Will Millennials Stand Behind Clinton?

FiveThirtyEight's Walter Hickey reports from the floor of the Democratic National Convention to talk about the effect of the millennial vote.
11:10 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Will Millennials Stand Behind Clinton?
I am Walt speaking here at any gebbie and she's and it's director of sugar any huge night. It's the last night the grand finale that they act parents really excited we're expecting. So what are we looking at that we've got to get Chelsea Clinton ultimately got Hillary Clinton coming upload music this historic moments when it comes to presidential history is all its might on the. Our readers I'm not I'm very excited about this moment in history that it's our first. Woman nominee of the major parties in tonight Hillary Clinton is gonna take the stage himself. I notice and economic Obama and surprise everybody. Next level and energy and hair and there's a lot of talk about Bernie let's take you know very. But when Hillary actually to the states I think people's mean I heard so much love for her so I'm I think everyone at home and you're excited about. We really really impressed with the kind of clothes and even into the lineup on stage again we just had every moment. In the Democratic Party descended on stage we've had to sell kind of a whole economy. People like at Arlington of the feminist heroes a lot of its go up there whether it's an entertainment looks like Sigourney Weaver or to southern accent in the world. There has been and where. Or that. Celebrities and eighty there's got bailed not many women up there I think. Seemed can be like Elizabeth Banks can act as an emcee. Was really cool animated entertaining and engaging and I think that that. Extensive but Hillary wants a campaign to be something where. Everyone feel included if feels relevance of what people care about issues they care about my equal pay we did a survey on opposite her and it. Now it's one of the most important issues they keep talking about it here they said this really adorable video. The little girl last Peterson and president are you gonna get paid that payment the man president led. Might actually get well so I think it's whether they're celebrities or musicians whose songs have messages. That people resonate. We can't mention musicians that going into the song that I can't get out of my head it is in my dreams it has appeared at my nightmares to despite some hybrids and plug. Kind of started to resonate with a message does it mean sending. Why. The amazing and it might pack Alex and on the sickening. It's the they're biting at Miller's either. When he wanted thicket clicked on this and that idiots you though I think really. The masses the tone that Hillary Clinton's strengths. Take vs Donald talks extremists out. That she cannot bond but she's gonna. Acts and so again we see and get a lot of folks in the sanders' campaign here is fantastic fantastic among millennial women. It kind of satellite on what the campaigns doing what they need to accomplish with the young men and women gonna bring. East side did not adopt those. Issue that they weren't platform. But actually very clean up huckster aren't founder and president just wrote an op Ed on excited endorsement of Hillary Clinton already endorsement yes I yesterday actually. People who might. The in the theaters can't tell them that they moral obligation so you vote for Hillary Clinton when you look at the options between Donald time. And Hillary Clinton and that actually think all the women have gone before us and god our right to vote. Bernie in your heart is at the mixer Hillary Clinton has your because sitting out. Wouldn't it would be irresponsible when you look at what's at stake the selection and that the issues that are important to women. Look looking forward during this election and look at a coverage ideologies to doing what kind of contest anything. It's almost missing the dispute. I mean Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Greg Cleveland's Eric. It's a totally different it was hard to find millennial images talked in Cleveland it's not the case here. I'm sugar we're just gonna keep trying to pop people's voices presented we have you know a college student right why Hillary Clinton that students are about candidates for students. On what we are it uses personal lending is. Two brings to light the issues we also spoke to people hearing Cleveland are in Philadelphia. About it worked with Hillary Clinton about how her personal side is different than what might be. On you might see on TV and act and it's the ever expanding at the behind the scenes personal luck also just getting back out there and trying to make that distinction really there. So don't let Cleveland again we were out there as well totally apples and oranges convention city is wasting to put together. Any kind of like that from your perspective outlet what were the main difference is between the conventions. I've been on just peel black the diversity of the delegations. Here there's a lot Mueller. You know just ethnic diversity and upgrades everything a lot of our young people it Eric. There isn't little tension in Cleveland with the cruise speeds. Where here you might not the Bernie Sanders people but the difference Bernie Sanders got up and made. The most powerful endorsement right was great he brought his latest and greatest needs is an injury and that. Things I feel like there's been more unity and also a chance to let liberty people being heard and have their voices heard. So while it might seem like pick it up protests CNN and it's not about one person is not just about Hillary Clinton. Whereas the Republicans financing about moral acknowledgment is an insane American had similar to what Obama sent last night. I really want to bring you back to the core issue of this campaign thus a limbs now it's. Until really begin debating again that the likes of Scott Mayo to really what is this very star studded event like delegates. It's Hollywood it's kind of haven't mobilized. What you Tennessee. Bradley Cooper that they alienate end here I've seen a lot. Com or they're proud to support Hillary Clinton knows that comes out there in politics night. Alienate some air. Audience your apartment. It's really want to stand up for hiring an excited about and it isn't until the typical back there. She's not we think about Michelle Obama she's not typically not a celebrity and it's and it isn't. We talk about that speech tumbled over his thoughts on AC it did how did it resonating evidently a Democrat. Lot of mothers let me read our side our eyes and moms face fatigue is huge and I thought mr. Obama made a narrative using her daughters and raising her daughter's what's valuable in importance her daughter's. To make it beats Hillary Clinton she also leaned her husband's legacy and her daughter's legacy out the first you know black first daughters. Hillary Clinton and that now we can ticket another stab at it then realize that because of Hillary Clinton is a woman could be president. So I think she just ahead on a lot of emotional moments and missed out on the doesn't specifically that in the partisan quarrels I think. Such. Heartland park a long way she's just really popular back. Is what I think they'll wait is zeroing in on this demographic and I think senator Tim Kaine of Virginia that's. Are seeking. I had no lightning in all seriousness. I I think he has what it's made you feel you. Unseen people because he does expand and is actually my colleagues here in nineteen and I that's ignorant means does not feel like he ends in when he speaks minutes. Because it's really well see up there speaking Spanish theme recognizing not that's a huge part of our country. Onsite being killed because it got out reads he seems to have that do no harm aspect of the vice presidency Hank and I'm else. Really evercore and it brings out people aren't that Hillary Clinton. Amos and gave Obama an epic last night at six feet I think they both on me about Ahmanson came back negative year partners in crime. We regularly seen a lot of speakers here's a fire heavy favoritism by the kind of resonated with what you think your audience. Painful. Speaker and equipment that's this. Sell on the Amazon rain tightening its you know on carpal karaoke last week are we seeing all these other aspects. That we have on ours I like that and let the campaign and partnered and there are accidents like Arlen style. For her to come here and really paint a picture of why it's important that really hasn't. Let's look at us now the first gentleman built in Wear an incredible suit right just this month after let's wearing. I'm not you know I was at he honored Hillary with the pants. It is again his niece was very varied in general told the whole story either there was. Relationship when at what he's doing at that time. And had my. And it was a great way to show that. She. And it hasn't always working on these issues when she was the First Lady arc insolvency was the First Lady all these different points of their relationship he meets highlight the work to do lean. And a little wave feminists beats and also recognize that. Sometimes women don't get all the credit for everything that they're doing like that it's easy to get up here against beats but it's not. Easy to do the work and as he drove home the point that Hillary doesn't work. All you haters out there he thinks he's not a charismatic. Or censor for meaning and government thinks she's only made it hasn't been doing our. That's tonight again we have the that you mentioned but do you want it's not about Chelsea main issue. I see it's. Hot it's. Not a bottomless and it's not true. The intern that's it. Take that it's in the birth daughter. It's just wild and NASA get the opportunity to do it again actually it very thick and I'd rather eat there's other I think that's well. Actually the last week published votes by Chelsea Clinton on pops. She's an act picked. Turn Hillary and she. That Hillary is her hero. I think that's it. It's not in its iPhone and respect out it's mother's well. C Robertson thinks he McDonald's what's gonna get into it when she did this week that. There it is with the parent that you. Might not be an. Her new role in the point of view that she can bring it isn't talking about Hillary Clinton and again I think it's going to be in. The ever growing up with Hillary quit everything is done department until everybody so the ball. How can we how we follow you guys they're in the hip pain what's available. Well that's not on the hot seat. And ops being. Solid there. All of our election campaign all night at a concert last rocked them well. That's very not registered which is really where.

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{"duration":"11:10","description":"FiveThirtyEight's Walter Hickey reports from the floor of the Democratic National Convention to talk about the effect of the millennial vote.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40975663","title":"Will Millennials Stand Behind Clinton?","url":"/Politics/video/millennials-stand-clinton-40975663"}