Nancy Pelosi to Remain as House Democratic Leader

Standing beside female colleagues, Pelosi announces her continuing role in Congress.
3:00 | 11/14/12

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Transcript for Nancy Pelosi to Remain as House Democratic Leader
I said then and I say now. That this picture before you. Is worth -- of vote. Millions of millions of women's votes that it hoped to reelect president Barack Obama. Millions of women's votes who helped -- elect. A record number of women to the congress of the United States. As you look forward. Understand. That you are looking into the future. The future. Of empowerment of women. In America. Said yesterday we did not have the majority. But we have the gavel. We don't have -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have unity. So I come here with my sisters. And I came to congress -- five years ago there. At 23. Members of congress who will win -- -- 435. Just think that. Eleven and twelve Democrats eleven Republicans something like that. Today we have over sixty. House democratic win. Every good. Not enough. We want -- -- -- -- to. Continue work on encountering wind. To making sure our Affordable Care Act is enforced in a way that no longer being a woman -- preexisting medical conditions. It worked with the president to create jobs and grow our economy. In a way that empowers women in the work -- Two to talk about -- healthy political Klein. To work with women to say we know one way to increase involvement in women. In the -- a government and politics. Must reduce the role of money and increase the level of fidelity. And that would be a very good thing. -- country and elect more women. -- a healthy nation a healthy political. Arena. -- plan in order to reignite the American dream that's what -- about. To build ladders of opportunity for those who want to work hard play by -- rules take responsibility. Have those letters have sides that small business and entrepreneurship. And -- strong and thriving middle class. We have work to do. And I had made -- decision to submit my name. To my colleagues hope to once again. Serve as the house democratic leader. I'm so proud to stand here with you my sister's. A lot of -- male friends really wanted to come out here. Then. This is girls --

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{"id":17716732,"title":"Nancy Pelosi to Remain as House Democratic Leader","duration":"3:00","description":"Standing beside female colleagues, Pelosi announces her continuing role in Congress.","url":"/Politics/video/nancy-pelosi-remain-house-democratic-leader-17716732","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}