Misconduct at the IRS: Who Knew What When?

White House says president responded quickly after published Inspector General report.
3:17 | 05/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Misconduct at the IRS: Who Knew What When?
The questions about who you -- what a few weeks ago the White -- and that the question. Back further how was this allowed to go on for eighteen months -- -- there -- public. Reports -- was still happening. Groups complaining that they had been ask these did you get your question I think that's why it there was. And IG. Audit. I believe in response in part to congressional inquiries. And and the -- I mean but but I I take your question that's why some of the president's response which was. Very clear he was outraged by his behavior he thought the appropriate did -- Condit was inappropriate that people need be need to be held responsible and that process has begun. And we need to make sure that nothing else like nothing like this can happen again when nobody's been more. Outraged by the wrote the -- conduct here than the president state. -- -- ought to respect outrage from president came. You know last week that the we -- president remaining but within hours after the release a report. I'm single public reports that this stuff was going on almost a year before the presidential election houses that nobody in the administration has -- Italy we'll before there's an inspector general reports say hey by the way this kind of activities shouldn't be going on us let's make sure and take steps and I didn't I was not. -- do the IG who investigated this matter to the Treasury Department and others to address this matter I I can tell you that. What we're talking met here was the ongoing inspector general. -- Fact that we are notified the White House counsel was notified that it was coming to a conclusion. And like chairman -- and others. We did not prejudged it we waited until the report came out before we acted and the president acted very quickly and -- personal -- -- -- question -- reports almost a year for the election is there any responsibility. From the administration. Saying hey. IRS we don't treat groups differently based on politics I think it -- it is absolutely we are you -- after the election but you're saying you're thinking tat accusations and I think that my understanding is that responses accusations. There was an IG audit launched. That is appropriate and the findings are what we now know. And the president's response to those findings could not be more clear. People need to be held responsible. And we need to make sure that this activity doesn't happen again because it's very important American people believe that the IRS applies our tax laws fairly -- -- -- also. It's just a little confused on this planted question personals the White House approved are there. Releasing information I don't I don't I don't know anything more about it than what I read in the paper. Are feeling has been from the beginning since we were notified of the impending. Completion of the IG report that we would. -- refrain from commenting on. You know. Reports about draft language reports about what may or may not be in the findings of the IG until the -- actually published his report when that happened. The president responded very quickly both within hours after the publication of the report and then again the next day when he met with treasury leadership. The acting IRS commissioner's resignation was accepted in the president appointed a new IRS commissioner.

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{"id":19220005,"title":"Misconduct at the IRS: Who Knew What When?","duration":"3:17","description":"White House says president responded quickly after published Inspector General report. ","url":"/Politics/video/misconduct-irs-who-knew-what-when-19220005","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}