Michelle Obama Campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia

The first lady returns to the campaign trail for the Democratic presidential nominee.
3:18 | 09/28/16

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Transcript for Michelle Obama Campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia
But back then. People had all kinds of questions about what current president but Locke would be. Things like that he really understand thus. Will he protect death. And then of course there are those who question and continued to question for the past eight years. Whether my husband was even born in this country. Okay artful. Deceitful questions. Deliberately designed to undermine its president the question that can't. He blamed on others were swept under the rug by an instance years it's uttered at a press conference. Let me take a moan. Karen in it. I think Barack answered these questions with the example set and the dignity he's shown by Bowen high. When they go low. The issues that cost the president's death and never easy. And solutions to persistent systemic challenges. Are never black and white. And we need someone with superb judgment. If there right. The president can hire the best advises honored. I guarantee you that I advisors will give five different opinions. Added the president and the president alone holy text to make the final call. We also need someone with measured. Because when making life or death or piece to fit in the president just hop pop or asked out ever accidentally. If the candidate thinks that not paying taxes makes you Smart. Bar. And it's. When people lose their homes. In the candidate brilliantly and Bentley makes role in unsolved. Comments about women. About how we. How we act. Well apparently. That's who that candidate really it is. President they will be. And trust me at candidate it's not going to suddenly change once they're in office we. The right person beaten path. We have seen her character and commitment not during this campaign but over the course of their entire life. First candidate to be president. More than an X and on Monday night. She's the only candidate in this race who has traveled some 112 countries who has negotiated a cease fire peace agreement release that the residents who spent eleven. Hours testifying before a congressional committee. It up. No and aren't I had ever had much experience and exposure to the presidency. Barack not bill. Nobody and yes she happens to be problem in.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"The first lady returns to the campaign trail for the Democratic presidential nominee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42424839","title":"Michelle Obama Campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia","url":"/Politics/video/michelle-obama-campaigns-hillary-clinton-philadelphia-42424839"}