The Mueller report: Recap, fact-check, reaction & 2020 Russia concerns

Mueller report analysis and insight from ABC News' team in Washington.
34:41 | 04/19/19

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Transcript for The Mueller report: Recap, fact-check, reaction & 2020 Russia concerns
And. Everybody wanted to brief him on Devin Dwyer on this Friday great to have you with us our senior. Investigative reporter Michael Venus with us or White House reporter Jordan Phelps is here. A lot to get into on this day two after the Muller report was fully released the redacted version that is for 400. Plus pages. A fascinating reading Mike we are going to get until just a second the bottom line everyone needs to take into this holiday weekend about this report lot of nuggets in there. Also talk about the political implications ahead as we head into campaign season now that the report has landed. We want to hear from you we wanted to hear from one. Our viewers and voters are thinking about this report so we'll head out onto the streets around trump tower. Of all places to hear what folks from across the country had to say about that to stick with us. I thought let's start with the bottom line of this report. Mike Levine we have heard so much of what's in these documents before these novel and it comes to Russian interference in the election the purpose of the report. I but the most fascinating element here is obstruction. What's your bottom line. There are now eleven episodes. That Mohler says look like obstruction. He said that he couldn't decide whether they amounted to a crime but they did look like and it's like obstruction and now congress gets to decide. You know Democrats are mean and argue that there was obstruction here yet fact Muller writes in the report verbatim. Are perhaps and not to of what's to COMSYS congress has the authority to prohibitive presidents corrupt use his authority. And so this report matters now because it's very much going to be a road map for Democrats the president's critics including some Republicans. To really study yet studied the activities of the president right. In consider whether it's an abuse of power even it was a criminal right we know already that the topped the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is Ari issued a subpoena. To the justice department for the underlying documents here and the Justice Department's a fire's been silent all day about this. Custody know that this is where the fight is this is leading walk us through when we talk about obstruction of justice I think people wonder when he what is that are what does it mean. So much of it centers on intent. Yes there were though as you mentioned eleven instances in the report that Mueller said this couldn't. Look like obstruction yes we do have a graphic highlighting a number of them and you can talk to some of these might but. Obviously but he did the first on the big one was when he told Jim call me the FBI director to let go of the investigation into Michael Flynn. Yes and that's it that's where this whole the tricky notice of intent comes and Mueller in his report raises the possibility that. Maybe what trump was doing there was he did he was just sympathetic to to flare. That there wasn't a so called corrupt intent necessary to fight was charged. And also of course the firing a special. FBI director call me was another big one we know that in his direction to the white house council on a number of occasions to get rid of Bob Mahler. Hot and then I was fascinated there's a lot of discussion here about the instances in the present pressured. His associates are not cooperating with Bob mark. Another apparent. Attempted obstruction yeah I mean you know not Moeller raises in his report the instance where he called Michael Cohen a rat for designed to flip and actually cooperate with the investigation here. You know they talk about how troubled always praised his associates when they like manna for when he refused to when they refused to cooperate with any flipped on them when they flipped and start cooperates as the this argument now moves to the political ground away from the cool criminal round Jordan the president is already actively aggressively staking out. His cited this as we head into the campaign yeah. Absolutely no apology from the president he's declaring complete vindication you know that of course that's not what the report does but that's the span were getting out of the White House. And the president also asserting this concept last night that he could it obstructs justice if you wanna do we stop this remarkable tweet saying. I have the right in the holy time to I want it I could've fired everyone including mark if I want it I chose not to you so it certainly no apology from me this argument there my. For I mean this is this asserted the knot of where this thing goes from here is. How you view. What the president's actions. We're meant you know meant to do what meant indeed did they were was there corrupt intent that yes and related to the firing of co me. You know. Robert Rosen Steiner deputy attorney general wrote a letter the man who oversaw this whole probe wrote a letter recommending that Kobe be fired. And trump has set himself. Listen if I obstructed justice and that means Rosen Stein obstructed justice to so again it's all it's so. It's so difficult to decide what the intent so again for everybody at home watching your big take away headed in the holiday weekend and we do encourage everybody to read the report before fingers on Some might at the end of the day you see focus on the instructions section make your own opinion I think that's where congress is obviously gonna focus on some vasser were heading heading to now. Our Michael me thanks so much less dig a little deeper into the report now bring in our justice and justice official had a Carrara White House and Capitol Hill unit they're gonna just. Step in step out on this Friday commercial break we are so all you fact check. Official because. Justin there are our it's a big party your job is the act that's what I wrote a lot of this down our excellent husbands die hard and in many ways we're talking moved before hand to this report is a giant fact check area of so many instances we've been talking about a guy pulls back the curtains on a lot of things that you know frankly if the president called fake news reports that he denied. Were were hearing. Sort of in the definitive account that we can point to. Presented to us by the Justice Department says this is the true let's start with a couple of the big factors we do a graphic here Bob Mueller takes on three. Falsehoods that the president prime them here over the past couple of years starting when. This one just to take this time the president said definitively he had no contacts. We read it with Raj this was sort of the original false that this is what is Tenet's president elect back in January 2017 he told large decision Cecilia Vega. There were no contacts between his campaign in Russia and quote. Nothing at all that's what he said what. He later shifted that dare to say he never had any context because and there's a good reason why he did that. The bottom line of the reporters that there were a C quote series of context numerous contacts. Between the front campaign and and Russia Muller determined. On a score of topics from business connections offers of assistance invitations to me prudent. I mean that was a significant chunk of this dedicated to those contacts he also said he never tried to fire Robert Mahler he looked into Cameron told the American people. Never considered yes this was a big fake news claim there was a New York Times story that said that he that he instructed his White House counsel Tom began to fire. Special counsel Muller went in Mueller find an that there was substantial evidence is suggests that he did do that despite the fact that he called that story fake news. And deny them again ever date me again set for thirty hours with special counsel. And he told all. And whats admit that not all these things is that this corroborating evidence here he's not relying on not me says he says what version of events. Another big one in the report just in or to move on is there is the president's dispute with former BI director Jim call me about whether in fact. He pressured call me into dropping the investigation into Michael phone the president said he never did such a thing in the Oval Office. Robert Mueller in this report says that's simply not get his. He even tonight at times having a one on one meeting with comedy this is another part of the corroborating evidence that they determined was there sessions McGann. Previous sales said well wait a minute he did ask that one on one meeting with commie. We all thought it was where the time he did anyway and call hero contemporaneous notes that that he asked. For him to let's lingo. And he shared it with other people that time Muller's desk is close that's what happened. Jordan all these things in this report and some of the ones that just since highlighting here her of the prompted did the presence democratic critics to decry a culture of wine. In the White House and even CR centers a press secretary's been swept into this yeah this here's here's examples really interesting here where there weren't these times. I where she had there were countless FBI agents have reached out to White House said this publicly yes in. You have that tape let's play and take a listen. The rank and file of the FBI had lost confidence in their director your response to these random violence that BI agents who the district. Contingent it. They lost faith in here. Look we've heard from that countless members. The FBI that say very different things. So it was made. Territory seventeen yeah that's what Sanders told the American people on more than one occasion but can take a look at what she said ten Muller's team. And you keep sand on the report Sanders told visit. This office at her reference to hearing from countless members of the FBI was pink slip of the tongue a comment she made in the heat of the moment that was not founded on any. Thanks so against Connolly she told the special counsel that that statement was not. Founded on anything deliberately telling people she says concept they've received text messages emails from the FBI communities from the time but that she's an attic and then expect. And then she went back to our George Stephanopoulos is points are doubled down on and I mean the bottom line is this is what she told. The special counsel's office under the threat of perjury under. You know and and that's what we should be realized lot of credibility issues in this White House is sort of unveiled. Affirmed in this report. And the least in airliners also point out the president himself. I guess and was was was targeted by Mahler yet well yeah and he was called out we should say he was called out sure of course Jordan you know there were a number of things and and of course he he and Mueller won its alternately ask the president and his own questions. And try to see what the president went would recollect and was never really able to do so had to submit those questions. And and then as we later as we learned Moorad report. Thirty times the president said he could not call him and Mueller have wrap page from the report. This is from the president. Who has tall all of us and numerous occasions that he is one of the great memories of all time in this highlighted section Daryn. Volume two page C one. Robert Morris the president stated on more than thirty occasions that he does not look call or remember having independent recollection. And information call four by the questions our answers the president provided were being complete. Or imprecise that was Muller's words a response to that the president so I'll White House has a lot to answer to in the days ahead. Absolutely real crisis of credibility especially for someone like Sarah Sanders you. Is there is her jobs in her right accurate information to the American public we rely on her she relies on us in that exchange of information. And so going forward there are real questions and whether we can trust what she's saying. I'm also I'm really interested to press the president on whether he believes all this stuff is still fake news since. So much of our reporting over the last two years has been borne out as your eyes trailed in this report. Oh I think the bottom line what the what's gonna happen volume one. Is going to be weaponized by the trump team in the trump campaign they're gonna say this is no collusion or conspiracy commit crime. And Boeing too is can be weaponized by the Democrats and say they lied to us all the time. And they did. In in many people's opinion obstruct justice and there could be an argument for. That just official thanks so much of that much more on from your fast check out how. Speaking of politics let's segue to our deputy political director Mary Alice parks is here. She will come in now as well on this Friday to talk about the road ahead Mary Alice great to see you also as you're talking to your sources. I want to bring into this our White House correspondent terror pulmonary she's down Florida where the president ends kicking off his weekend Terry great to see let's start with you. Because is Justin was just saying that it did the president's team seizing on the collusion conspiracy part of this report the president's been honest here this morning on Twitter. That's right he they feel like a cloud has been lifted because of the collusion part but they recognize that the obstruction he says. Are very unflattering for the president and act limited aides were more sympathetic Dan to him say that you know he is me. You know he's knew this heat camp comes from the private sector he doesn't know about accountability or at six concerns and while it appears that his staff. Went out of their way to go against his wishes in terms of firing senior. I Department of Justice officials you know at the end of the day they're saying that they that they had to do this and it makes him look like he's nodding commanded by in a way his staff. Really save ten. The Intel. And I as the president we were all struck yesterday Jordan and I were talking here and ABC's live about how the president left town without saying much about the report he's. Is seem to be a good mood obviously. Has been doing some sweeting but now today. He's out on the golf course with a conservative firebrand. Right he's I was told he's really soaking it all and I he was a bit uncharacteristically quiet but he has been through. A bit I mean taking in all of this information. Having to deal with the fact that many times and he denied surrogates is as happened that. His staff testified to Robert Mueller that these things actually did happen I think he's grappling with credibility issues I've talked to some of Serra Sanders colleague Tuesday. I you know why did she lie about these things she wasn't told to lie about these needs FBI agents who say that me. I didn't have trusting in call me anymore and they are wondering if they may see this almost as as a gas and as something that's. Just shows a lack of professionalism. Not just the credibility issues and the fact that you know like it's been shown in this report that a lot of the aids around president trump. Felt compelled to carry out his lie us. That Tara Palmer course at the White House to be there all weekend tracking the president Dexter are happy Easter to you. To keep this going to spring Mary Al speck in this because you were hearing for the first time Mary Alice from. Some top Republicans who have been relatively muted since the report came out and this critical wage Alessio. Just moments ago senator Mitt Romney sends along with tweets have personal statement he says he wanted to take time deals or read their part himself. I'm and there's the beginning of it saying that he is the second at the expense of dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office. You know she's talks a little bit in this report about. How yes he is a great fault. That the president and the United States did not conspire before an adversary but he does so almost tongue in cheek saying that that would have taken us down a constitutional. Crisis. And so he's glad that government can go on knowing that at least in did not happen. In me he says that the. The report is a sovereign revelation of how far we have quote straight from the aspirations and principles. Of the founders. So my are the most blistering analysts as a Republican moderate Republicans follow suit their arm and worth remembering that congress is out of session and a lot of members of the a both sides. It out of on Capitol Hill on Colin Powell's abroad I was talking to one isn't stopper today this had in my bosses and the out of country for a week. People end in war zones across the world and I think that can't change the tone in Washington yesterday it wasn't like. Lindsey Graham and others like him who are normally quick to response. And were forced sale there wort reporters there in the halls of congress because. Members of congress were mostly Democrats seem tournament what to do next that's sort of where this is I I think that's exactly right end and nature prominent Democrats have hardly shifted to campaign now. Speaking of the senate we have six senators that are already running for our. A for president to replace the president and we toxic Democrats who are RD in campaign not. They say diesel are delivered their economic ascent and one quote from campaign staffer that said. Smaller and trump will be there and mood music going forward and all campaign speeches but not the message the message they want to carry foreign still deals with health care. Minimum wage the economy jobs. They're not expecting to see their candidates you know deliver major changes to the speeches these days. I think that Democrats like the winning message is still let's beat this president into points point. But it'll be interesting to see how those candidates respond to questions they might not what a cadet in their message but the voters will continue to ask tough questions about. The rule of law corruption. Transparency like you are talking about. Dinner house thank you so much to people who record Rucker had a great weekend not just Democrats challenging the president though including one in his own party. For the party's nomination in 20/20 we caught up with former Massachusetts governor bill weld. Who is it running a campaign against the president for 20/20 just a short time and don't ask him about the report I'm whether he thinks impeachment should still be on the table pickles. You horror or one of the only Republican so far directly challenging the president. In its points when he campaign how much will this report. By Robert Mueller factor into your case to the party. For the nomination. Why must say when we finally got to read the report I was horrified by a despite these. Conclusion of no conspiracy with the Russians there's a whole lot in there about obstruction of justice all of volume two of the two volume report. And it's it's rough stuff he's telling senior. Intelligence officials to lie he's telling senior national security people ally he's telling his own legal counsel to live fortunately they said we can't say that Mr. President says why not they say because it's not true. He says. You know he hadn't thought of that it's kind of like a so what cancer. In light of everything Mueller said in the report did you think impeachment should still be on the table. You know I really don't think so and I'll tell you why it's not for legal reasons it's for political reasons. Because the house could easily there's more than enough evidence much more than there was against a President Nixon I worked on that case for obstruction. But. You know the Republicans control the senate so very unlikely that you would ever be convicted in the senate where you needed two thirds vote. So the upshot of you know fifteen months of impeachment proceedings might be. Not the house looks like overzealous prosecutors and the president. Comes out those smelling like a rose so I can understand why Steny Hoyer said impeachment is not a good idea for political reasons. Governor setting aside the behavior of the president in his campaign the report obviously documents so much. It's a much detail how the Russians interfered with our election if you have been president. Back in 2016 of course Barack Obama was in the White House would you have considered. Oddly early indications from the intelligence community about what the Russians were doing would you consider that an act of war. I don't know about war but cyber security is serious business and a Chinese and the Russians and the Koreans are absolutely. Out our throats there and you know all what all the pros say is you gotta figure out how to make it more painful for them. To attack you and hack you that it is what they get from it. And that's highly technical but. You know that these countries are throwing everything they have about each other both on offense and. Defense and what would you do differently if you were in the White House and you wind at your party's nomination in 220. To make sure that we are sick here before against those threats. Well for one thing I might listen to my national intelligence community every once in awhile. National security and intelligence. I've talked a senior military people who briefed the president they say. It is terrifying to brief the president because after two minutes it's like a light goes off in his head and he can't. Focus and follow you any longer this this is a guy without a long. Attention span and unfortunately not much curiosity about the world. And how it works are I really do think the president so wrapped up in his own head that he will tune out extra now they doesn't really know. When when the lights are on when they're off when he's telling the truth when he's not robberies on stage mothers off stage. I know that's a lot to say but I'm I'm basing that on his conduct in office. And now challenging him for the party's nomination and twice when he former Massachusetts governor bill weld thanks so much for joining us. Thank you. In for more on this now on the cyber threats we face coming out of the 20s16 election and everything that was learned. By similar investigation and want to bring in a cyber security analysts joining us now by Skype from Tampa Florida Larry Whiteside leery great to see you. Sir want to start by asking you. Abouts there was something that really struck me in this report which. Is that the scale of the hacking against the US. Political system was bigger than we thought also striking that trump campaign officials were re tweeting. A Russian box the Russians were organizing campaign rallies dozens of them. How can we as voters in every day citizens sort of snuff that stuff out how what can we look for. Yes so so it's tough Leon so first thank you haven't come as a relates to what regular everyday people can do I'm. Honestly it's check your new sources. If if you're not finding stories. Did you see reported to you from certain resources in multiple places. That are reputable and ABC news or CBS news CNN and MSNBC some little place of the Washington Post a Wall Street Journal. Are you should question. This one of the biggest challenges of our election season misinformation and and unfortunately. What has that happened more group got a hold. Twitters. The answer grams of FaceBook we've got to do more as a society to hold him accountable to share improper information and checking. Sources room let and so allowing this would be a freewheeling rent. It's almost sort of like the deal terror monitor if you see something say something. Tell is almost in collier's NTELOS incumbent on all of us to check our sources and say something if we see some phony. That's correct and and it's it's easy to say unfortunately. The way a week interact. With social media are so quick to believe the first thing to get screwed in front of us we tended and share and the problem does exacerbate its. And so you may be connected to somebody that you think is a friend that you don't relieve him now and we are. Quick to won't get like some holes in Orleans a little things in our needs for this attention this week missed you know checking the beginning a web start. And wearied Jordan house hearing what used he has the biggest takeaways front this report. And what are the biggest lessons learned going into to when he twenty. So. The biggest takeaways is lead the amounts. Of effort being put in to providing misinformation. Two. Voters. And I think the biggest take away is for voters to really shed their fat is to look at. Political look at different things that we know historically have been good social information. What we as voters tuned to get challenged because we have this. Right wing left wing up mentality. Our lady that happens and so we begin to believe that certain sources. And some of them being independent they are swayed one way or another so we don't wanna watch those sources that we don't want to follow those sources because of our beliefs and them being slate so when they source. Is presented to us whether it's factual and factual. And it is swayed towards a way that we tend to Lee who we are quick to jump or not so we as. Voters we as Americans have got to do our own job and edit and fact checking but then I think ultimately the government. Actually has a job and any role in this -- actually hold. These technology currently used accountable. To their courageous souls and how this sharing information. Ensure that they are allowing real people to share information that we will falling for. The same thing we've got Cold War. Larry Whiteside cyber security expert thank you so much are really good advice for all of us to take away an aftermath of this report headed into the next campaign Larry thank you. We asked a lot of these questions to the new national Press Secretary for the president's reelection campaign just a short time ago. What lessons has the trump campaign learned from the -- report here's my interview with kiwi Makinen. Robert. Mueller detailing. Aside from the president a pretty extensive effort on the part of the Russians to intervene. In our elections. Sometimes I'm would you me. Getting involved with the truck campaign organizing rallies for the true for the trumps. Sending out tweet bots that others were re tweeting. I'm had it has the campaign taken a look at that are you taking steps to prevent. Foreign involvement in you're our porch. While few things you know one I want to emphasize from the beginning that again there is no collusion that's the words of Robert Mueller not only that no coordination were also his words his conclusions of facts first. Secondly you know we at at the campaign will strengthen our cyber security defenses will always act within the bounds of the law as we did in 2016. But I think the question is really a White House want and Nate solved a lot of this. When you look at the facts that and it took 2017 presents an executive order saying we need to strengthen. Our defenses to nature. Foreign powers don't meddle in our elections it worked with all fifty states and localities to ensure their plans in place to try to Everett this. It's an ongoing problem that happened during the Obama years the Obama administration was made aware that rats was trying to meddle in 2014. It's still happen when this administration. Is trying to take every active measure they can to ensure that there is no meddling by any form. In the report does. Talk about one perhaps not criminal conduct in the part of the campaign when it comes to links with Russian officials some unwitting interactions perhaps. Some Americans might see that is inappropriate CT percent the trump tower meeting in 2016 with the Russian lawyer. Who came in I guess one question. I have now is if they foreign. Official some kind keen to be trump twenty point campaign. Offering dirt and whoever the nominee would be would you guys take that meeting today in light of what we. What we've seen a we will always act within the bounds of the law I'm not going to engage in a hypothetical but I do think we have had been trumped when he sixteen campaign. Fully vetted no clues and no illegality there but now the focus is going to shift and I do think that there needs to be. Some reckoning for the Hillary Clinton Campaign the dossier in the world at that play that was foreign misinformation. Sent to the Justice Department via Bruce sort. Then sends the FBI those are documented facts so when we talk about foreign interference opposition research we really needs look at the dossier. We've been scrutinized and the trunk campaign it's time to look at the ASEAN. When you look at. It just how much the Russians. Meddle in our elections that keep you any pause what's detail here. Aside from criminality here where are you bothered as an American as a as a political strategist by the degree to which stage. Fabricated. Personalities on line tried to influence voters on both sides. Is a community pause. I think every American cares when a form power medals and our election I would cite the Obama administration. He was President Obama himself who said not a single vote was changed every American's vote was counted. It was a free and fair election that being said we never once he foreign meddling every American no matter what side of the aisle you stand on should care about that to the top administration certainly adds. You're the new national Press Secretary for the president's reelection campaigns will be seen a lot of view over the next few months Caylee. Want to put a question to you that we put to Press Secretary sir Sanders a long time back when she first took the job. RN in light of some of the reports documented. The statements some might call them lies are coming from her in the White House. Can you promise the American people the voters that when you represent the president and you speak on his behalf during this campaign that you're always gonna tell the truth to invest your ability. Absolutely and I've known Sarah Sanders for very long time my first job was for her father actually. I she's an honest person with great integrity I can attest to her character honesty her truthfully as I will do the same and I can only hope to be as truthfully I think. That's great and before that you go Caylee. What to have what we when we see this campaign your reelection captured president's reelection campaign really wrap up when others. A rally coming up on the 27 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Give a sort of an outlook of the next 5100 days. That's exciting Albion with consummate the president's there are more rallies come as you can imagine can't get ahead of the president but. Hot you know it's fair to say the president is energized and excited for this election I think every line. Noticed is how much he loves being around the American people in the rallies and he's very pumped to get that started. It certainly going to be want to follow can America thanks so much thank you. Jordan Phelps as the president gears up his campaign and others are rally next week in Green Bay, Wisconsin Democrats also hardening their defenses and we fascinating to see. With this particular so many democratic candidates in this race how they are dealing with the cyber threat because as we know from Torre sixteen it. Didn't take much for that Phishing email to be open by John Podesta and then all of a sudden so much went wrong for them. Right and the reality is can we count there's a lot of this is for the government right to protect our infrastructure here a lot of concerns that. We're just not ready to protect against these threats so what are all of you thinking about all of this we've heard. From experts in cyber security of course politicians on both sides the president himself. About the 400 plus page Muller report coming out we have been wondering what voters what our viewers are thinking of. At all this for more on that I want to bring in Kimberly Brooks our anchor the New York has been tracking some of the social media reaction out there can really great to see so. Break down some of the trends you're seen online and social media that might enlighten when people are interested in here. Yet DeVon it's it's pretty interesting it's an interesting exercise to look at that Google Trends because they tell. A lot about what people were doing when all of this was going on yesterday so let's take one of the most popular keywords from the Muller reports story for example the actual word. Smaller now when we look at these grass they show interest over a period of time. With 100 on the left side representing peak popularity. So you'll see in this first graph that in the last seven days leading up to the Muller report being released yesterday there was literally zero interest in until. That Mueller airport was dropped at eleven. AM if you were able to I'm actually click on that spike. You would see was 11 AM yesterday and it was at 100 and then from very kind of dropped off again. Now wanna go to the last 24 hours he can sort of see what happen and in these. After it was released to he just takes a minute to change it and you can see there that there's a couple of spy aches but generally. The interest has decreased so people were interest did but it wasn't sustained interest the way that it was for the media outlets. And I think another very important being to note and look at. Is the questions that people were actually Google links so this is pretty this is pretty. It's interesting if you look at the top questions for example one William Barr. In the past hour. In the United States from yesterday. You have questions like who appointed William Barr who was standing behind William bar where did William Barr go to law school how old to see. And then if you look at top questions on Robert Mueller in the past. Our from yesterday one of the hours from when this came out yesterday people were nibbling things like who is Muller. What is a Muller reports so what you see here is that while the media was working tirelessly to dig through all of these documents. The people at home we're just keeping it pretty basic and looks like they needed. A refresher so not add detailed. As we were here at. At the media outlets but people or interest dead but just not in the same way that we where. Gosh the people who are searching who is much smaller and less about eleven PRI. Steers or the given all the attention but. Who is this guy gets behind the 400 page report he's really Brooks thanks so much yet fascinating stuff I'm grew have a great weekend Kimberly. It we you know we were just looking at the stats we were talking to real people in fact yesterday Jordan. Are Erica Kane here in the DC bureau was out on the mall lot of tourists in town talking to people lot of interest. Over this holiday weekend in reading the report and a short time ago we sent out to our producer on Marita trump tower New York City. Where there are a lot of tourists milling about today to ask them what they think of the report and what questions they might capture some of that. And it just suggests that it. President didn't expect justice very much want to do. In addition. Material on pollution while not perhaps victim and out out conspiracy. It is equally worrisome in the campaign. And that they tacitly hurt. I would it did. Maybe they just wanted things they. Not a big enough problem might have been in front of the judge. In out of didn't get indicted some. But you know this guy's laying. You know he did make Atlanta Madeleine in his and that well just like super. Just what the legislation which problems that are wrong. Think there's no safe to say a lot of sentiment about that it's time to move on him one way or the other. We'll see where this goes up on Capitol Hill Jordan will also. I see Merkel is in the campaign trail a lot to come we know a lot of you may be diving into the report this holiday weekend or otherwise hopefully spend some time with your family. After Jordan fell son Devin Dwyer Washington have a great holiday weekend to see you back here next week in the recruiter.

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