Mike Pence takes the stage at 2020 RNC

The 48th vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, delivers his speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention.
7:11 | 08/26/20

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Transcript for Mike Pence takes the stage at 2020 RNC
I'm Mike Pence face was a Mike Pence. Nvidia. Jack is an eight year old from Wisconsin. Who was struggling academically and socially in school. Jack's mom Sarah who works three jobs to support her son who applied for Wisconsin's school choice voucher program. Wear glasses were able to get the school choice voucher excuse go to that's blocks. With Jack he would have slipped through the cracks and public schools. And having that option to go to this bullet hit him. He has been an. Real game changer for us. Achieve that goal of being an apparatus engineer who just happens chooses to stick quit just. Laura McClendon as a mother of another inspiring boy Jordan Jordan has station muscular dystrophy a fatal muscle weakening of the sort. Jordan was at my side in India and win as governor I signed a law. Allowing terminally ill patients to access experimental drugs not yet approved by the F the end. In each won the eight team president Truman signed a landmark federal right to try bill into law thanks to the president's leadership. Critically ill patients have the right to access life saving experimental treatments. We started fighting for right to try and which basically says if you have a terminal illness. And there's a drug that exists and you qualify for the clinical trial there's no other way to series CNN witnesses say unique pathway that allows you to. He made us promise back in Indiana that. You would you would ever had that set to help Jordan and we're so grateful that you join us on this journey we end. The second out until it became Mossad and other people access. So Jordan if prison term was standing right there what would you sit in today about right truck. Thank you intervening parents and everybody. Judge Cheryl Allen made history in 2007. When she became the first African American woman to be elected to serve on the Pennsylvania's secure. It's because of leaders like judge. And our nation is overcome our greatest challenges. In this time. Racial division. Do you see cities. And values and so we're a strong stand the president trump is taken for equality of opportunity this past week toward bringing. Country together. As they. Senior citizens leave it at that I know what racism feels like I but I also know that. But for my being in this country I would have never been able to achieve. Things that I have been able to achieve. There are injustices. But the way to deal with those injustices is for people to sit down. Across the table and talk and come up with solutions. I do believe that. Residents from who's committed to them and Tony sixteen I have to confess. That I really did not know. Candidates from the time but I have to say that he really won me over. She knows a truck driver from Ohio. Who heard politicians for years make empty promises about defending American jobs only to see those promises broken. Again and again yeah 12019. When General Motors closed its plant in Lordstown Ohio. President Donald Trump refused to stand by and watch it had to have. And as geno observed. This president reached out to General Motors to find a way to bring jobs back to Lordstown. And plans were soon set into motion to create. Georgetown motors president trump says this is how we fix it. Ethel that's a simple solution. There's no other president that there's no independence given tried to do presidential subdue her. He appreciates every one of us and I know he does have seen police and make America great again that was his tax. That wasn't that wasn't his slogan that was history. Every that you see this as made on it that's what you presidents to 140. Thank you Mr. President for keeping the promises you made. And then there's pastor Aaron jobs. Today he's the executive director of the Tulsa dream center and nonprofit that provides education and medical services and food to those in need. HA you've got a great personal story. When you see the ways. This president this administration had been leaning in to create opportunities. Investments in communities around country to create jobs. Expanding educational trust what what does that mean Sam since server Aurora means so much to our fans I did Europe and a single error so. We serve over 600 boys and girls right now on a daily basis even in Kobe and so for us to give these moms have an opportunity and take more money on their check on their paycheck come back to. You have their children be able to go to school that they may not have the opportunity to otherwise. It means so much to us there's been so much greater opportunity for individuals. To come together in any walk of life. People have really been able to see such a positive change and been filled with hope this Bessie throughout this time. Lydia less hearth and home friends and family in Honduras. To pursue a better life here in America. While raising their four daughters Lydia and her husband run a small business that creates security systems but. Just months after their business was up and running our nation was struck by a global pandemic. That's when president Donald Trump stepped in. And enacted the largest financial relief package in American history for small business stage in business. And her American dream kept running strong. Did the paycheck protection program mean your company and hence the corona virus struck. This huge. Tremendous help renovate or vaccines and so we have Latin accent and really completely moves well great song. Leave my sweet leaf. We're having bank continue serving clients and it continued. And I married and then he rang we Manhattan often seen him more. And real technique. Because he does support. You mean friends. It government. I tell my children and you know they are. Born here in the US news. I tell them they're so blessed. To live in America. Here and Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home. A young man would grow up to become the first Republican president of the United States. And today another Republican president is fighting to preserve that same noble legacy of freedom. And president Donald Trump. Will make certain that the torch of American opportunity illuminates every city every town and every community in this blessed life.

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"The 48th vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, delivers his speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72610237","title":"Mike Pence takes the stage at 2020 RNC","url":"/Politics/video/mike-pence-takes-stage-2020-rnc-72610237"}