Mesa mayor reacts to Trump's ICE raids

Mesa, Arizona Mayor John Giles describes how he says his community will be impacted by Trump's ICE raids.
6:10 | 07/13/19

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Transcript for Mesa mayor reacts to Trump's ICE raids
And joining us now from the border areas mayor John Giles. Of Mesa, Arizona joining us by Skype large immigrant population in his community they're just a 150 miles. From the border mayor Giles thanks so much for joining us so what are you just get your reaction. How to the announcement of these raids and what's the reaction of your community. Well I guess. Latency and this is something different than business as usual are not yet. But we all understand that that we have immigration laws it is important works I'll just order an interior our country. We also understand that we got to two million undocumented people in the United States this schools and do things you're gonna report. Though many people saw you have to prioritize. Arguably did it in enforcement of immigration laws entered the country and it sounds like believe this this recent. Bradys. Are targeted products Al. Obama ordered the deportation. Couldn't beat prioritize criminal activity or there searching for fugitives. That's the case maturity that organ disease something. Extraordinary it is an approval. You know I outrage and community. Talk thought about it. Dinner after you've talked a lot about the role that the religious organizations have played in responding to the migrant crisis in your community the role of churches. Church a faith based organizations social service groups providing aid to these migrants and their families also supporting. Those along the border do you think those communities should be off limits to ice. Well I think we're where we're mixing groups of people the the community based communities and my and in mesa C now the most recent says surged. I would vote migrants from Central America and they've been doing that the request some arrests and up the customs and then or report. Because of the various limitations they go wrong who children's or resentment at times oath. Also are in our country legally they have been. Bennett but I ice already and they are in the country legally waking dean experience. And in that context is actually nothing at all appropriate about it. Or are based community in our non profits. Actively helping them for humanitarian assistance. Also it's that's that's very different that's an hour or reverses an arms its US deportation order that's that's been Ari adjudicated. And recently the United States. It two different problems as you say for sure you just spent a good at a time with the DHS secretary past few days as part of the US conference of mayors a group of men. Bipartisan mayors seeking is some. Our common ground. On this issue of our border security you also visited some facilities. In the border El Paso, Texas area is one and then that's obviously been at the center of a firestorm here Washington over conditions in the facilities. Won a place of testimony for you from Capitol Hill to think that your reaction to it here's a number of democratic lawmakers talking about when they saw in El Paso. Mr. speaker we do have a crisis at our border. Into one of morality. As we have seen this current strategy unfold intentional. And cruelly created by the trumpet ministries and does not. I'm sending a hate filled message that those seeking refuge are not welcome in America. And our America. And that the rule of law human rights will not be when not protected here. Instead mr. Chairman it's a dangerous ideology. You got rolled our nation right now. This is a manufactured crisis because there is no need for us too deep yes. There's no need for us to over crowd and T to keen. And under resource. There's no need for us to arrest innocent people and treat them no differently and criminals when the are pursuing their basic human rights. You just mr. mayor came from some of these facilities do you think it's a manufactured crisis what did you see down there. Absolutely not that it is real life crisis there are numbers. You Wear it it's trying to agree on scenes of facts and and it's clear that there isn't there tremendous surge. Families across a border. And and so that's what we're earlier national borders are closed poor person we agreed at. The pictures which demonstrate as well so. Yes it's actual. Crisis. I think we and ended it certainly is overall our system the silly science. Return do you think we've turned a corner in this but based on ninth and the surgeon resources down there. The mayor's airing gauged dot com percent more money we understand the numbers have come down a little bit do you think were. We're getting to a point where are we might be able to attempt to view away from crisis stage. Oh. Surely the numbers are down and programs and and in this instance he's yesterday that the congressional delegation was in a few weeks ago and I can tell you. Yes there were actually young Graham is due process that it's not like which saw him in dramatic photographs that we've been seeing the last days. Very same facilities the numbers are way down. I think that's combination that you know Mexican government does a lot more gates that they were previously. Whether is is he now I think the word is getting now into its of the American hopes that. It's not the easiest ones world's. So I flew the numbers are down I don't know felonies saying this is temporary because. The enthusiasm that Mexico says that that spam or whether. But for now. I think that the pressure's off those. It's no it's over a great to have your prospective mayor John Giles of Mesa, Arizona part of that group of mayors that just. Visited those facilities as he said just in the past few weeks and very dramatically different conditions and seen in those places. Mayor thank you so much for coming on appreciate you.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"Mesa, Arizona Mayor John Giles describes how he says his community will be impacted by Trump's ICE raids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64305195","title":"Mesa mayor reacts to Trump's ICE raids","url":"/Politics/video/mesa-mayor-reacts-trumps-ice-raids-64305195"}