Mick Mulvaney tries to clarify “quid pro quo” remarks

The Acting Chief of Staff says his words were misconstrued and that he never used the words “quid pro quo.” ABC News’ Andrea Fujii reports.
2:21 | 10/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mick Mulvaney tries to clarify “quid pro quo” remarks
Always turn out to the impeachment showdown in Washington president Trump's chief of staff acting chief of staff make no beanie is once again trying to clarify his remarks about a quid pro quo with Ukraine. Meanwhile president trump has reversed his decision to hold a summit at what has resort. After critics accused him of a car rot act that violates the constitution. ABC's Andrea PGE is here with the very latest Andrea good morning good morning Elizabeth. But Democrats and Republicans criticize the president's proposal to host this summit at his resort. Even though he promised he wouldn't profit but now a change of heart as he calls out the media and Democrats for the decision. President trump upset with the fallout. Over his plan to hold the G-7 summit at his Miami resort the president treated he was forced to cancel the idea because of do nothing Democrat fake news anger. In a rare reversal the president blamed on quote irrational hostility. Last week he directed the 20/20 group of seven summit to be held at his 800 acre Doral resort. Though the president promised to host the summit at cost. The idea sparked immediate backlash in the White House Counsel's Office privately expressed reservations Aston some republic. Ends it's important to have integrity and what you say and do and I can't imagine how they. Would say it's good to have trying to use his hotel for the G-7. Meanwhile the president's acting chief of staff ethnic Albania back pedaled on his admission last week. That there was a quid pro quo in the president's phone call with Ukraine without the center of the democrats' impeachment. Inquiry and which which ultimately then float. Let's be clear readers describe is a quid pro quo it is funding will not flow in west the investigation. Into the into the democratic server. Happen as well what do we do we do that all the time with foreign policy but it'd explanation on Fox News Maldini denied ever saying there wasn't quick stroke while I recognize that the folks that that I didn't speak clearly may be on Thursday folks misinterpret what I said I never said it was a quid pro quo because their recent. Also this week house impeachment investigators expect to hear from multiple administration officials including William Taylor. A top US diplomat Ukraine who questioned withholding aid to the country. A replacement site for the G-7 hasn't been picked yet but over the weekend president trump said a search has the gun. Analyst at Camp David as a possibility it was best enjoyed it thank you.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"The Acting Chief of Staff says his words were misconstrued and that he never used the words “quid pro quo.” ABC News’ Andrea Fujii reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66413518","title":"Mick Mulvaney tries to clarify “quid pro quo” remarks","url":"/Politics/video/mick-mulvaney-clarify-quid-pro-quo-remarks-66413518"}