Mike Braun delivers victory speech

Braun won the Republican U.S. Senate nomination over Messer and Rokita in Indiana
8:21 | 05/09/18

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Transcript for Mike Braun delivers victory speech
Let's hear right now to Indiana here's Mike bronze victory speech coming in. Rich set this up perfectly for the talking about outside of the person coming in that's micron right here stayed with that reassured about the campaign never really wanted to Wear suit. Look let's hear what he asks and for glory because they know they need to hold states like Indiana. That to have a chance to take back the senate. Here. Some of the funny things on a campaign. He is what wasn't back about. 4 o'clock and we had to come up with them. It's and resolve its and resolved. So we're listening to Nigel and hammer. And this song comes on I say that's going to be a I always did like that zone. You know this whole thing started. Roughly a year ago and before you and are on a journey like this issue and make sure that you've got it all. Mapped out and I started making phone calls. Across the stage three years I spent the state legislature. Made a lot of friends and this was gonna take a lot of time a lot of resources in want to make sure there was a strong foundation to do it. And got a good reading but it all along. I sense it. People thought it just could not be done because. When you tackle something. Of this size. In the normal format is you know not when I was pursuing I think there was just a lot of now so. You know it when I told mare in that I was actually doing this. And many Franzen. Jasper Indiana they'd follow them would do you need to have your head examined as a woman yet. But. It really made sense that. The pathway. Getting folks. Made their career in the private sector. Maybe that's the kinda new dynamic we need in Washington. So. When you invest a year of your life. You've got to think some people in. This lady right here. My family. Depth and breadth and Jason. Kristen. And this gal arrive here. I'll tell you are a few more stories went up down there and out of and that that's my daughter Kristen so. So much thanks Oliver I know you wondered. How this is gonna end. And also part of building something in the real world you've got competition. It was always interest things I've built my company on the idea that you compete. Hard I mean you get out there to dig every day. But you also find a way to kind of get along with competition and sometimes that sounds like a contradiction that is not the case. Actually built my company. My competing. With many people and then eventually. Doing business with them. Some of the companies that we acquired in it was a neat dynamic because. In mess when all of us were competing tot repeat it. Luke messer others in the race early my good friend Terry Henderson who is bad. He and bad have been helping me from way back in that means a lot that that tells. Me that there's a certain respect. And when it comes to the Luke messer and congress Peta. It was a difficult decision for many because we were all good conservatives. And sometimes it gets a little difficult to differentiate. And in the process of doing it it gets a little. You know making get intense it can get hearts but I hope. They will join me just like I would with them. Yes because now. Our common goal all along was to retire Joseph Donnelly. And the reason we need to retire Joseph Donnelly. One of the inspirations for me to do business rise solid should be done. Was when a guy named Donald Trump came along wave back in 2016. And hours tell the story we all wonder how that was gonna work out. And when I was driving around the rural counties in southern Indiana. In this was way before there weren't any political signs. And Agassi trumped signs. Showing up in yards. It's M when I knew they had behind these signs. Because they were that didn't there's something being different. That told me that this is something different. It when you watch that hold Germany when he was up against Slade at 115. Or sixteen competitors. In cleared the field. As a deep message. And it's a message is says. We do need something different he was a disrupt or shaking his system that is playing out front office. I really believe. If you get. Ten to twelve of us in the salmon. That bill lived your life first first of all in the trenches of conservatism. Not through the lens of a politician. Yes I think that's a key difference you walk actually start to see things change so. And I really think this race came down to that simple. Deduction that. If you were happy with the business as usual. Then we keeps going down the road or where we've been going you get guys like me. Ron Johnson. David Perdue. Others there and we get enough of us there. I think what actually start to solve some of these issues that have been vexing. Politicians for a long time. So let's look at. The competition had us. Joseph Donnelly. I mean he's a guy who I think god in the office kind of on a fluke in the first us. Yeah. And his record. His record lines whip Pelosi and issue. And our. We've just been listening to the new Republican candidate for senate in Indiana might run the outsider. Call himself the disrupt her and this is someone of the big upset win with a big headlines if not the biggest headline tonight. From Indiana might rubble take on senator Joseph Donnelly who Republicans believe is vulnerable.

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{"duration":"8:21","description":"Braun won the Republican U.S. Senate nomination over Messer and Rokita in Indiana","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"55032897","title":"Mike Braun delivers victory speech","url":"/Politics/video/mike-braun-delivers-victory-speech-55032897"}