'Mother of the Movement' Lucy McBath on Faith and Forgiveness

Mother of slain 17-year old Jordan Davis sits down with ABC News' LZ Granderson and Amna Nawaz.
5:24 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for 'Mother of the Movement' Lucy McBath on Faith and Forgiveness
See me act mother. A shortened to kill age sat and T took the stage. Yesterday as art and others. Spoke eloquently about change would like to. Thank you for happened just give us its what was it like to stand there. Its share yours done. Still it. The last several months. It was it was but not idol for me I kept thinking about Jordan. And I kept thinking about hot spot. Because my father was a civil rights leader. He was ill at night branch president that the police to keep Herbert gears at so I remembers a child watch us other speeches and watching us father. At the rallies are just as we berths on the facts are what they are like its chips and coloring books. And we were halt all around the country as my father is speeches we Wear what are decaying and so it just kind of brought its full circle I thought wow. I get a chance you're released at first that worked my father started. But at the same time I was the only theory re innocence because of us bother you why. I was here. Having to do that work that it was done because that is grants spot. That you know he would be read over that but at the saints aren't I think it be proud at the short let's eight. I was incredibly loose barriers each. I have girls. He is hurt by world. As you parents who are supposed to. As I just advances the it's where he's had so what's accurate here in our heart. But I slow news. And it's oh. That's absolutely match fixing and that the faith back wrap but it comes from we truly believe it leaving outlook acceptance and forgiveness. And I catchy if Michael dar. For the murder of my son otherwise I actually don't believe I'd be here today. Rupp were you don't doubt that does work. Who sat through it I was in Chicago with spam plane happy Thanksgiving. This is the day after Thanksgiving I got the phone call from a spot. And that is caught you'd ever want to guests. Just my entire world completely went black at every fear that I had where Jordan. About that a halt at a car accidents or nobody. Got eighty spy. Got hurt all of those fears that you're happier children that want all it they all came crashing down on me I thought like. I felt like XL. I felt like I didn't quite do it up and that's a horrible very overbought placed at the end but. Cents in all I. Its last eight years up to understand that there was an accident star. Op that I did nothing wrong Jordan did nothing wrong it's just the circumstances by which we L. You up on it age we. Yes. I wonder. That. Is what brings together. Something that you would probably hall. Let you forget to send your lease on. It so what is that are what is that like we hear. It densely call it the sister. Out where we call ourselves other sisters. Because we are puppets that we have pocket and sisters. It's theory. What are they liberating for us a sense because we are still very well across. We get to be vulnerable it ways that no one else outside our amp is these CX. We get to let our hair now. Now we get to last it makes fun of ourselves but we also to talk about our children. You know we we talked fondly about our children. We talk about the work that we're doing we support what and other. And many many times we have suits just kind of put her arms around each other at Charlotte took a lot because we're still reaping. I don't want. To park are sort. Don't always sparks. Like fitness Jordan always one CU beat the best dancer our expert and hope. What do you what his father Jacksonville you come back to it. You always depict me and I asked. A pitcher and it's that op I don't want to look bad when you go out there. Chris top priority so let me show you. And you always China is shot that hit the one day she caught. He was cookie. It is doing this and you always make me do that stance. Just so I would look good spore. Our newest look at how. Well I think. Yours. Are apps. So are beyond where they. It.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"Mother of slain 17-year old Jordan Davis sits down with ABC News' LZ Granderson and Amna Nawaz.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40944158","title":"'Mother of the Movement' Lucy McBath on Faith and Forgiveness","url":"/Politics/video/mother-movement-lucy-mcbath-faith-forgiveness-40944158"}