Mom who lost son to gun violence fights back

Moms Demand Action volunteer Brenda Moss explains why it's important to her to fight for gun control legislation.
4:09 | 08/02/19

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Transcript for Mom who lost son to gun violence fights back
Picking up politics on Capitol Hill water issue reporter Republicans the issue of guns the Second Amendment. Something that has them fired up as we head closer to the twenties when he. I campaign season well. A number of moms have come to Washington DC to fight back to push back to demand action on gun legislation to get those Republicans. That are aligned with the NRA to step aside and allow a vote on this thing or wanna bring in one of those moms now she joins as Brenda moss is a mom a survivor. And a mother of some who lost someone to gun violence remember and it's great to see your from Lynchburg Virginia you're in town for. What your organization moms against act moms demand action. Is calling big guns sense. University you tell us about it. I'm got associated diversity of something that we have every year two build our our movement so that we've become informed on the gun since two dollars and all of the legislation that's happening doing the year and Virginia's one of those states that always have something. To reconnect after its tell us about how you became energized and empowered on this issue work. What is your connection to gun violence are about your supplements here can yes. My connection to mom cement Jackson is because my son Sean. He was shot and killed and 27 came up with 262017. He was 34 years ago he was not oldest son. And I had two choices I could be there may bear and to prime the two sons of the load that they deserve or can get up and I thought toast to get up and I. And when you're alongside somebody in their moms in the same position. What and I imagine that's very uplifting to them together pushing percent of what is it do you think can be done right now. And what's what's the low hanging fruit in your view. The low hanging fruit is. Background to him. Universal background checks. Just common cents. You know if if if you don't have anything the hat and a background check is which he did I mean I have to have a background check the cargo on the job. They test me to draft Jernigan no I don't think I don't know him but I'm not against them. Virginians a lot of numbers I a lot of them out so and I think they don't understand it's not about taking your guns it's not about taking a right. It's about asking you to be responsible for the choice that you have made. What what did you make it even taking in any of the democratic debate on this a lot of talk about gun violence tomorrow myriad plans to prevent gun violence from. Some which critics are calling some pie in the sky. To some very pragmatic heartfelt proposals who do you like in that field. I know I'm not showing grounds. Political wit that I'd go with those that tend to understand that this is eight issue. This is a worldwide issue it's not. Does anybody sees gun battles that then have a color doesn't have a weight it doesn't have a nationality. But it has a tar. And with what what's your sense there's been in this in this town for so many years in Europe President Obama former president of always talked about. The in action on legislation related to come mountains when his biggest disappointments biggest frustrations here. What do you think it's gonna take to break through on that front meanwhile talk with the NRA but. What's it gonna take. Is gonna take people understanding that life is important that's what is going to take. Is gonna take people sitting down and having a heart conversations. Understanding it's not about the Second Amendment right. That belongs to every back I just choose not to use. So when you say I want to take your Second Amendment Rights that's not true. And I don't want to guns because my son was shot seventeen time. Gosh so are I don't want to go I want you to be responsible. For the choice that you have. Q what's your son's member of sound charmer figures shown today thank you for coming measure in battery your story for in a mosque. A mom a survivor and gun violence anti gun violence act activists from the Lynchburg Virginia appreciate you being here thank you so much from investing meet you too.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Moms Demand Action volunteer Brenda Moss explains why it's important to her to fight for gun control legislation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64743086","title":"Mom who lost son to gun violence fights back","url":"/Politics/video/mom-lost-son-gun-violence-fights-back-64743086"}