Michael Bloomberg apologizes for 'stop and frisk'

NAACP president Derrick Johnson said the "stop and frisk" apology by Michael Bloomberg is more about his possible run for president in 2020.
5:49 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for Michael Bloomberg apologizes for 'stop and frisk'
A stunning reversal from former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg now a potential 20/20 candidate apologizing. To a congregation at a black may get church over the weekend. Were his controversial stop and frisk policy used by police when he was in office to take a listen. I now see that we could and should have acted sooner. And acted faster to cut the stops. I wish we had. I'm sorry that we didn't. I read I want to bring in the president of the NAACP Derrick Johnson he joins us on base and we have Josh Margolis who joins me on said. Just saw start with you because you covered Bloomberg while he was mayor this was like his signature. Policy on so I just once you're remind us of what it was and the numbers associated with it. Stop and frisk was a principle that allowed launch. Police to without necessarily having probable cause to stop people and the suspicion or to make sure that they weren't carrying weapons and was taken from earlier court rulings. That allowed that kind of policing to go on but it had grown exponentially. To the point of millions upon millions of stops. In the twelve years while Mike Bloomberg was mayor in the end it was lawsuit. That went through federal courts and there was a lot of data that was brought in to to buttress the position opposing stop and frisk and it found that. You know unfairly. By huge numbers targeted men. Young men particularly in communities of color black and Latino communities and it was a huge clamor when Bloomberg was mayor. To roll back the policy reverse it take it out of commission. Bloomberg stood by an instant by instant buy it even as a federal judge Nan went after the city and said. You cannot defend it it's unconstitutional. It must. Yet it's interesting Ayman Derek I want to bring UN and I'm and I'm happy that you're joining us because this apology comes ahead of his potential presidential run. It's a policy that he was still defending. As in January in fact in some say this is all about. Getting at the black votes what do you think he. You know all of the candidates who call themselves well for the presidency. They have issues and prayers that raised questions. Ms. Bloomberg is no different. Might go now is looking forwards how do we win in November. I am more concerned with their racial hatred German out. Germany. Who have White House and I am in any videos the NAACP. Are. Our mission is to fight discrimination I see is so cute and out of his White House. In his evaluate and bad candidates. From all parties across to more going to be here to see more or. These shoes bear positions or bear policies of the past it is important for a matters evaluate them. But all ultimately we've made an open. And there easily. Talk about the scars of we just go back I'm for a second because this policy went on. For decades in as a Josh said it disproportionately. Affected blacks and Latinos I just want to talk about the effects at this stop and frisk policy had on these communities. For all of us auto napkin rings and it's good news and you're. Does do you shouldn't be problematic it was separate NAACP. Well below please stay wet and actually we we absolutely of polls is a problem. It was a problem being it. But I'm also clear that each candidate they have issues are issues that we have polls that it. Now for me is the pit how removal pass that. And is sure adults type policies. Are not a part did that yeah. As people who are being considered or gall who president C. And to ensure once edited videos isn't all it's we do all we cannot revisit bad public these yes. It's absolutely and before we go all asked this to both of you I'm do you think his apology. Was genuine it. I think you are completed or you don't. To address it bears serious issue. I'll probably be no that in order to win the democratic primary you Muslim black votes. Now look to us insured is that policy his apology is matched with future policy hit it exactly is the nominee. Josh you know the funny thing is that as Bloomberg spoke in that speech yesterday he came across pretty pretty poorly he's not a dynamic speaker not. It was a war in the sense that he wasn't ten minutes it was it seemed like he was reading off the script which she was doing. The truth is Mike Bloomberg and a lot of his advisors have known for years about the problems stop and first we knew. Covering City Hall back when he was the mayor which is now going on more than six years ago. That he knew there were problems he knew was a serious problem. He just wouldn't allow himself to be convinced. Of the data even though he's a data driven guy it was a very strange thing. Do I think it's genuine. It's hard to say I think the if if Eric's view. Is ultimately the view that people have of what Bloomberg did yesterday and that's a good day for Bloomberg because he wants people to accept that even at this late. He made the apology and he's moving on let's look to the future Bloomberg thinks he can position himself. As the most electable the best person who convinced a democratic primary electorate. The part that's person who walking into the fall can be Donald Trump. And if people decide that the apology is acceptable and he can beat Donald Trump and that's his goal. Are ranked. Ole number ABC and I want to thank NAACP. President Deron Johnson thanks so much for being with us we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"NAACP president Derrick Johnson said the \"stop and frisk\" apology by Michael Bloomberg is more about his possible run for president in 2020.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67108445","title":"Michael Bloomberg apologizes for 'stop and frisk'","url":"/Politics/video/michael-bloomberg-apologizes-stop-frisk-67108445"}