Michelle Obama Wows in China

The first lady plays diplomat in a visit with daughters Sasha and Malia.
3:00 | 03/21/14

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Transcript for Michelle Obama Wows in China
This is a special room. Lady in red First Lady. That is Michelle Obama on the first day of goodwill visit to China with daughters Sasha and -- Everyone I'm Dan Cutler in new York and that's Friday -- there's a special report on the First Lady in China -- -- To an upcoming meeting between us at the nuclear summit in The Hague. So join us now with more on the trip. ABC's papers and I live outside the White House north -- merry -- Monday what Monday Friday morning -- here already here today. I'm happy Friday to and I think I'm ready for the weekend are so right now the world is focusing obvious on -- tense standoff between US and Russia the sanctions flying back and forth isn't -- welcome shift of attention for the White House. -- timing certainly is interesting I'm sure it is a welcome shift for them but of course all eyes remain very much focused. On the events unfolding in Ukraine but make no mistake Michelle Obama here is making a very important diplomatic mission although of course that's not the stated purpose of the visit she's in China for five days and -- Doing most cultural events focusing largely on education but she is also sending a very clear message to the country which her president is trying very hard. To create a rebalance as the White House says of relations between the US and and a surprise visit with the Chinese president right. That's right now although there are no official formal. Meetings between. That didn't the First Lady and Ani Chinese officials the president she did manage to squeeze in a little -- angry with the First Lady at the end of her first day they -- actually had teen explains that exchange some pleasantries he welcomed her to China so a very nice glowing reception for the -- -- And that is that that that is the reception and it but what about actually discussing any foreign policy issues that something that the White House discourages is this simply a sort of a -- ambassadorship. It's something they discouraged but certainly this is more -- symbolic visit as I mentioned there are no formal meetings on the schedule of course she did squeeze -- that quick meeting -- with the president but. This is more about. Showing that the president is sending of course its highest level ambassador his wife. To meet with the first lady of China. Today to have these cultural exchanges between the two countries so a more symbolic visit less than one focused on hammering out any kind of official meetings at a lot of similarities between a first ladies from -- -- education they seem to have a lot -- common. Mr. Obama may just -- met her match here the first lady of China is quite an impressive resume -- a nationally. Known folk singer she has an impressive military past she also is known for being quite the fashion -- -- Vanity Fair actually named her the best dressed First Lady so something of a First Lady fashion -- going on -- -- -- -- interest to -- be -- some tips on what the hot colors going to be this season. What are some of the fun things that that the First Lady in the -- will be China. So on paper this trip is all about education and cultural exchanges the First Lady actually visited a school there earlier today on her first day of the trip. She hadn't actually have some footage of -- she had a little ping pong diplomacy playing ping pong with some students there. She also spent some time I think learning learning a little bit of origami learning some -- -- -- so. All part of this effort to encourage cultural exchanges between the US and China education really be at the forefront which is why the first daughters were brought over on that trip as a message that the White House deliberately put forward as far as this closely unity of -- Being presented -- to the Chinese people. Well this is a family affair as you mentioned daughters Malia and Sasha are along for the ride also first grandmother Marian Robinson now. Remember this spring break here so the daughters are along for the trip but it also is a good time for them to be getting out of Washington and I have to say and -- the footage. The girls may -- not so excited to be tagging along with mom for a week but. You know spending five days in China it's not too shabby I don't know what you -- during -- spring -- but certainly -- anything -- ever. That's what -- it now absolutely I would have to say that this is probably -- unto any kind of field trip that I -- take -- a look grizzlies shot here. What do you read about the body language that we've been seen as as the proceedings -- making a run through some of these schools. The first lady of course is very excited to be there -- the daughters may be a little bit more -- and keep it on their fifteen and twelve and -- along after a long twenty hour flight to have all of these cultural meanings but they are certainly used to being in the limelight and I'm sure alternately very excited to be exploring -- Now before we let you go in the house that's right directly behind you sits a bachelor right for the weekend it turns out that a good friend of the first family. Is keeping an eye on the president well the First Lady has gone take a listen. I have a friend they Michelle and she's out of town this week and she had to leave her husband alone and she wasn't sure how he was gonna handle being alone. So she gave me a list of questions and ask me I would check on him and -- -- he's doing these things let's see if he's there Michelle's husband are you there. I am here. President Michelle said she's at a town and she wanted to know did you make your bed this morning. That would be don't. And -- when she is out of -- Things -- a little slot and -- around around the house Sox everywhere shoes -- -- today and are you taking carries -- exercise. I did exercise. I did he. Healthy -- some carrot sticks. Along with -- purchase. The president just like us -- Well is Mr. President poor guy -- here by himself no pointing out and of course is now this house is never empty there's a huge staff but I doubt there ever any socks lying around. The president did also joked that it's just him -- that dogs Boeing -- that he's forced to go out and walk them it. It's just awful when he's here I'll find the life of a Baxter has -- and the auditors showed her so what is next -- the First Lady and the first daughters. They're continuing these cultural events over the next four days. Facing lots of things similar to what we saw today talking with students reaching out to the Chinese use all sort of showing the symbolic show of support and and gestures from. The Americans. 44 at the Chinese trying to sort of build up those relations going board and we should mention that while the president is not a long for this trip. He is going to be meeting with president -- next week during his trip to Europe between nuclear securities. ABC's neighbors outside the white house on this Friday morning Mary thank you we certainly appreciate the time. And of course this is an ABC news special report on -- Cutler -- new York and you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news app and -- this story. For exclusive updates on ago.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The first lady plays diplomat in a visit with daughters Sasha and Malia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"23004989","title":"Michelle Obama Wows in China","url":"/Politics/video/michelle-obama-china-trip-2014-lady-us-wows-23004989"}