Mitt Romney Backs Scott Brown for New Hampshire Senate Race

The former governor formally throws his support for Brown amid a new poll that suggests America would be better off with Romney as president.
14:01 | 07/02/14

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Transcript for Mitt Romney Backs Scott Brown for New Hampshire Senate Race
-- More do this -- next Sunday. Okay. -- -- Today. I'm Michelle Franzen a New York that was Mitt Romney more than a year before he began -- -- twelve campaign for president. With the newly minted Massachusetts senator Scott Brown. This is today Romney formally threw its support behind brown who is now running for the senate seat -- in New Hampshire everybody take a listen liar if. But I can tell you what the heat is nothing. Nothing. Like senator Shaheen is going to find and feel. In November. Because solid for -- New Hampshire Republicans are coming together in this race because they know. They know that the stakes are high and we know that unity can make a huge difference. Governor Sununu. -- governor Romney everybody has always reference that it's a base that we can build upon as we reach out to. All all independent. Like minded people in this great state believe me I unified party. A unified party after the primary along with those good independents and good Democrats who are just fed up is senator sheen's. Worst nightmare. And in every part of our state I'm going to speak to people of every background going into their homes going into their businesses. I'm going to ask for everyone's vote. And I'm going to do my very very best -- it. And. Okay. Okay. Thank you thank you IMAX. I love the energy. I love the energy thank you. And let me just finish by saying -- I have the honor of being your senator -- I'll promise you this. -- it's only to you. The people of New Hampshire and no -- -- will be nobody's yes man nobody's rubber stamp. And each and every day that I serve I will give the job all of that is -- I will not forget who sent me there and who is counting on me. And I must strive each and every day to make New Hampshire -- god bless you god bless America and thank you very much let's go. Yeah. Scott Brown in New Hampshire for more on the Romney endorsement that -- just received. And an interesting new poll out today about what might have been for the 2012 Republican candidate. We are joined by ABC news senior Washington correspondent Jeff felony. Jeff you listened into the business of endorsements knowing that -- complicated. Deciding when to get one when you accepted. Why does Romney won a back brown and wise brown happy to have them on board. Who was selling today I mean it's no surprise that Mitt Romney is endorsing senator Scott Brown. I mean it is. In -- -- he owes him one we saw those pictures earlier when Scott Brown was. Was I was on the other side of this endorsing Mitt Romney but a look Scott Brown is trying to -- -- draw some attention to his campaign. He's trying to sparked this holiday weekend off with -- in the local press attention in and you -- I'm up in New Hampshire and and -- Mitt Romney is already vacation up there are so it's a good way to sort of bring him on board but you know of course Mitt Romney's going to be endorsing. I'm senator brown that senator -- -- -- is that -- a tough road. -- he is trying to run for the senate again but as you said from a different state he represented Massachusetts before now he's trying. New Hampshire so he's trying to. You know reintroduce himself to voters up there. -- -- -- and here's a bit of an uphill challenge in that regard. And now as a Republican these -- Republicans are rare breed they have both won statewide -- In Massachusetts not exactly conservative stronghold but what is Brown's appeal in New England. I mean senator brown was actually born in New Hampshire his mother lives there so we definitely has a connection to New Hampshire but it is always difficult to go from one state. To another so. He is a 1 August against. I contend with a bit of a primary up there there. I'm are a couple of other people who are running against him and he is trying to win the Republican primary which I believe is an August and then he's trying to -- against a Jeanne Shaheen. The democratic senator there as well and -- -- -- the thinks yesterday that fiesta really go out and ask people. -- Republicans up for their vote eight. Now -- explained that he's running for them not necessarily running for himself of course he was defeated in Massachusetts by Elizabeth Warren that's why. He's out of the senate that has to run again so. All the Republicans in New Hampshire I've spoken to in the past weeks and months the city's he has to make it clear that he wants to be their senator rather with. Send us simply just going to return to the senate sort of for himself so -- fiesta asked for people's vote and and asked to mean it. And ask for Romney a new -- at quinnipiac -- show how shows that 45%. Of voters say Americo would be better off now. If Romney had won a 2012 race 38% believe it would be worse. Now are these poll results -- usual or is this a case of grasses always greener. -- I think it is simulate that makes a great headline but let's break that down just a little bit -- 45%. Say that taking the country would be better if Romney was present those are probably the Romney voters we live in a very divided country here I'm not surprised. At that at all now if it was look. If it was 55% 60% 70% now that would be something that would be some of these Obama voters. I'm -- had a change of heart as well but I'm not I'm not all that surprised and hindsight always it was 2020s looking in the rearview mirror. Mitt Romney has had a chance to sort of stay out of politics stay above the fray for the last year and a half. -- -- and he now is viewed sort of this more of an elder statesman if you will and he was right about some things he warned the president about to Russia. A few other things so. And he he definitely looks better in the rear view mirror but again those are Romney voters most likely -- voters who are saying that so I'm not all that surprised it's a good headline. You know it to makes a bit of a buzz today but when you really think about it it's not that -- usual. And death you mentioned that brown will have some hurdles to come. You know to get over before this -- -- the race right now between brown and -- I -- most people think via the race certainly within striking distance that she's an incumbent a democratic senator which -- a couple things in one respect it's always hard to. But take out an incumbent senator but Elizabeth -- -- it would Scott -- -- certainly possible. But she also has the headwinds of being a Democrat I -- president Obama's popularity in New Hampshire like a lot of other places around the country is not very good. So she has to contend with the fact that she is running to represent New Hampshire she might not always -- on the side of the president but Republicans are trying to link all these Democrats. Directly to the White House they're trying to say that she votes with a President Obama 95%. Of the times that -- that she -- you. I'm sort of overcome but Scott Brown still has a bigger pearl all the Republican strategists I talk to. Put New Hampshire sort of in -- -- -- a second tier of senate seats in terms of ones that are likely to win. Republicans only need six seats to win control of the senate that's -- number we're -- say again and again between now and the mid terms this fall six seats in New Hampshire is certainly a possibility but it's not. It's not one of the easiest ones that's for sure. So just give me an idea -- brown while not being new to the senate if he is able to win this -- idea of what his history was like there we've heard it won't be a rubber stamp we've heard about his. -- -- record what what was his record. -- in fact he was. A moderate Republican and every respects and he wasn't that he was from Massachusetts so he was trying to represented people of Massachusetts for that meant that camp. In terms of the scale of senate Republicans he was. Almost. I would say on the left one of the most moderates Republicans -- along with. Susan Collins from a Maine and Olympia snow at the time a former senator and out remains of he -- a New England Republicans. And in New Hampshire that probably place OK but any heat. He definitely is someone who had had had a bit of an independent streak and he will. Sort of did the same thing but he is not a it's. Fire breathing conservative and to some New Hampshire voters that they would like to see him being more conservative. His gun control record for example he has come out in support of gun control that's not all that popular a position in New Hampshire that's one of the differences between New Hampshire and Massachusetts. -- gun controls of a lot to a distinguished himself a little bit but he was very much a moderate. Which have both helps and and hurts in the living at the same time. And Jeff I want to talk about Romney a little bit -- you who got in a few political pokes spokes -- about President Obama and Jeanne Shaheen the incumbent Democrat let's take a listen. We're really at a crossroads. Because we've had a president and a few people who follow everything he tells -- to do. We had those people lay out a course for America which has resulted in people having a hard time finding a job. Having a hard time making ends meet because their wages aren't going up even further as their costs are going to the roof. People -- having a hard time paying their electric gas and gasoline bills. People -- having a hard time this economy's been bumping along the bottom for a long time slowly making progress thanks to -- work of hard working men -- women across this country but the president is as agenda has not helped. At the same time we've lost a lot of the esteem and influence who had around the world biggest instead of shaping events as a nation. And using our soft power resources to try -- move that the that the forces of democracy to strengthen leadership instead we've. We've become the the victim of circumstance. And the people recognize that the president has not done what he had promised to do -- not done what the American people need to have done. Now one person is is number one supporter. And so I know that the president does not on the ballot this November but the people of New Hampshire have a chance to vote at what they think about the president's agenda. And they'll do that by saying what they will about the president's number one supporter -- -- Now Jeff you know it's not only saying that Romney is back to back. Brown but he's also back you know adding some jabs to -- old opponent correct. He has what katic you know what what without question and a Mitt Romney has made the decision that he is going to re engagement ring gauge -- very strongly. In. In politics -- in the summer and this fall he took a bit of a break from -- and 2013 that he is out there campaigning for. Senate Republicans up first and foremost and -- is trying to draw them as we just heard. The two the president but the limitations. Our debt that this is Mitt Romney who's making this argument so it certainly -- rallies Republicans a few independents who may sort of -- A soft spot for him. May believe -- the stomach mountain most independents I'm guessing did not view Mitt Romney as a credible messenger. For something about the president hear me we know where he stands on this -- this -- race has been not. A spot during the bigger question now in Republican circles is what is Mitt Romney really up to you is he trying to keep his name alive two perhaps run again so -- supporters. Would like to see him -- -- twice sixteen again a third time a running for president but all Romney aides that I speak to the people who -- the closest to him say that he's not interest in that he simply wants to you. -- sort of a party builder and things but you know he is the very visible more visible than we've seen in a long time so -- we'll keep Iran. And you know we saw that clip earlier from both of them and 2010. So have they formed the sort of a personal relationship -- as a strictly politics and how important -- To have Romney as a fund raiser on your side. I mean it's very important -- Mitt Romney is one of the top fundraisers of the party be a nominee. In the presidential nominee. I'm always is that he has this -- in very considerable network of supporters and he and Scott Brown share a lot in common and erupts -- Massachusetts Republicans which is a bit of a rare breed. -- -- Have shared consultants and strategists and pollsters and donors so there's a lot of overlap in the around the world and Scott Brown world at the end of the day. Scott Brown -- to win this on -- -- He cannot speak it over the finish line with only -- Mitt Romney helping -- he knows that. The something like this you know you rather have this endorsement he'd rather have not there because he gets a bit of media attention and attention on -- -- Scott Brown which he needs right now. We'll keep a watch on this -- as well ABC's -- felony thanks thanks Michelle. You can keep up with all the latest mid term politics and real time by downloading the ABC news that and star -- this story for exclusive updates on ago. For now I'm Michelle Franzen the New York.

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{"id":24402590,"title":"Mitt Romney Backs Scott Brown for New Hampshire Senate Race","duration":"14:01","description":"The former governor formally throws his support for Brown amid a new poll that suggests America would be better off with Romney as president.","url":"/Politics/video/mitt-romney-governor-backs-scott-brown-hampshire-senate-24402590","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}