Nancy Pelosi Re-Elected House Minority Leader

ABC News' Lana Zak and MaryAlice Parks recap the Democratic leadership election and question the party's reaction to Tim Ryan's campaign.
11:59 | 11/30/16

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Transcript for Nancy Pelosi Re-Elected House Minority Leader
Either ABC news viewers in the moments I'm joined by Mary Alice parks and we've been calling all the latest shake up here on the hill well. Much think back and alive and an am definitely they and she's. A New York City. But what is not even following all of this did you ever think that after his team and it's. You know bright when they decided to delayed the election there are first gonna vote right after the November 8 big election they're gonna come back immediately elect. There democratic leaders again. Abbott expects to pie has to wage an early signal that there was an op that there was enough from willingness enough. Custody stand. Then at an eighty they're really with the real challenge I never got the sense that enough people were excited about him Ryan he's not widely known among his years as being here. But they were inspired that he was sort of courageous enough to take a fan and someone needed to there was enough. Upset out and he was one it was setting up the place importantly we learned today healing was able to garner about a third of the votes in his pocket so obviously not enough to two out. The hapless. But let's. Not to exceed it was only 63 dollar and other Democrats. And as one out of every three Democrats were saying that they felt like the leaders Nancy wealthy. Had one report that it was time for a change so now she was really thinks she's and Sydney's inner skeptic publicity. But this in many ways a defeat for her even though she still hunt hunt them. You know Kevin McCarthy a runner Republican side leadership over there that I just yesterday that he felt like new publicity already lost her pocket I was actually. Really surprised by your remarks right it was that it nothing at Athens as if there was no laughs as almost as if the election that was just a month ago like hadn't happened at all either she was. All cheery. I'm and I really I really wondering you can see that there clearly members of the Democratic Party. Who feel like optics about are we here are bad they need to and talents to voters that something that robbed of their messages off. And there are really struggling with leadership that's trying to save power forward no change. Doesn't look stubborn doesn't looked at I think there though the real question. And you know what went seeking outlets he sat at the very least it said that she had to go. There's more work to be done if she did acknowledge really any of those issues of that either side really. I'm saying that there won't be any question in voters' minds next time Wear the democrats' stand in relations. Working class voters she did she didn't really acknowledged what. What representative Ryan was paying when he was campaigning for negligence. In scale the pact that I had said. The majority of voters that elected him also voted for Donald Trump the billionaire who they felt better represented. They're working class values and democratic party for him he thought that was standing. Optics of that change and pointless it. It is division in the caucus is sort of multi all of there's generational division pressure. Younger members of the pocket that you like the leadership has just been there forever and Nancy Pelosi was elected in the morning in nineteen ED. And then she's been serving as leader. For a firm Kirk pocket since 2000 three's as opposite as younger folks that feel like. Kind of it's their turn fresh ideas new faces. Are needed but there's also really geographical what's going I'm here. Ryan is from Ohio and Nancy Pelosi and her win at any Hoyer from Maryland really representing us for the postal super progressive liberal kind of more iconic part of the party that we think up right which granted but doesn't present sort of a bulk of their number. A look of the population of the country air. But the argument that like you're saying one and that rhymes speaking event of them need to find a way to you more of a national party to have their message resonate. In the Rust Belt in Ohio with blue collar workers have a hard time relating to Nancy the apparent effort that's now. And I and I just like any you're exactly right didn't get the spend today. That ambulance on onboard and I'm keys on the same page to really acknowledge that her finances into the following. It's probably no. Represented humans. Can. If you hunt he had that exactly exactly about what what do you say to voters that that are worried that this sends a message that the party kind of stubborn and the party is not willing to make. Any changes and and he said. You that I we are basically worried about that that out we unite here actually. Talked a lot about points night line to build a family but that it was really now up diplomacy to make. Changes chains messaging in chains outreach to show voters that they're not. Just a stubborn party unwilling to make any changes he really knows this exits and she had nothing really put it back on our endowment so that it could be placed him. Now. You know I was struck by how disappointed. That he uneasiness as he lived as he came out here watching. I mean he spoke. For a little bit there on the Los Angeles as part of formal press conference. They expect all of us for a wild cards and and we still and that disappointment. Like ultimately even though he didn't have the endorsement even though we didn't have a history of fundraising campaign the other members like it. That ultimately keep them he was gas and then. That brightness would prevail in mind that his fellow Democrats at that. That didn't it can change in how Democrats are received following the election of Donald Trump following. Also their bosses on you know into balance and tech and losing control of the house under Nancy Pelosi said last night and and those those things just didn't happen today. Rank and it was them with a secret ballot and I think that and we know talking to app and lastly if they're really hoping that that fact which would help them they were getting an endorsement tickling and clearly some members saying that they add is back. But they're hoping that when folks got in there and it was all secret and they didn't have to necessarily. Elliott of losing their voting against her that needed in numbers that would uptick in his favor out an accident and that they did it against 63 votes out. But more than a lot of other numbers on her side we're expecting it really does show a real challenge the numbers and it absolutely absolutely that obviously and I totally agree he was that the plan and not immediately really. Tragically in the room you know they're voting on a number of positions today opposite answered there wolf. Top brass. But only one other it was a talent sort of contested. See it as well that's too senile congressman from California. But I I thought and that sort of interesting to you know he talked a lot about the fact that that. The parties have more of a conversation about. Who is leading who was next. Who's stepping up revenue ideas and you're tied me that two out of five meters positions that are even contested in wonder the party is really going through any of that. Needed kind of reflection and sort of tough Stanley conversation I don't know I get at them. Insisting that at this hearing you speak of Allen's new fresh ideas so much what you're talking about. Today even Nancy Pelosi and technology. It happens and think she didn't break and more. Input from junior members yeah. The idea that we think smokers are part of the core of the democratic. This isn't a light at the newfangled idea that this isn't returns to some of the fundamental. On the democratic it. Yeah that's again when happening and I think that's true there are a lot of people look I didn't feel like they've gotten. Out of ties that they were the party of the union workers in blue collar workers a minimum wage. And that somehow. A lot of those voters have had given up we know crossed the aisle. Just a few weeks ago so. There's a lot of frustration there and a lot of this an act you know spokesman all the countries that really feel like. Democrats on the coasts have been playing much more identity politics and that's. Gotten in the way and they need to get back to that strong economic message so. To be really interesting to see you know we both spent a lot of time here at boomer and he's he's been a lot of and here on Capitol Hill and we'll be doing. More of that in the new year to be really interesting to see what they decide to do and how they decides to reprint an either messages. What bills they decide to oppose and how they decide to come together as sort of a new. Real opposition party in May be reflected a lot and especially in this pocket here. Outside now you're just doing an ABC money on Twitter at elements in the area parks at Mary on my simple. I think it reads it. Indeed this conversation on Twitter. But. This time it's interesting pat and Nancy Pelosi. Very brief remarks. Only focus on Alex he didn't humanizing. Subsequently it's a big victory for she felt the need to tell reporters she went into any questions but she's one thing to. What do. She wanted to make sure yeah. Here in the media and that she won two thirds of right. Which was their original predictions so instantly rapidly played first app was very quick to point out that they got it right. They had said early on she had two thirds of the sport locked up. I was. Pretty Incredibles an additive but on the situation. Instances you know to date two thirds and not losing a terabyte it was through it is her message that a that she won parents Mary and that she all of the mantle here to get out of for along time. And its parent you know there's a lot to be said about all the work that she's done she's incredibly prolific fund raiser. I'm she is known for just being able to swoop into needed house raise a struggling house race and bring in fact cast. She obviously polls are real important thing to among the non members of the cockpit. Who suffered a blow with Hillary Clinton's lots of that in real loss of morale with young people congressman with a at all. I. I thought that's at this moment right now I think and I think that's possible because she is always really cumulative audience first you not speaker out she's been. Or product. Of you know politicians and in this country for three decades and and she. And he really is always had. You know if this part here there aren't lots of letters that went out right away from are not calling thing that they have her back and they would vote for her. Eyes so again and it just it was interesting to see how much had it locked down despite despite something that might be needed. Machines and an a lot of people around the country that whatever for Democrats that are disappointed by Democrat leadership. Her cockpit come in the back for her again. Well anyway you know like lightning usually have really companies. Leader they've just won their action don't you eat this day much on election night. We aren't any native we've learned that watching. It's constantly about how much he's just that spanning again he came from the position. I pollsters and and others that he was. And that's usually what you seasonings behind as they. Still think that I think that it really demonstrates that she's trying to and it's not just us and media but all of you at home that. That the Democrats under her leadership. That she handed them. It's arguable whether it's. I think that we I'll probably start wrapping up there but we think he's got much. Less united he'd be hearing argued back and more than likely yeah I'll bet we will. Joining. Us. Ending the war in the publicity. And she'd been acting more questions. The top that yet. It.

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{"duration":"11:59","description":"ABC News' Lana Zak and MaryAlice Parks recap the Democratic leadership election and question the party's reaction to Tim Ryan's campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"43878969","title":"Nancy Pelosi Re-Elected House Minority Leader","url":"/Politics/video/nancy-pelosi-elected-house-minority-leader-43878969"}