Muslim Gold Star Father Says Trump 'Has No Decency'

His wife questions whether Trump knows "the meaning of sacrifice."
2:05 | 07/31/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Muslim Gold Star Father Says Trump 'Has No Decency'
I think what president is not an entitlement. The business backed gore this friendly and gold star mother not realizing her pain. Shame on him shame on his priority is not worthy of political elements. He had no decency. You water don't decency he has the dark heart. Right I'd eat he ignores. The meaning what they think that meaning what that would. The good that just. 98. Big doubts they think that what. What you and that they. I don't know won't be. Is there. What would you like mr. trump to know about. What it was like for you to be standing up there hearing your husband deliver these passionate remarks about your son. He's missed it don't you and then we Beckett admits that the ups. It. You didn't know what I'm. Sick and I don't by I can't. So the best thing I'd liked. I might say if I'm in keeping us that's. All of the war meant and meant quote it gardens. We are. We got the art of of investment they. We. Did then what do it and but. It's lucky not to. Then we won't do what you get ugly and eat it. I think I don't know what I've that is you have Bennett or Burt. I don't think he admitted he won but he I'm so sorry about that he does not any idea. What that he's not a.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"His wife questions whether Trump knows \"the meaning of sacrifice.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"41021923","title":"Muslim Gold Star Father Says Trump 'Has No Decency'","url":"/Politics/video/muslim-gold-star-father-trump-decency-41021923"}