't artificial orientation meeting is to pay up traffic center. They just think they were conducting immediately and internal investigation. Think about it 20000 Border Patrol agent many of whom I dealt. Doing very good job under extraordinarily. Inhumane act circumstances particularly with the administration. Directives. But 9500. Members of the FaceBook. It it it it's extremely troubling. It's disgusting he is brave men. That they would mock a dead sixteen year old strength he died he died. Good to contrasting pieces of those coats. The fact that they threatened to throw stuff at our members that congrats. Think of how they must beat those who are in their their custody. If they would treat us with back discussing with respect. It's extraordinarily. Troubling and while. EDT where they were doing an internal investigation I'm confident congress will be doing its own independent investigation. Congresswoman Madeleine dean at Pennsylvania thank you so much for calling in and for your eyewitness to the events there Clint. You very much searchable. And I'm joined now here in Washington with armor racial reporter quit no one who spent last week down in Clint Texas just outside that facility doing reporting of your own -- great to see you. Let's start though with this the agency's response to this FaceBook group and what we know about it. On the cumbersome and alluded to it there this is a secret FaceBook group. A 9500. Appearance. Employees we don't know whether they are all current or former Border Patrol and pushed it as you see here on the screen the current Border Patrol chief. Does acknowledge that this is trouble in an appropriate and they are investigating Nittany say. I don't hold any implant police. Accountable for any misbehavior Brent. What are they looking into virgin. So the Border Patrol chief did make that comment and CBP as a whole the agency is aware of it. They're saying they're investigating these claims to see if it was made by current actual current Border Patrol members. This faced a group does include people. We're told that have formerly. Left the agency. No longer with the agency. But they're looking to see where exactly those posts came from and they're saying if these are true and it is an appropriate and disciplinary action will be take. And to remind people this is an FaceBook group of Border Patrol officials apparently that pro poor car uncovered and there's some really troubling. Stuff on them to congresswoman alluded to some of the comments that are also images as well. Good directing her comments and an images gifts that have circulated. Are on the Internet did sexist and and racist gifts making fun of migrants that have across the border. And the some say it is some critics are saying this is indicative of broader CBP called her former agent that I spoke with said this kind of trend. They've seen since 9/11 when. Crackdown on the border crackdowns on immigration really search relentless troubling stuff were also quick learning and hearing for the first time from an an immigrant child. Who was held inside that clinic facility that you ran a twelve year old migrant groh who and her six year old sister. Were interviewed by an attorney and the Associated Press shortly after they were released from detention there they said being asleep on the floor. And he calls meals and now for the first time we get to see a little bit of that interview on camera here schools. An acorn still since since him. Let's not look the bulk of gloomy yeah clearly. Looking. Is. I. Yeah. Yeah. Silly if powerful to see it from the actual child you know we didn't see they're facing us in Spanish frequent. Talks about the facilities down their general honey get this bad for children. They are being fed that there's not enough space for them to sleep with what were born people folks is caught off guard what's the what's the deal. Well it its heart might be hard to say they've been caught off guard since this has been happening for months we've seen these record inflows of children and family coming across the southern border overwhelming these facilities. And this at the Clint station that we were at last week was is one of those facilities facilities that was. At several times over compounds designed for like a hundred people on they had what it's the 605 more than 700 people on exactly yet at this one station that officials we talked you compared to a small police station. Had not meant to house people long term definitely not meant to house children. For days or for weeks at a time but that's what's what's been happening that's how Border Patrol as been forced to cope with. With the record flows of people we've heard these testimonies from kids. Talking to the lawyers that are responsible for maintaining oversight over some of these facilities. There they are it is detailing. Very disturbing reports of of how they're being treated there. Yeah now just as we set for the first time hearing from the children themselves on camera with those lawyers finally there are some signs and maybe some good news perhaps. That this historic flow of migrants from Central America to America to the southern border may actually be abating a little bit he. Acting commissioner or border Customs and Border Protection. I made an announcement just a couple days ago here's what he had the same opinion trends. It's become clear that over the past three weeks since demonstration reached a new agreement with Mexico that we've seen assist financial increase in the number of interdiction. On the Mexican southern border. And a sincere effort to address the transportation networks coming through Mexico. These initiatives are making an impact and we are now anticipating a significant reduction in border crossing numbers for June up to 25%. When compared to the record level and may. Some good news. Well it's hard to say exactly what this means right because it's hard to pin down the exact action that US immigration officials may have taken to cause these facts we do know that seasonal changes basically getting. Hotter down there announce it's morphed and become clear down there it was over a hundred degrees I definitely stifles people's ability to move and walked to the sun. We also knew Mexican authorities have been cracking down. On the southern part of the the US that Texas was all for our president trump made a couple weeks ago that Mexico needed some remorse that may actually be paying off. It it could be paying off the threat to make getting Mexican officials motivated to crack down on border could be paying off its hard to know again what the change in US immigration policy has been that would've affected. There's the slight decrease we've seen. Frequent Olympics so much for your reporting we will sure to be sure if all you on Twitter and on FaceBook as you were all over appreciate that turning now I to an extraordinary weekend in American foreign policy Donald Trump becoming the first American US president. In office to step foot inside North Korea setting the stage for a possible reboot in nuclear talks. But even as the administration now appears to be losing ground with Iran that country today announcing it has officially blown. Its uranium enrichment caps imposed by the 2015 deal. For more on what's next I'm joined now by our White House reporter Catherine folders State Department reporter. Connor fit again. And mark to coal the vice president of Korea an economic institute of America former diplomat. In Korea mark thanks so much for common encounter turned out wanna start with you though how did this a historic visit. Come up out to think of lot of people were sort of surprised over the weekend Sunday morning to see these pictures. Me I you've seen as historic images of of that hastily arranged visit the president. Essentially asked for Kim Jung and to meet him in in the DMZ via tweet so you see. Him right there are being greeted by Kim Jung and getting ready to walk. In two North Korea you see him about dissent but there for the first time and not the president. Said he was opted. Optimistic about this meeting he was even. A tweeting today that it was great to call on camera chairman Kim of North Korea to have our very well covered meeting presumably referring to the media coverage. Good things can happen for all DeVon you see this historical. Images right there but what's unclear is what exactly this will accomplish in North Korea's nuclear program it's still fully. In place so how does this translate to a deal a fourth the president said he's optimistic he insisted. That progress has been made through both of their previous comments but still what ultimately it will come from that's. Mark you have tracked career for some time and spent some time over there in the region we watched Democrats over the past. 24 hours attacked the president say that this was a made for TV some of the vice former vice president Joseph Biden. I just put out a statement a few minutes ago he said trump is elevated a murderous tyrant for almost nothing. You think that's a fair characterization of where we're at. I would not him it's fair I think that the meeting across the DMZ between trump and Kim was a solution to a problem. The problem once after the Henry breakdown on how to get the talks restart. This was a way to do that. So we seem one step closer to maybe resuming. Some sort of negotiation of some current U I think both both their truck and constructed their negotiators not to get back together. And try to sneak some progress. What do you make what do you make of the criticism though that here that the president has basically. Normalized. He can someone who has such a horrible record and on human rights maintains all those weapons and and it. Would you be comfortable with simply a freeze which seems to be there were possibly where were headed here is that. Was that it a passable solution if we just sort of make peace in their status quo for awhile. You know not not indefinitely inferno it's the right would start. You know the free use among the ideas yet to train line towards. Deforestation not towards a bigger program so anything other than to go belligerence is is a good step forward at this stage on both sides are some pressure him into Kim Jones whose under great pressure from the international sanctions. So we can't wait forever. You can't wait forever Connor Finnegan joins us at the State Department Connor. As mark alluded to they're North Korea hasn't. Hasn't actually tested a nuclear weapon or fired. An Intercontinental ballistic missile for some time but heavy actually taken any steps toward denuclearization they did sign that packed. Back in Singapore couple years ago. Yeah that's right given over a year ago now they sign that pact to commit themselves to the complete denuclearization of the creepy and foot. But what was striking on Sunday is that secretary Pompeo said they still don't have a definition and agreed definition of what that even means as he said. You know it's been months it's been over earned nearly two years now since they. Ten less tested a nuclear device. But they've done nothing to dismantle their existing weapons program and if anything you could argue that given the men a time that they've had since these summits. They've been able to expand the program. To perfect their their capabilities. We saw a short while ago the test fired short range ballistic missiles. Which present trump dismissed because they weren't long range missiles. But they've done nothing to get rid of the year existing nuclear weapons stockpile which US officials say could be as many as sixty nuclear weapons. It's it's incredible mark. They sit on that stockpile you just said a freeze it be a good thing. Essentially for the short term just a buyer some time did you think Kim Jung un can be trusted. And attitude to take it further do you think he's just waiting trump out in them go back to his stick his. Activities less. Two different questions whether you trust or not is kind of girl but the idea negotiations and verification museums and is to is to make sure the people who have exposed. We don't have to trust. After signing that agreement see the action scene the action. And correct and debt and capture new what is your look your reporting today remark alluded to another possible summit good thing that the talks restarted. What are you hearing from White House officials and end there was that mention of possibly bring Kim Jung into the White House. AL was as mark was saying these negotiations this meeting is a step. In the right direction for more negotiations and another summit a look at other summit definitely is on the table now whether that happens at the White House or or somewhere out this to be determined but. As you saw and those images the president of right on the spot invited Kim Jung and to come here to the White House so we'll see where the next finance. And what would your advice speeded this White House mark if you were in that Oval Office today and what they needed to do next you know we're happy to schedule so they wouldn't be a good idea to bring canned here. And I think when he's happened next is what they said they would do to DMZ which is start negotiations. I'm Robert Manfred Diehl a million for approximately lower level staff level staff who has to do if there's no way in the world the president trumpet component to sit down to them and drafting nuclear agreement. I asked my staff level. Some odd for me question is that whether Kim and don't from trustee chuck. It's where they trust your negotiators we will make a deal. Doesn't appear that they've done that so far well so far it's been very top down in the last November to start but it has to get the working level will progress will not be. We do here that a lot finally thanks mark wanted to go back to Connor fitting end for one note. Hop on Iran Connor the IAEA today said that the year Ryan's have actually blown their caps. On it and I uranium enrichment as part of that Tony fifteen deal wasn't actually mean is there is there really any possibility that we could. Roll things back to where where that deal left that there is this are we now back in now uncharted territory towards your reversible problem. Yeah I DeVon at this point I think it's still hard to say the European Union can now in a statement shortly after the UN nuclear watchdog agency. Confirmed that Iran had breached these caps. And they said that they're going to monitor the situation and see we know whether or not Iran would be willing to bring back. The progress that they've made up on their enrichment levels so far Iran is and is making good on a threat really it would they said it to the European Union is that if you do not make up for the fact that these US sanctions are causing. So much economic upheaval and turmoil in Iran then we will renege on our part of the agreement. So far though they've they've made this one breach they promise the next week or so that they will enrich uranium at levels higher than is allowed. In the deal not just you know the stockpiles that they have but also the percentage of enrichment. But that's the US says it has been slowly monitoring the situation. Calling on the run ins to abide by their commitments. The question I think at this point is even if there was a different administration in power in January 20 when he won. What did there even be a deal left solve itch. Sorry Connor thank you so much and and we should say. The white has just put out a statement minutes ago seen maximum pressure. On the Iranian regime will continue until its leaders. Alter their course of action SOA no movement there Mike to cola. With the who in your organization markers the Korea economic institute showed America that you so much for coming here thanks again to Conner and to Catherine. I shifting gears now to the race for 20/20 in the democratic. Field now riding that wave out of the the the first democratic primary debate down in Miami it was been a big week for all those candidates. Cashing in on big fundraising numbers after. After those performances also trying to take a closer look at those poll numbers we have our full team coverage. Of the bounce out of the debates now joined by 538 sir frost and birds during Shaw. Joins us from Los Angeles. I she covers the Harris campaign ingesting Gomez is out there in yet again South Bend, Indiana with mayor people to change who has some pretty pretty impressive fundraising numbers votes are with Sarah. Because you're you're you and your organization 538 have been taking a closer look at who won the debate. And over two nights this unprecedented. I display of more than twenty candidates you're with the new analysis this afternoon which actually has crowned. One or two winners tell us about it. Yes so what we Fran did. Leading up to the debate and then following in fat parents and Elizabeth Warren. Earned the most support in a lot of that support came from Biden a little bit from standards as well but. Parents in particular had a stellar performance going from about 8% in supports nearly 17%. To doubling her. I'm support. Among voters. You were taking a close look at the before Napster to get a baseline of that so good news for Warren. And Harris and is serene Connell a Harris has really been widen riding this wave. Over the past its 4448 hours she is then out in the gay pride can be parade she's been the blast you know fundraising emails. Tell us how she's been capitalizing on her much praise performance. Hi deveny I was with her in San Francisco this weekend for the pride festivities. And Friday the high energy event but she literally look like she had a boost after that debate. She came apps keeping on stage practically she was dancing on her car during that parade route. People came up to the press Booth to ask if they had missed Connolly Harris before she got on stage. And Evan you're gonna like this 11 person who like cut up with in San Francisco this weekend was former senate San Francisco mayor Willie Brown. I asked about the debate performance and he said she's against the death penalty. But she knows how to administer it and she did and that's a sentiment that some people on San Francisco feel right now. So her team is hoping that they can keep this momentum up she's going to be an island this week. And after that she heads to New Orleans and South Carolina. Now she's really hitting the road and certainly has good reason to be confident after some of those numbers that Sarah talked about but Johnston. Somebody who's actually talking about big money come out of this debate is set people who Jason Merritt South Bend, Indiana tell us about this. Really unbelievable figure added that he raised in the second quarter a lot of it. Come Mitterrand these performances in the debates and on on the trail. Yeah this number is very very confident and 24 point eight million dollars to leave by the duty judge can't. In the second quarter this year that triple the amount. What almost quadrupling it in the first quarter they raised seven million dollars. The senate on as I said 24 point eight million that came out there about an average donation of 47 dollars and fourteen cents. I know the campaign says that 18 point six million dollars cash on hand. That's planes back that they were going to the third quarter wrapped up there and then and progress in these early voting in. And I'm very small town Iran and that we did not secretary of practice this morning. I think what they plan to do it all that money that they have now on Havoc they've never gonna boost their staffing in early states like Nevada and South Carolina coming up yet. And just remind everybody why this admit the money now and the figures are so important obviously it'd be it speaks to the campaign's success or lack thereof also gives them some durability lasting power if you will the pay that staff build that operation. So this is certainly a good thing for people to jazz and you should know too is just some Hussein their 24 million. As is on par with some in the Bernie Sanders and his army of grassroots supporters raised. In the first quarter but I gotta go back to Sarah here Caceres looking at your analysis and 538. The debate balance I was a bit surprised to see that mayor repeats. Oh wasn't getting more of a balanced statistically and might have what we were seen from some of the numbers that. Johnson just talked about why is that what are we what are you seeing with Pete. Prayed so. To be clear that a judge's favorability did increase he still had a good performance you can see on our web site on the scatter plot he's almost over two exceeding expectations. But I think it was a tough night back to back Booker also had a really great performance alongside Warne and hair and it's just hard. Cute secure more support from voters. And archer was speaking of Harris Serena just want to ask you just about some of the criticism that's emerged. About her in the past 24 hours we see this a lot in campaigns after somebody gets. Get says a good bounce out of a debate we see their opponents come on the attack and amber Biden surrogates. Are coming after her for her confrontation with the former vice president in this. Quote caught our eye in Politico the first. Ever African American woman to serve in the United States senate whose endorse Joseph Biden this is Carol Moseley brawn. Of Illinois has said we can be proud of her Connell a Harrisburg for ambition got it wrong about Joseph. He's the best there is for her to take that tact is sad. Not the only thing she's getting buffeted on how is she taking some of this criticism right now. You're exactly right the political piece basically came out with some prominent African American saying that these attacks were on Fay Aaron that Harris had. Against Biden because he's had this career of being an advocate for civil rights issues. A look her campaign is focused on the positive right the first 24 hours after that debate. She raised more money than she ever has before 242. Million dollars. From 63000. People 58%. And were first time donors so her campaign is focused on this and there's really hoping that momentum lasts. And just and you have a free and let you go what what's next for the mayor he spent so much of the lead up to the debate. In his hometown there are dealing with their crisis in the police department. He still hunker downers he hitting the road. He's sitting there tomorrow in Chicago and their family members convention I'm and then from there you. You Iowa Diaz about a few days going forward we bearing we'll have policy planet. In Sioux City on Wednesday and then headed for the fourth of July festivities in other parts of the state. Right courting that very important African American vote which he struggled with there at the rainbow push coalition Justin Gomez in South Bend they accuse are in shock. Joining us from Los Angeles appreciate her reporting sir frost and burned. A former friends at 538 has a really Smart analysis today. On the balance in the winners out of that debate to be sure to check that out. Thank you so much for joining us here today in the briefing room on Devin Dwyer and Washington were here 3:30 eastern time every day on ABC news live hope you join us be right back here tomorrow.

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