Moments that mattered from 7th Democratic debate

The Democratic presidential primary debate found six front-runners facing off in Des Moines, Iowa.
1:54 | 01/15/20

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Transcript for Moments that mattered from 7th Democratic debate
Tuesday in Iowa the seventh democratic presidential debate had high stakes but the shrunken crowd of only six candidates. Not necessarily leading to more regrets it's sorry to Illinois upon the Melissa. Jay's show promoters. The candidates it however tackled the elephant in the room report senator Bernie Sanders had pulled Elizabeth Warren in 2018. That a whopping couldn't win the election while the matter of fact legends are the only people on this state who have won every single election they've been an. Aren't women in the midst of living tensions between the United States and Iran the candidates spent an extensive amount of time on foreign policy sweeping continued to remain engaged without having an endless commitment. A ground troops when it comes to Iraq right now. I would leave our troops there despite the mass that has been created. By Donald trop senator Bernie Sanders comparing his record on the ongoing Iraq war two that a vice president bite. I did everything I put to prevent the war Joseph sort of partly I was asked to bring 156000. Troops home from that war which I did and as in previous debates of major point of division was health care and how much government intervention isn't enough or too much we got to move past the Washington mentality that suggested. The bigness of plans only consists of how many trillions of dollars they put through the Trenton. The numbers that the bears offered just don't add up the average family in America last year paid 121000 dollars. In some combination of deductibles and co pays uncovered expenses and fees. You can't cover them with the kind of money that the mayor. Is talking about. The IO o'clock S. Moines register poll shows senator Bernie Sanders sitting at the top of the race. But in a virtually four way tie with former vice president Joseph Biden senator Elizabeth Warren. And near the footage edge. Cover all ABC news to Moines Iowa.

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{"duration":"1:54","description":"The Democratic presidential primary debate found six front-runners facing off in Des Moines, Iowa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68288760","title":"Moments that mattered from 7th Democratic debate","url":"/Politics/video/moments-mattered-7th-democratic-debate-68288760"}