NAACP president on combating voter suppression

President and CEO of the NAACP Derrick Johnson explains what kind of president the black community needs, saying that person needs to "speak to hope and aspirations of the African American community."
3:30 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for NAACP president on combating voter suppression
We heard former Houston mayor. Denise Parker say that she will be watching closely and I'm joined now by NAACP president's. And CO Derek Johnson who says. Youths you'll be watching closely and what do you what are you looking for we watched the debate what are you hoping to walk away with or hear the candidates and. But homeless or with their myths and African community are the going to speak to question upon its case or children are going to address issues of aggressive policing. How would they addressed the problem would voter suppression that we've seen. All to prevalent in haft don't know throughout our community solar listening for that. Of course I was one who can beat Donald Trump. But also won't someone is gonna leave with substance in leading give our people hope. And what stands. Out most to you. Just within the candidate pool. And also this time around as we inch closer to 20/20 Brooks. Candidates who speak to issues and not to the person is in office right now are the people that begins on the stand out. Nothing that's important I think after American voters are looking for people who can speak to issues. And not to react to personalities. The more we have who were reacting to personalities it can be a turn off. Progressive win we have messages of hope. We lose when we allow masses of fear to serve good to have to really take over so public and for that candidate who could speak to hope and aspirations of African community. Randi touched a little bit on voter suppression that is something that you said. There is evidence of 12018. Election can you elaborate a little bit on nine in the term election. Into the rock promoter reported and bill that there was election tampering by a foreign nation Russia. And they used race as bad as them who. It throughout the process. Who for us we need leaders who can say we would not allow foreign nation to temper when I elections we also need leaders who won the marks the could be open to everyone. And it cannot be open to everyone if you suppress in the balls outside and so we're going to be listening for candidates when they clear plan how to address the security of I'm actions will report. And that's an issue took to Capitol Hill today testifying before the House Judiciary Committee about protecting against voter suppression can you tell me a little bit about how that went to that. But there was a hearing to all about the reauthorization of the voting rights act the supreme court's six years ago they cut its section five of the voting rights act. The NAACP we've been pushing for reauthorization. Section five is that part of the of the act that required to restrictions to pre clear any time there's changes in action policies practices. Or policies and that's important but cuts in the southern states in some stake in some areas outside of the south they will pull forceful suppression methods. In order for this to be true democracy and we need a representative government he cannot get that if you suppress votes and you mention. Abouts rush spent. Russian election interference he touched on the Muller report. Do you feel the congress is doing enough to address that and the warnings that Mueller issued himself saying that it's still happening right now. So the delegates convene a Detroit 410 annual convention. And we voted unanimously that articles of impeachment should be initiated it is evidentiary hearings process that congress can initiate to ensure. And that the information her mother brought forward and they can continue that investigation interment was the actual attempt re. What involvement did this president's path in and there was involvement that can carry them evidence to the senate for removal office we support that. All right well thank you Derek doesn't appreciate you joining me here today.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"President and CEO of the NAACP Derrick Johnson explains what kind of president the black community needs, saying that person needs to \"speak to hope and aspirations of the African American community.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65522279","title":"NAACP president on combating voter suppression","url":"/Politics/video/naacp-president-combating-voter-suppression-65522279"}