Mike Pence, Tim Kaine Debate Immigration Reform

The Republican and Democratic vice presidential candidates discuss their campaigns' different plans for immigration reform.
7:44 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Mike Pence, Tim Kaine Debate Immigration Reform
I don't want to turn to our next segment now immigration here running mates have both sad that undocumented immigrants who have committed violent crimes should be deported. What would you tell the millions of undocumented immigrants who have not committed violent crimes governor Penn. I don't trust laid out a plan to end illegal immigration. Wants control in this country we've been talking it to death for twenty years. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine want to continue the policies of open borders. Amnesty. Catch and release Sanctuary Cities all the things that are driving. That are that are driving wages down in this country senator and also. That it too often with criminal aliens in the country it's bringing heartbreak. But I didn't let Burton Donald Trump has a plan. That he laid out an Arizona. To tip that will deal systematically. Width. Illegal immigration beginning that border security internal enforcement is probably why for the first time in the history of immigration and customs enforcement. Their union actually endorses Donald Trump as the next president of the United States because. They know they need help to enforce the laws of this country and Donald Trump has laid out a priority to remove criminal aliens from move people have overstayed their visas. And then once we have accomplished all of that. Rituals which shall strengthen our economy strengthen the rule on the country and make our community safer wants to criminal aliens are out. Then we'll deal with those who remain. But I I'm I have to tell you a disturbing I was listening to the avalanche of insults coming out of senator Cain a minute ago. Yeah this there's more that I don't says the class called on the second lifetime senator I didn't and I he says your ten minutes I forgive your it isn't as ours is an assistant and insult driven campaign. Did you all just here that. Ours is an insult driven campaign for me to be honest with the amount trumpet said all the things that you said he said in the way you said he set them. He still wouldn't have a fraction. Of the insults that Hillary Clinton level when she says that half. Of our supporters were a basket of deplorable it's. It's here that she said they were your redeemable. They were not America. Mean it's extraordinary and then she wailed one after another ism. On millions of Americans. Who believe that we can have a stronger America at home and abroad and believe we can get this economy moving again. Who believe that we can end illegal immigration once and for all so senator this this this. An insult driven campaign I mean you haven't hurt that's small potatoes compared to Hillary Clinton. And senator half a dollar trump supporters that basket of the floor help Hillary Clinton's had some fun on the campaign trail on the very next station say you know what I shouldn't of said that. She heard from author of how governor Clinton senator ordinance two minutes plus yeah that's writes an hour even feel. But what. Look look firm Donald Trump apologizing to John McCain for saying he wouldn't hero to Donald Trump apologize for calling women slobs pigs dogs disgusting. She apologized for saying how Aaron did not do not his ten minutes sitting ducks did Donald Trump apologize for taking after somebody. In a Twitter were making fun of for Wayne. Did he apologize for saying African Americans are living in hell he apologize for saying. President Obama was not even a citizen of the United States you will look and very. To see Donald Trump ever taking responsibility for anybody in apologizing emigration. There's two plans on the tech. Hillary and I believe in comprehensive immigration reform Donald Trump believes in deportation nation. You got a picture choice. Hillary and I won a bipartisan reform that will put keeping families together is to topple. Sacrament that WorldCom. Help focus enforcement efforts on those who were violent stirred. That will do more border control and fourth it will provide a path to citizenship for those who work hard pay taxes play by the rules take criminal background record chats. That's our proposal Donald Trump proposes to deport sixteen million people eleven million who are here without documents. And both Donald Trump and Mike Pence want to get rid of birthright citizenship chart you're born here. But your parents don't have documents they want to eliminate that that's another four and a half million people. These guys and Donald Trump the SATA deportation force they want to go house to house. School to school. Business to business and kick out sixteen million people and I cannot believe it's not I cannot believe that governor pence. Would sit here and defend his running mates claim. That we should create a deportation forced so that L all be on senator we have a deportation forces called immigration and customs enforcement. And the union for immigration and customs enforcement for the first time in their history endorsed Donald Trump to be the next president. Of the united state are you fired a 69 and a fifty mile question what senator that's that's nonsense. Look. What what you just heard is they have a plan for open borders. Amnesty that's there Parkland like all our operators and Atlantis from 1986 they call a comprehensive immigration reform on Capitol Hill we all of the retain its amnesty and you heard one of the last things he mentioned was border security that's how Washington always plays it now are worried motorists are ordered that Karen eventually hair or no governor fats as against art -- our current iteration without borders is not a nation Donald Trump is committed to restoring its supporters of the snake. You're not let these numbers are documented immigrants leans roping a forcibly removed. I think Donald Trump laid out a series of priorities it doesn't end with border security and begins with border security. And and after we secure the border not only build a wall but beneath the ground and and in the air we do internal enforcement but he said the focus has to be on criminal aliens we just. We just had a conversation about a law enforcement we just had a conversation about the the violence that's to sending our cities the reality is that. That there's heartbreak and tragedy that has struck American families because people that came into this country illegally. Are now involved in criminal enterprise and activity and we don't have the resources or the will. To deport them systematically Donald Trump has said we're going to move those people out. People have overstayed their visas we're going to enforce the law of this country we're gonna strength and immigration and customs enforcement's with more resources nor more personnel to be able to do that. When Donald Trump has made it clear once we've done all of those things. But we're we're going to reform the immigration system Dudley has working for governor in this country are an asset that's the order that you should do it. Border security. Move it removing criminal aliens upholding the law and then within senator all work with you when you go back to the senate our promise you. We'll work with you to reform the immigration. I sister I look forward to working together in whatever capacities we servant but. I just want to make it very very clear that he's trying to fuzz up what Donald Trump is that when Donald Trump spoke in Phoenix he looked the audience in the yard. And he said now we're building the wall and we're departing everybody he said quote they will all be gone. They will all be gone and this is one of these ones were you can just go to the tape on it and see what Donald Trump has said and to after and clarity to an end to add to it. And to add to it. We are nascent and prince Mike Pence and I both are descended from immigrants hamlets some artists. You don't read Mort said so great about the Irish when McCain but we've we've we've done well by absorbing. Immigrants and it's made our nation stronger when Donald Trump says Mexicans are rapists criminals Mexican emirates when Donald Trump says about. You're judge a Hoosier judge. He said that judge turner was unqualified. I'm qualified to hear a case because his parents are Mexican. I can't imagine how you can defend.

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{"duration":"7:44","description":"The Republican and Democratic vice presidential candidates discuss their campaigns' different plans for immigration reform.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42573761","title":"Mike Pence, Tim Kaine Debate Immigration Reform","url":"/Politics/video/mike-pence-tim-kaine-debate-immigration-reform-42573761"}