Michigan mayor talks constituents’ views on impeachment inquiry

Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor says the developments of the impeachment inquiry do “not seem to be having a huge impact right now" on the community.
4:45 | 10/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michigan mayor talks constituents’ views on impeachment inquiry
The country is obviously very divided over these impeachment proceedings are friends at 538 get started in impeachment tracker taking a look of public opinion here's the latest at this hour. I hear on October 7 that we begin the second week of impeachment. But 79%. Democrats not surprising support this impeachment inquiry but look at this number of independence this is significant this number has climbed. Significantly over the past couple weeks now a 40% according to the averages. Are from are our friends at 538 so how was this plane. In the middle of the country what is it's gonna mean for the president in regions he needs to win a had a 20/20 we're joined now. By mayor Michael Taylor of Sterling Heights, Michigan up in McComb county just outside Detroit mayor it's great to see you week. Of course visited with you and visited with your constituents back around the democratic debate. And had some conversations about these issues want to get your take first of all cued to the extent you can speak for your community. How closely are people following. This controversy over the president in Ukraine. Your idea and race Taki again thanks for having me. You know it's hard to say I think that community is really. Are too focused on right now in its. And my senses it's just a lot of white boys. So it remains scene play out whether there's going to be impeachment hearings and whether there's going to be a convention obviously. We don't know what what's gonna happen yup. But I really had the opportunity over the last week should be out in the community we had. Community events on Thursday night Friday on Sunday it was huge community and nobody's talked about it people are really concerned about the recycling centers and they're concerned about. You know what's going on in their neighborhoods there's just a whole lot of chatter about to be honest so. And nobody has an opinion about it. It is our only a few people. And it's kind of like you know this is what we need it's no big deal so I don't know from from what I've gathered. Community. Doesn't seem to be a huge impact not yeah. A lot of did in the your constituents that we spoke with whom we were there are few weeks ago talking about a different controversy at the time presents a tax on those women of color. A democratic congressman sort of chalked it up to this is just who he is it's not something we support but to stay it's maybe unsavory but we don't like it this sort of which are saying is this sort of maybe fits in that same vein of people willing to excuse this is because it's who we have. You don't I don't know that they're necessarily saying we're gonna excuses because it's who we are. I think part of the problem from my perspective is that there is so much what I call white noise. As soon as there's a credible. You know as soon as president trump does something now. Most people would say okay that is wouldn't be right he goes right on track. Aaron and made their conspiracy theories may be there's something to it. But. That the population are you're certain standings it will make what I did used. Was a imprisoned drugs is due everybody's. Yeah. And it's get sole model what white noise that people don't know what to believe. So they're just I think her chart like well it's just another one of president trump so called scandals these attacks. And it's kind of big dinner at this point so. Unless there's something really significant and it comes out of these impeachment hearings like Republican senators banded together and Karen. Aren't coming up with a conviction. I I really don't see this as as the heat having her huge impact in Sterling Heights McComb county and Franklin's state of Michigan. And do you think mr. mayor are finally having used supported the president in 2016 you are told us when we visited that you were sort of reconsidering that support now. Do you personally think that an impeachment inquiry is is a good way to go. Well there's two responses to this I mean they're the political. Response is I don't think it's a critic country. But frankly you know I read the transcript and seems pretty clear to me that he was applying pressure and he was doing it for political reasons I mean. I don't think that any serious person. Could claim that president trump would have asked Ukraine to investigate the Biden's if I'm Joseph Biden wasn't one of his main political rival so. To meet you know that the office of president is very important in this country it's very important and our democracy and I hate to see it being used in a way. Two to go after rivals and so. I would outs and personally I don't. Miracle Taylor of the great city of Sterling Heights in McComb kind Michigan's great to see you sir I think he's so much. For cumin and hoped every back.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor says the developments of the impeachment inquiry do “not seem to be having a huge impact right now\" on the community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66120732","title":"Michigan mayor talks constituents’ views on impeachment inquiry","url":"/Politics/video/michigan-mayor-talks-constituents-views-impeachment-inquiry-66120732"}