Joni Ernst Delivers Victory Speech

The new Senator says Iowa has "the greatest any state in the nation."
14:01 | 11/05/14

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Transcript for Joni Ernst Delivers Victory Speech
My head that thank you Aiello. Okay. I. Thanks so much we're being here on this special evening. Just a few minutes ago I got off the phone with bird's brain late. Yeah now. I I congratulated him on that running a phenomenal campaign. He was so worthy opponent. He was at worthy opponents. And he was willing just sacrifice. To fight for what he thought was right we didn't agree on much. But I. But I admire I do and Meyer. Any wine. Who is willing to stand up and fight. For what they believe van. Yeah I love it. Well Iowa Wiig and it. It's it's a long way affirm read out to Washington. From the best get blinded hardy's. The United States that at this. Okay. Okay. But thanks. Thanks talk thank all of you we are heading to Washington. And we our going to make schooling alone. I. This morning I was voting and read a token as I looked around I notice that. This is about as different as you can get from Washington days saying it up up up up up. NY zinc ten politicians are more entrance dead in talking. Then doing. They ignore problems hoping they'll go away. That you know what. Crisis isn't just going to go away. May almost eighteen trillion dollars of national debt. Is not just going to go away. Our economic struggles aren't just going to go away. And our problems. Aren't just going to go away on their own that we can overcome them. Because this is their greatest nation. In the history of man time. Okay. Yeah. There has. Nothing. We can't at seeing if we are going to do your best but yet there it starts with new liters. Yeah. And about a. And that's what Iowa has voted for today. Week we talked a lot in this campaign about Iowa values. Honesty. Service. And hard work. Knowing about U of a dollar and not to waste it these are the values that our parents and grandparents have taught us. These are the values that my mother. Up up up up up up. Yeah. My mother taught me not rainy mornings. Not without lecture or not but with less plastic bread bags can you say it's not up. You see it growing up I only had one good pair issues. And so on those rainy school days. My mom let's let plastic bread bags overnight shears to keep them clean and dry you know what I'm talking about. Saint Leo element. And you know but it wasn't high fashion and but I was never embarrassed. And it works and it hurts look up. So it wasn't high fashion and you know I wasn't embarrassed because every day when it rained and I got on the school bus. There were rows. And rows. And we're hours. Other kids just like me. With plastic bread bags tied to their feet. These are the sons and daughters hard working IO lions. And our parents didn't have much. But what they did have they worked very hard for. They taught us to live simply. Not to waste. And to help our neighbors. And they contest at thank god every day that we live in this special place that we call Iowa. The it. People ask me all the time what my favorite part the campaign has spanned. Well I I think did not hate. Nothing. Not saying it slightly tonight. But before tonight my favorite part of the campaign. Was. Going through the Iowa State fairs. And believe me I hugged my way through the Iowa State hair with up up up and if you've got within five feet of me and it was probably because I was trying to hug here up up up up up up up. I love that state fair because it truly is a celebration. Of what is best. About Iowa. Our agriculture. Our manufacturing. Our technology. Our community. And our family. That's who we are and that's the Iowa way. Okay. Our work. Our Iowa way is working and it's not luck or an accident. It's because we have the greatest people. And we have that great asked. Governor and lieutenant governor of any stake in the names. Here in Iowa we understand. That America's greatness. Doesn't come from its government. But it does come from our people. And look yes and look at the result. Look at the results. In the last four years we've lowered taxes. Reduce job killing rules and regulations. And we balanced our budget. Every single year. And we. Yeah. And we have created Ed. We've created up to a 150000. New good paying jobs. While personal ink com. Is growing at the fourth fastest rate in the United States. That's the Iowa way. Now. Now let's look at what they're doing in Washington. Higher taxes. More spending. More dat. And that's slowest economic recovery. Since the Great Depression. But tonight we're taking the I will weigh all the way to watching. There. And every time you exactly what that means to me it means I trust Ireland's nope what's best for Iowa. More than bureaucrats in Washington DC. It pains getting spending under control keeping taxes low. And hiding red tape so businesses can grow and and vast. It means preserving and protecting social security and Medicare. Not just for today's seniors that for future generations to come. And it means keeping a Maric passed strong in the world because the world. Is a safer place when America. Is the strongest nation an act. Okay. And it means fighting. It means biting every day for the men and women who Wear our nation's uniform. And that that's friends who have worn it in the past. They have sacrificed. So much and risked everything. To protect our freedoms. They deserve better than what they're getting from Washington today. And I can tell you when I go to the United States senate I am going to make sure they get what they have earned and they does our. Okay. There are so many people that I want to thank tonight and first I need to start with my family. They have been there they have sacrificed so much during this campaign cycle. And I am link. And it up up up up up up up. I love you all so very much. Thank you for being there for. I also want to thank all of my many many many wonderful supporters. Who were always willing to lend a helping hand. And pray for me and my family. And I have so many of you hear it. They've known me for my my entire life. Many up PO. And again I want to thank you for always being there always being supportive and helping me on this incredible journey. From Montgomery County all the way to Washington DC thank you so much. Ever lastly I do want to thank those Iowa and who voted today for my opponent. I plan to work day and night. Terre earning your trust. And confidence in the years to come so thank you. So and close saying I do want to say something about this incredible country that all of us call home. As they say. Only an America. Here in the fields of Iowa are grandparents worked and to reins of a better life for their children. Many like mine had very little to call their own. But they were determined. To take give there children. A chance to succeed. And so they dead. And because they did they gave an ordinary Iowa and extraordinary opportunities. Opportunities that they could only dream. In hand and in the senate. That's the kind of America. Then I am going to fight for every single day. Every single day. Very much. And America so where it no matter who your parents are what neighborhood you grew up again. You have that chance to succeed. And America where it doesn't matter who you are no. All that matters is how hard you work and what you can do. And working together. That's the American. That we are going to bell that we are going. And wick and with your help. And with your help we can change direction. And Hague be liable way. All the way to Washington DC. God bless all of you not bless the state of Iowa. Thank god bless these great United States of America. It. I.

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