Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to FBI

"The View" co-hosts discuss Flynn's plea.
8:48 | 12/01/17

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Transcript for Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to FBI
Yeah today we learned that Donald Trump tried to put a stop. To the Russian investigation this past summer have we learned that yesterday. That would also remember when he tried to walk tell calming not to investigate Flint remember all that means that that now we know why. Because former security advisor Michael Flynn just has pled guilty to lying to the FBI. Yeah okay the chickens are coming home from groups such. So now. What's gonna happen now how nonstop with you know I think one thing didn't happen I remember what all this started. Your dad Senator John McCain would pay one thing really cricket still operate in and I are really old road dog friends we got a lot attack. Yeah. Yeah probably got a running campaign. I don't really adding you bonded a specific way and she was surrogate my product for a long time and we are very old friends and it's very weird to be on TV with you doing commentary but little else the first time that went on to what I WTO. Yeah. And I'm would know that started John McCain says Senator John McCain saying. More shoes what's up. At this point this is no longer sent to feed what do you call a warm that got him a thousand feet into the doesn't want that more shoes than Imelda Marcos doesn't mention it. And I think it's going to continue happening we could we but we are seeing is up Muller. Is concentrated. Visiting recurrent theme with Donald Trump -- that leaves the eighth time. That we know up. That he tried to interfere. Obstruct the investigation. Into Michael foot wide lot so that's what does what maybe maybe he's just a great man of great humanitarian trying to protect fled when he yeah. New of the national security advisor soaring piano gotten you know what I think Michael F. Palin here certainly trying to protect his son but I I wonder does Donald Trump think that Michael Flynn will protect him instead of Michael Flynn son and I think the answer to that. Is know what I'm getting this is a play out of out of the prosecutorial. The DOJ handbook and six fair and just leave it if you you do use family members against each other's is something that you Dillon saw certain because. Michael Flynn junior was. Not his father's chief of staff. So there's no question that. And what might actually help him to belittle that he's protecting his side do you think he's going on his sword I first saw a lot of speculation that we're doing right now it's important to point out that he's charged with lying to FBI about the nature of his conversation with that then Russian ambassador Leslie act who attended aren't season this is someone was kind of omnipresent. Throughout the trumpet election period it did even knots he's not charged with collusion. But there is a big difference at this point and I think what age is not my hero colluding or we don't we don't know we don't know again I'm not here to like defends but I have so many times have come on the show and other shows where it seems like this is it this is the smoking gun an eye and tell we have. Direct evidence of any kind of collision that is present it's me by that BI. That I think we should just tread carefully as as a good luck Alec completely throws officer Eric is an ally if I guess a lot. It is essential evident isn't claiming he. As Bob Mueller is building a case so that I step she'll buy shareware to end this this plea of guilty is for the special counsel this is not to US attorney's office had department doesn't. If if you look at the information and I have about YouTube has its online. It's sick it's signed by the people the special senior assistant special counsel's and a special counsel's office of this is all about the investigation into collusion. Keep track that we've now got. Two indictments and two guilty plea not so far above this case way of that avatar Alice. Guilty plea they will settle a lot of coffee bullet they can't say in my humble acts like an outlet I. They is the can't. Pat this after I appreciate the clarification may I think one thing is in this eighty PLC the headline we want and it's easy I'd gotten jumping to this oh my gosh have been telling people there were something with Russia the whole time. And I think it's important to keep your head on taken he didn't read what is what leaves headed line along. East yet he pled guilty to lying about its interactions with the Russian and outlets and apartments so there where that is the plea into a a plea of a lesser charge what he's pleased he pled guilty I what year felony but everyone everywhere that would Kinsley act and trust me like I had sanctions my family sanctions forever even traveling to Russia I don't know there's actually anyone putting its more than my family and my father so I'm unhealthy side but this but I do think we come up here and I think the implication sometimes is trumps indicted this today he's gonna get impeached we have to take organized way to turn him. Megan I seen what this guy the former ambassador can slip look let yes he's the key argument he's rob memorable act and it seems that everybody in trump orbit that met with those guys acting and most everybody did. We're gonna like they have a little longer I'm coming I'm not is that. Lying about right but yeah. Where I don't did and I can't tell you when you meet with the FBI and you meet with federal. Prosecutors the first thing we tell you this lying to me could result in five years in federal prison. You text you say that and they signed paperwork back so not you know notwithstanding that this was a general and he did it anyway what have junior didn't junior meet with Chris Lee hackles it was note notorious for tweeting the fake news about light. It Michael identity had not yet even he took out there to Russia with his not to toss out doing our all and Jarrett and talking a flip about most him but I think I think we're just think that did. The truck would fall on the sword third. Beavis and Butthead. It's important dud just know like as Republicans and I have art which by the way nice to have another one on the show finally. I will say they. Anything I'm Hewitt tax reform and he agenda we're trying to report it will completely be co opted by the story telecast Christmas party at believe it today that's going to be a very operative that while Republicans don't other public how they got a lot of night a lot of people say about it now don't want signal it's important eager I am because we're hearing more about this tax and it's been affected people had some of the lowest income people around with. And I think he gets in the week diet have a hard time understanding her race town offers and I think explain it if it tells us why. Donald Trump has been particularly Krejci and his tweets. This week I think he's yeah they said he didn't know this was coming but I think he'd like to Prague you know I'm an idea hurricane what did it is that's why you think is particularly crazy I think he has been asked hair of distractions can he knows how to should throw shiny objects up and we chased them because how how do you ignore the very exciting I'm United States you know pennies and I thought I think a guilty plea to lying to the FBI's and she's shiny object. What says that he had enough. Because a lot of what we've heard so far about when we RD kind of knew or suspected. So to make a plea deal means he's given bowler something good he's gonna hit medical operator can be killed and the young then above the entire partisan fight though. What it means for trump what it means for impeachment what I think we really have to keep an eye on is that a foreign government eight geopolitical folk. Interfered. He's our you lashing out that they employ his boat we don't know but they interfere in how elections are intelligence agencies had told us so. And back cannot go unpunished back and not be allowed. We have got to get to the bottom and back a few what talking. How about our democracy aria is I think bastion of Arnold and not feel that they went. I for traditional conservatives because traditional conservatives they fit Gooden is Ed Burris KGB dictator was eaten about it aside. In the worst refugee crisis since well or teal. And the normalizing of that just from mistakes that we are normally the type of people they think that that type of thing shouldn't don't go rounds around the world still I think. That would to means been at one industry just paradigm shift is that. Normalizing a brush and normalizing of Vladimir hidden within our party I would that party has changed there is no. And I think a lot of us thought the presidency would change trump Donald Trump has changed the presidency I think a lot of us thought that. They are working with congress with a Republican congress he'd become a more traditional Republican he's changed the Republican Party not UN I definitely about a party where. There were pro trade. Now they're not where they weren't against Russian Communist obvious now they're trying to nor Allen caveat at how do you explain it percent of Republicans still behind him then. Yeah you know I think it was like there are writing 4% think there's a gut. Either emotionally invested I think it's a rite of authorship but it's that we have become very tribal in our politics it becomes very hard on both sides to see the flock in not alone try.

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