Minnesota official on voting misinformation: ‘Counter lies with truth and fact’

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon discussed how his state is handling early voting and his biggest concerns heading toward Election Day.
6:26 | 09/19/20

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Transcript for Minnesota official on voting misinformation: ‘Counter lies with truth and fact’
And joining us now he is the Minnesota secretary of state Steve Simon thank you so much free time. Strategy so the first day of early voting under way in your state today talk us through the safeguards in place to make sure that Minnesota residents can vote safely in the midst of this pandemic also. How the day when any reports of problems. Well one thing this unique about the day to day in Minnesota is not only is it the first day of voting in Minnesota and leading the country in that respect. But today also president trump and Joseph Biden are both in Minnesota on the same day camp and I suspect. That is contributed to the excitement and the sizzle around this event. And probably accounts for the reports we're getting that that's physical locations on this first aid at C balloting there is more buzz and more activity than you'd normally expect. In terms of the overall avenues for voters to vote they are speaking loudly and clearly about what they want this and what many of them lot. Some for the first time is to vote from home we have seen an absolute shattering of the record. People requesting absentee ballots as of today we're 926000. People in this state that have already requests digital from home by absentee. That compares in the same period two years ago with something like 58000. People that are requested as of the same day two years ago and so it's off the charts people are speaking loudly and clearly this is a way that really appeals to them this year. And a housing going so far without a glitch. So far really without a glitch I have to say there I was in dissolves going to be something but so far the inverse component we haven't heard any complaints everyone has their ballots on time insures that the absentee ballot process. Those ballots are those who already ordered them will go in the mail today so they should be arriving in mailboxes all over Minnesota in the coming days. People can start sending them back or hand delivering them back whenever they cheats. And you're on call yesterday were dozens of secretaries of state and with the postmaster general there's according. It got heated at times and you raise any in the senate Minnesota specific issues in are you confident that the Postal Service can handle. A dramatic increase in mail in ballots in Minnesota and across the country. I would call it pointed but cordial as somebody else and I agree with that. I was eight yes I have confidence that they have the logistical capabilities they have the trucks and the vehicles they have the people. And in Minnesota we got a really good relationship with the folks on the ground here and the folks running the show here Washington is another story. I timeliness is always an issue but even with the delays that were reading and seeing. A reported even with those delays I think in Minnesota we have workarounds Nikkei we have things that can accommodate. Even those delays and give voters the experience they each get their ballot in odds so I'm really class apps all. Person when it comes to the post office yes the reports are disturbing and yes. So many folks on the call yesterday are fed up with the postmaster general but that's not gonna slow us down and that's not gonna stop us minnesotans want to vote this way. And even with delays will be able to get around. Any inconveniences. Art will president trump is also claimed without evidence that mail in ballots have a higher risk of fraud even saying without evidence of those ballots are more more vulnerable to foreign interference. You were secretary of state 12016 election were nearly 700000. Minnesotans voted. Absentee where there any credible cases of voter fraud from those ballots. No there were not gonna have to say that is unfortunate to hear that kind of disinformation and misinformation in Minnesota at least. We had a lot of different steps of security starting with the fact that when you order that ballot. You have to provide some personal identifying information last or social driver's license number so unless its return. With this same information. Sacirbey count itself a foreign government. Tries to. Sever Gator create a state ballot or if someone steals one out of someone's mailbox. They consented and sure it's not going to be counted and it never hits in Minnesota and ask the question not just 116. But going back the last couple of decades I've asked folks in the know do you know a single case even one. Or someone has until out of state ballot or intercepted someone's ballot and successfully voted and the answer in Minnesota is no they don't know of a single case. In Minnesota in recent history. We have the security and we have the record to show that it's safe and secure weighed about. And looking ahead to November do you anticipate that Minnesota will be able to declare a winner on election night dirty thing that voters should expected it'll take several days or even weeks to count all the ballots. Is resting by definition we won't have all the ballots counted in Minnesota for one week because everyone's given that extra seven days to get their ballot in. But what I can say is I strongly suspect and predict it will have most of the. Outcomes or winners known well before that I think in most contests. We will know the winner issue on election night very shortly thereafter and that's because we'll be able to report not only all the ballots counted as a election night. What will also be able to save for particular contest. How many outstanding absentee ballots there are and in most cases for most of this is involved. It was contest you're going to be able to mathematically all those reasons and figure out who the winner is even though you might not know by how much the winner one. And she'll seven days as fast you'll know who won in most of those contests that I am confident. Statistically speaking will be a world until some number one thing your most concerned about now that the votes are being casting your state. To be honest what I'm most concerned about is what happens after. After Election Day I am concerned that in the week between Election Day and win under percent of ballots are counted. Does that space could be filled with disinformation and misinformation from all sources conspiracy theories lies. Things designed to undermine confidence in our election to suggests. Bad motives were not exist so I think not just in Minnesota but nationwide. After the election win as we know in Minnesota and most. States a 100% of the bells or not yet be counted wishes be calm let's be patient let's counter lies with truth and sex. And talk about what's really going out. Not what's in people's imaginations or what they believe is going on or sinister box they think. Let's talk about what the system is designed to do in what it is doing. And let's not undermine our democracy or polluted with things that just don't have any factual basis that's my number one worry at this. Secretary of state Steve Simon we thank you so much free time appreciate you coming on. My pleasure thanks for having me.

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{"duration":"6:26","description":"Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon discussed how his state is handling early voting and his biggest concerns heading toward Election Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73107922","title":"Minnesota official on voting misinformation: ‘Counter lies with truth and fact’","url":"/Politics/video/minnesota-official-voting-misinformation-counter-lies-truth-fact-73107922"}