Are men in Hollywood staying silent about the Harvey Weinstein scandal?

"The View" co-hosts discuss men's role in stopping harassment of women.
11:45 | 10/10/17

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Transcript for Are men in Hollywood staying silent about the Harvey Weinstein scandal?
So, now yesterday, you know, we talked a little bit about what was happening with Harvey Weinstein, but Hollywood seems to be coming out in force against Harvey wine sfien. As far as like George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia wilde are slamming him and claiming that he got a-list help in the past to sweep some of the dirty laundry under the rug. Lena Dunham said too many men are silence about sexism in Hollywood, and has that silence enabled men like Harvey? That's a whole lot of questions, I'm sorry. I don't think it's just Hollywood. Look at the presidency. People were quiet about all the lawsuits, sexual harassment lawsuits against trump, 11 of them I believe. So it's politics, it's Hollywood, it's men. It's also corporate environment because they used to have a lot of rules on the book where if you were signing on to work for a company, that means if there was -- bless you -- anything against the company that you had to do silent arbitration. That was at the Weinstein company and at Fox News. Yeah. So there was a culture of that. It's not just oh eait's not just Hollywood. But I think Lena made a point about men coming out. Like we need to hear more men voices coming out. She said sthey need to signal the driving force behind this behavior. George Clooney came out but the good guys need to come out. I don't think they don't understand -- just one point. A lot of good men do not seem to get what it is to be in the position of the objectified woman. Because men are not objectified in the same way. I objectify them but -- It's rare. Idris Elba and George Clooney, but that's kind of in fun. Mostly the harassment is men to women. So they're not identifying and there's no empathy there for us. They may not believe that it exists -- that it's as rampant as it is. Yesterday I said about 60 to 70% of women are sexually harassed at work. It's actually 80%. That is so significant. And I think you're right, men have to come out and come forward. But I think there's this culture of silence because they pay women off. Sexual harassment is usually just two people so there are no witnesses to it. And women are very nervous, I think, about coming forward when there's that power dynamic like you have your supervisor sexually harassing you and you're a single mom and you have to pay your bills. That's locker room talk. Extremely legendary actress and I read Jessica Chastain saying she knew this culture, she had heard this about Harvey Weinstein. It was well known. Jessica Chastain is a famous, academy award winning actress. So what do you do when you're in this situation where you're like there's this pig who may sexually harass you but if you want to be in a movie and get this job, and this is clearly still happening in 2017. I'm surprised more directors aren't coming out. The guardian tried to contact 20 people in Hollywood and nobody is saying anything and quite frankly, some of these statements are not good enough, even coming out of women at the same time again. It's very strange -- What should they say? I think you have to understand that it's horrific what these women have been put through. This isn't just like, oh, he tapped me on the rear end or something like that. It's like, we've all heard some of these stories, Ashley Judd saying he was trying to ask her to watch him in a shower. These are things that could traumatize you forever that you wouldn't necessarily come back from quickly. Look at kwegretchen Carlson. She's a hero. She came forward and said this happened to me. She basically got O'Reilly fired. That's pretty good. I would debate that she's been a cultural tipping point for a lot of things. I don't know if Harvey Weinstein would be in the position he's in if it weren't for Gretchen Carlson. Again -- Anita hill actually. That's true. She's the tipping point. Aneita hill started the discussion about sexual rate rationment. That's true. Did you ever experience anything like that where somebody said, whoopi, don't -- No, nobody was checking for me. But no, you have to remember, when I started out, I was the only one that looked like this so I was not -- so I was not -- and in many circles still not considered sexy so they wouldn't come onto me. Isn't it about power as well? Yeah, but I have power and people know that. That would not stand with me. What would you say to Jessica Chastain who's coming up saying you're going to meet with Harvey Weinstein, he's a pig, you know the rumors. What advice would youive to actresses? I would say you have to make a decision. If you don't want to say, yeah, I'm going to suck it up and collect a check and just do it, and then later on say, you know, this is really messed up what happened, I would say you have to make that decision. It's a hard decision for folks. Very hard. It's a hard decision for women because you say am I ever going to get the opportunity again, can I still work, is there anybody who will hire me. Am I going to be black balled. One could say there are lots and lots and lots of studios. There's lots of studios. Maybe it's going to take a little longer, maybe it's going to be a little harder, but it's a decision that is hard for folks to make. It's not one that would sit well with me. I couldn't take the money. I was not -- I'd have to hit them. I was not harassed at fox and I need to make that ex pligs plicitly clear but there wasn't a week that went by that I wasn't asked that I was. My brothers were deeply concerned at the time asking -- and again, I wasn't harassed. I'm not putting myself in the same vain as anyone else who was. Me either. But it carries stigma. Think about it because of your father. I'm sure there's blanket coverage with that in a lot of different aspects. I don't see O'Reilly coming onto McCain's daughter. Give me some credit. I'm a tough chick too. I don't suffer fools very easily. But the thing is, you have power, you have power but think about that woman -- Wait, wait, let's talk about that because that's important. Yeah, yeah. I have power because I took it. I have power because E-- because the way I was raised, the way that I was raised said you have to make a decision. Not everybody's going to like your choices, but you have to decide how you want to live, so because that's how I came up -- I didn't come up because I was cute. I didn't get famous because I was cute, so I don't have a lot of the issues that a lot of women may be facing. I think when you break it down to let's say someone in middle America or someone in the south bronx who is a sippingle mom living in the projects and is working a minimum wage job and her boss is coming onto her, she needs that job. She has no power. I understand that, sunny. Well, she does have the power. She does have the power. She has the power to say, you know what, I'm not willing to do this with you. I'd rather find another gig. It might take me a little longer but I'm not putting up with this. Sunny, I don't even think you have to be the single mom. I remember in my 20s witnessing people at work that I knew were aggressors and I always joked I played dumb because if you don't pick up on the signs, they're kind of like, wow, she's really not getting this, it's almost like playing dead. I ran into those people but I wasn't going to go down with a message because I hadn't experienced the actual abuse and I had avoided it, but that doesn't mean that I would be a pioneer to say I'm going to leave my job now because you do become a pariah. Joy, I'm curious because there's so much scalp in tndal in the comedy community. You're going to headline this show, you'll know you'll be with a Harvey Weinstein, what would you have done? A guy came onto me one time at Caroline's comedy sclclub. He was in the business and he was a manager and I needed a manager and he said, hey, want to get . Really? And I said yeah, see anybody? So the moral of the story is don't harass a comedian because you're going to get shot down. It's all communities, look at the white house, Bill Cosby, the media. But we have to make it imperative and important to women to come forward and not say, listen, I'm going to suck it up. We have to make it -- we have to -- we shouldn't have to make that decision. Don't you think it would be good if women would practice a little how to respond in the moment to get these guys away from them? Sad we have to do that. Besides going to the authorities which could be the second step, there should be a way, like I just told you an example of what I did. I was harassed when I was a teacher back in the '60s. If you look at sexual harassment -- And the guy, he was my department chairman. And I was giving a lesson and the class left and he came up and said I wanted to nail you -- he didn't say that word -- on the black board. And I said, but what about my lesson, which threw him into a -- like the guy didn't know what to say. Well, when you have sexual harassment training in the employment place, women are trained, I think, how to react and who to report to. But I think we need to start talking to our little boys. I think we need to start talking to our brothers. We need to start talking to our husbands. And we need to start talking to our sisters and saying you do not have to take this. Your career does not rise and fall on this because if you take this people are going to assume that you're okay with the behavior, and that's what you don't want people to have. Are you blaming the women for it? No, you're empowering them. The women in this country also heard the president of the United States harass -- use gue disgusting language in that "Access Hollywood" tape. Bill Clinton. Wait a second. I agreed with him at the time. We heard the president say that's locker room talk. Don't you think half the country and most of the children out there hear that and say, hey, I can talk like that. It is not locker room talk. The majority of men came out saying that's unacceptable. I will say that. I have to put this because you just said something that I need to clear up. It's not blaming the harasser. Listen, if something is happening that's making you uncomfortable and you choose the payout, it allows them to say you with fine with it, you took the payout. Is it a real choice if you take the payout when you need that job, you -- Sunny, you have to make the decision. It's a decision. Are you going to take it? If you have to take it, then you got to tell everybody what's happening. But you cannot say that no one has a choice. You do. It's hard. It's hard. But somebody's got -- at some point we have to say to every woman sitting out here, if somebody does this to you, you got to scream from the top of your lungs and other sisters will help you get another job but you don't have to take that. That's what I think we have to do. You don't have to take this. It's not blaming anybody. It's saying, yeah, we know it's a hard decision. Let us as other women and as other workers help you because this is not acceptable to any of us anywhere.

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{"id":50395443,"title":"Are men in Hollywood staying silent about the Harvey Weinstein scandal?","duration":"11:45","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss men's role in stopping harassment of women.","url":"/Politics/video/men-hollywood-staying-silent-harvey-weinstein-scandal-50395443","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}