Mississippi governor announces prison reform plans

“We know that there are problems in the system. We don’t want to hide them, we want to fix them,” Gov. Tate Reeves said.
3:56 | 01/24/20

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Transcript for Mississippi governor announces prison reform plans
We know. That there are problems in the system. We don't want to hide them we walked to fix them. And you have a role in that and an altar recognized that right up top of this press pre. A week ago I stood here before all of you to share my plans to restore order in the department of corrections and rebuild. Trust. In the system. Asset and I would on amount promised to provide for the safety and dignity all. Within the system and for all of Mississippi. I'm a man of my word and that work has been a focus of the first days of our new administration. Thanks to people like commissioner Taylor who by the way I stand before you Thursday of this week even more convinced. Today that I was on Thursday of last week when I announced mr. Taylor that he is the right person to lead. This agency in this interim period. But thanks to commissioner tailored our partnership with the department what the public safety. And the department of corrections I'm proud to report that we are working hard every day to honor that promise. For the people of our state. Day by day. We are making progress. Today I want to provide a rundown. Of some of our first steps to restore order parchment since commission tether hit the ground running home Monday. A lot of these changes. Will seem. Like common sense. That's because they are. They've been needed for a long time but we are starting from where we are. First we're working to improve the conditions there in a lot of places. They're not good there's no other word for there terrible. I saw myself today. We deployed Maine is teams from across the state of Mississippi to immediately begin work to improve the physical conditions. At parts. We're bringing senior leadership to the front lines. We're making sure that a senior officer will be present on the grounds at all times to prevent the leadership void. McKinley. To chaos. We're cracking down on criminal court nation by using diminished access system. To prevent concert ban cell phones from being used in all apartments housing news. These phones have been illegal for years. But they've been snuck in. And they're being used to coordinate gang activity throughout the Mississippi system. And even throughout much. That was a large part of what calls the recent series of killings escalate as much as it did. It's a real problem and it's got to be taken seriously. To say lots. We want to make sure that corrections officers are not creating more problems. Than they saw. The vast majority of officers are doing typical work for far too little pay in under very challenging circumstances. We all know that. We are all proud of them and grateful for their service. We also note. If he talked to anybody working these facilities. To meeting can be used by gangs operating in the present in their power and sneaking consummate. Including weapons. It's got to stop. There's a lot more to be done on this front but one immediate step is to street art for signs of gang affiliates. That work is going on as we speak. We're also taking a look at prisoner distribution. Making sure. That people who are at risk of creating more violence or in job location to give them access. Two potential tools. Or targets of violence. We also need to make sure that prisoners who are as likely to be about it aren't sitting around without purpose all day.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"“We know that there are problems in the system. We don’t want to hide them, we want to fix them,” Gov. Tate Reeves said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68506850","title":"Mississippi governor announces prison reform plans","url":"/Politics/video/mississippi-governor-announces-prison-reform-plans-68506850"}