Mueller investigation hits 1-year mark

One year after the Russia probe began, Mueller's team has conducted dozens of interviews and charged 19 people.
18:48 | 05/17/18

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Transcript for Mueller investigation hits 1-year mark
And welcome to ABC news not news live I'm cure Phillips alongside with Pierre Thomas and Johnson TT. This is our first round table together Indiana had a slightly then I know really okay roku Lisa paid an athlete really can do this and beer and I go back a very long time different days to even mention the other network entity that nota -- OK our belief that we go back a couple decades but it that way and then. We all work together within a task force for those you who don't know what the task force is there's a lot of things we can't tell you but basically. We investigate everything White House that's fair to say it's and we've been talking a lot about mrs. A one year anniversary. Not for the task force were actually fairly or hail yeah however. The special counsel took notes the Robin Roberts Muller investigation. So it can't believe it's only been a year it sort of feels like a decade. But why don't we start wit artistic sort of Lennar our viewers know. It is been a long year of trying to figure out. Did Russia medal in the campaign in 2016. And it's been a hard story to tell because it's hard to get on the inside and get details. And it's hard to break news when it comes to this investigation. Why we kind of start overall to give folks may be an inside look. Stuff they normally wouldn't know. And what goes on in a daily basis. Witnesses. They go to a secret location within the government annexed right. And we're talking. At daily influx of interviews and questions that we don't get insight team. Whether their to way to afternoon people one obviously have a grand jury here meeting in DC. But also a lot of interviews take place at Moses law was office here in the city. And I recently interviewed one of the witnesses right after he came out were those. On office site interviews he talked about the fact that it was in a room. Not much bigger than a bathroom and that he was interviewed by it. Two FBI agents and and prosecutors that they had quote second rate furniture he was like shocked but affected and to seek. Government easily explained to him room there. Government Bernard should she have been and he describing getting very intense and he said in fact they knew more about what he did in 2016 and he'd. And that it was very intense in terms of the information that they wanted. They wanted information about specific people some of the names that we have heard the news Michael Cohen want to know about him they want to know about Roger Stone. They want to know about Rick gates Paul man a force so. The key people in the investigation. The prosecutor has been digging into their lives and again the key question. Is there any evidence that the Russians colluded with members of the phone campaign or associates of Donald and I can really that. Thing that we ain't remembers that special counsel a year and it's still on a fishing expeditions so. When people are going in there they're getting lists the names and whooping yes I know this person do you know how do you know them and keep going through until something clinics. And then if it does happen that they know an individual. More questions are how did you interact with them you know who they were dealing with today had any foreign ties your business that's round one. And we get into a photo book going through maybe sometimes to look we forget names and faces right but did you recognize this person worthy and trump tower agency them on the campaign trail. So it's a line a fact finding from what we've been hearing from multiple sources. There's also two different times and arrangements they're interviewing people you have. The meetings in DC which pier talked about the other part though is that there mean people at the airport cities or people care they're trying to. Out of the country usually foreigners and their. Actually getting them act TS if they don't even know it's coming out Italy and challenged it. Now but that doesn't happen every single time no right it's only cleanly select cases OK here. So then. Have you been able to talk to any of these individuals that have been ambushed we have so we spoke to one German attorney. Who was meant as he was going through customs we in the United States. He was brought into a holding rooms children with him he told us he was intimidating at first this you're just swarmed and told hate. You need to come on us for a second possible and you look at two electronic here yeah everything signaling have a chance to really prepare and that's the big difference to hear that. The people in DC they know this is company have a duty they agreed we're gonna show up and cooperate but. Airport with your bags in your hand kind of it's priced me well so then. OK so acute that I want to ask you both. So this gentleman that's German lawyer. Was he able to get him was he able to tell you that interest him what I had to say or it didn't go anywhere. He said that it was a bit of us a fishing expedition statewide information and you know most people do described to both of us here and rest of our team. That after they go through that initial shock and off it's been a pretty professional experience here right. I mean what on the witness that you talked just as he came out of the interrogation room. Among the ones I talk to that this particular is witness and we aired the interview on. Good Morning America Michael Caputo. He talked about the fact that. The they were very businesslike. You're very focused he said it did look like they particularly were happy to be in Washington doing this to but that they were hell bent on getting it done. So that was very interest in office documents is not like having any fun doing it but that they were intent on giving job done. And and getting all the information they need to pursue the investigation. So truck is described this as a witch hunt so let me ask you this did these individuals. In any way shape or form say man. I felt like a witch hunt they were just got after me and throwing me and. I was struck by how. Little came away with a how professional. The agents were and prosecutor. And how intense that they were. And how they seem to know a lot more. About things that he might have anticipated. So they have a lot of answers to questions and he could tell that they want to see if what he was going to save mess with the army. And I would just add though it depends on the different types who witness this remember somebody like Michael cook who doubt his time at Donald Trump was limited. He was there for the campaign and we're talking no cure about nearly thirty members of the president's administration that have gone in for interviews. Hope hicks one of the closest aides the president. Two days and hours of interviews per day could you imagine sitting with somebody for sixteen hours just going through questions so. It is pretty intense for a lot of members of those closed the press. It's interesting you mention hope picks that somebody we haven't heard from in quite a long time do we even know. What has happened to her or where she's living where the type of life that she's living now. Because a lot of people since they've left the White House have had no problem. Becoming an analyst for what a network or writing a book. We're talking about the the inside this is someone who was very close to the president trusted you know by the president and we it. He via a U I think it's interesting that hope was obviously be closest and longest serving the president. All our understanding is that she's taken some time and rightly so let me choose with the campaign before day one and we all remember that golden escalator right. For the next campaign started six months before they took that ride. And a lot of other things are going on preparing for it so I think she seeking some time in figuring out what that world looks like I will tell you we need. A lot of efforts me peace and to make contact with her we have not heard Verona while. And that's not too surprising a lot of folks that we have been dealing with it once they get out of the exhausting as we all know from working being in the way. House in Dallas can be exhausting his keeping up with all the tweets. Donald Trump the Twitter Twitter and chief I like to refer to Hinton as. That is real Lee. Yeah we talk about gumshoe reporting and buildings sources in breaking news and and leaking and levers and all this stop. But it's really quite incredible. What happens. On Twitter. As unique but it is unique so let's talk about that for a minute do you think that has hurt us helped us. With regard to reporting. On similar. Situation. Let me speak of it from Justice Department standpoint. They've never seen anything like. And when I mean by that is that usually on national security investigations criminal investigations. Even at the White House. Had some relationship to that investigation it was unheard of to have any real commentary. Coming out the laughs it just was not done. While this president opposite field by Ian. And so I've talked to senior officials and field. And they've been just sort of stunned by that went well who the president of the United States has called isowich. How we respond he's. Last at the attorney general he's called the inspector general's investigation disgrace which. Prompted to first and come only. Terse response from the attorney general Jeff Sessions who. Basically and has been walking on. The fitness advice for months now we never are quite sure about the nature of that relationship you got rivals and Stein. Who work a while back about a couple weeks ago literally was coming into the office wondering if he was going to be fired it is day. So that has been unique and also think about it used to not hear from the president last there was a statement put out from his office for a press conference or a speech. Cracked me now here. You literally every single day every day Taiwanese ports happens sometimes. I can't tell you how many times and you know my husband is also in the business we wake up and I know what the news feed today a truck just waited. Avian state. Literally it's what wakes us up in the morning and guides our day if the present in his meeting and he's an ideas and I think. From the oversight or disappears in obviously just park in the white house conference perspective. I think following his tweets. We've seen an evolution how this president is going to deal the special counsel this remember. Presents gone through several iterations of lawyers he had. The lawyers from New York that he trusted any brought in the Washington veterans he didn't know too well now he's got regionally and what's been the biggest difference in the last couple weeks to me. Is that he was told by his last round lawyers listen. Don't talk about special counsel on Twitter can not and she was optimal or binding. Was he doing now he's mentioned the special counsel he's getting more aggressive and I think we've seen that change in his tweets because of the approach of this team. They are getting far more aggressive far more out front look we've seen Rudy Giuliani on television feels like every second I could stand its it and our current approach. Like. And NASCAR. Race he goes so fast you're wondering oh my gosh what a community on the next turn what's gonna happen what the ash relative Lillie slowdown in the UEUEU. Aren't quite sure what's going to happen in how it's going to dictate what were covering and what we find out he's given us a number of surprises. But and and the issues it. From means perspective we have to deal with. The leader of free world he's meeting he's he's he's commenting so in the natural response to cover. Did perspective from Bob Mahler is that he hasn't uttered publicly since he took. Me about. And and what message does that send out well he. For the people that know him and I talked to a lot of people that work with him closely to the use of one way the wayside you know covering the story. Is that he doesn't care. He focused on getting the job done it justice years beginning after members of person was can be confirmed after two year ten. Can you turn a hundred to nothing. Nothing about that in this town Washington. Were after you have a ten year term being the FBI director. President Obama asked him to be up for an additional two years. And he was reconfirmed. Are under to not. So. Even though there have been a lot of attacks on him. It's a largely those have been watch you you'll really see people. Being able to say the Bob Mueller is not a patriot he's he's. A person does not do things by the book. But it's clear that the president and his team right now have decided that you know. Speaking out publicly questioned mean the integrity of the investigation at least how it got watched raising questions about some of the staff on the special counsel's team. The Hillary Clinton investigation which is the subject of an inspector general. Report that will be coming out soon I expect that we'll have some negative things and it that the president will find very useful. But. At the end of the day Bob Mahler is still doing it investigates. And he's very unique to think about in a year's time the man has five guilty pleas. Including of the former national security advisor as someone very high in the campaign. Who worked on transition so all this. You know I've been in this town covering law enforcement about twenty years nine Italian. Usually when you have these come in this case and it's months. And sometimes over a year before you get any meaningful prosecutions. And assist us in the case. So what EOK with that said then. With what you just mentioned in addition to the one year time line. Should we have the idea or the notion. That something big could definitely come out of this or should we sort of have the feeling and not quite sure. He's going to find what he's looking for. Good and now lives as he was and I think that it anyone tries to predict what Bob Muller's got hasn't been watching this story long enough I think that you've been constantly surprise and I remember 1 morning. We were in a meeting together he was 905 and thirteen Russians were indicted in real like. What just happened where did this Friday golf so there's been. Moments constantly were we are. Caught by surprise. You know we are now tracking. One person that we really do believe and I and it's been publicly speculated. As Roger Stone close advisor the president we spoke to Michael Caputo. Other witnesses we know we're being brought in. And the way that we're sort are tracking this cure. Easy goes from level aided be bringing by that is we start with interviews in the office when people more than brought to level being which is the grand jury. Something's comment. They're getting serious here and we been feeling the last couple weeks the grand jury is revving up they are bringing more people in the other they're going to be active again later this week. Dear is more activity happening so it does he like something's happening there but also keep in mind. We've been pretty quiet I mean we remember here is constant fault we at. Hillary Hillary only four weeks for that would happen. To answer questions really stepped up it was that way but in terms of whether something being. Is going to happen I think. We don't yet know the answer to that what but I will say this is in the backdrop is that. Michael Flynn has been cooperating for months. We don't yet know what he's told a special counsel. George proper topless. Has been cooperating for months we don't yet know the result of what he's been saying Rick gates only recently pled guilty a couple of months ago. So again that's. Likely mountains. Of evidence that the prosecutors have been going to investigate. At this and about the Michael Cohen case which you've been covering in earnings are set. It worked by the way if you talk about some prices yes there I was logging just try to figure analog into the computer. And I hear you screaming throughout the newsroom about the rate. And calm Michael Cohen and CP pick up next thing I knew your I've been I was on a flight to New York yes and I've been on the story ever percent. But that really. That that does lead to what we were saying is that the surprise teases and it's not perfect exit right. To help people. Watching at home. That exploded into the news. Okay and it turns out. Bob Lawler have been investigating him for months right and then got evidence that he wasn't quite sure if it. Into the parameters of what his jurisdiction was so he went to in deputy attorney general wants rules this time. Who says poke him and kicked us to the southern district. But that should inform every house that had been unfolding for months and almost said if public and you go what in. And now look at what it's turned into an all the different branches that it stemmed from the review took Michael Collins. And I also that there. I just knows that this arteries and looking to collusion with Russia. You know as we reported a week ago here this is now expanded when. We have rock that we have could harm we have the UAE he had the saudis with its its business deals financial deals and we're seeing bank record all types of different subjects are coming up to power not just Russia. Yeah and even though you have the southern district investigation involving Michael Cohen. That doesn't mean it. Bob Mueller is done looking at Michael Cohen either because we've been told by witnesses that. Michael Cole whose name has come up a number of times and if you look at that list of questions that the prosecutors. That the defense counsel developed after conversations with. The prosecutors were Michael Coleman's name came up several times in that and also. We have the sense that. Under questions about the trump tower Moscow that Colin was allegedly involved in your questions about some Ukrainian piece though he still is his name came up and as well so. The special counsel is still investigating. Michael corn on the separate track that. Says we wrap up this discussion. I'm curious do you think we will be doing this again. On the second anniversary. Of the Robert Mueller investigation where he put in order for K for the year honors if we had to get. I can't let that happen but you up fourteen air. No choice of but I doubt this is changed everybody's life pass rusher and he has closed as a team we're 24 hours literally. We're every that he and we thought that that trump. Tweeted a lot I never realized that members of ABC ABC news team could send out so many emails etc. it threw out. Actually I think we probably send more emails and president since tweets would that be fair to say things. It's not a good thing. Johnson TT feared Thomas and Keira Phillips you have been watching ABC news live hope that you will join in on our discussion next time around.

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{"id":55242930,"title":"Mueller investigation hits 1-year mark ","duration":"18:48","description":"One year after the Russia probe began, Mueller's team has conducted dozens of interviews and charged 19 people.","url":"/Politics/video/mueller-investigation-hits-year-mark-55242930","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}