Will Nancy Pelosi become Speaker of the House?

President Trump reportedly called to congratulate the Democratic leader in the House.
3:44 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for Will Nancy Pelosi become Speaker of the House?
Want to go to Nancy Pelosi the democratic leader in the house Democrats have this victory tonight. She spoke of at a moments ago. That Democrats and Republicans think that restoring the constitution. Checks and balances. Do their job. Nancy Pelosi right there Martha and and neighbors and began it with you right there we've been talking about the call from president trump to Nancy Pelosi. Isn't guarantee. That she's going to be speaker announced because so many of these Democrats are running did say they wouldn't supporter does she have a kind of margin to see if enough cushion to guarantee shares the speakership. Won't look right now. Eight of the new Democrats are Democrats who said that they will not vote for Pelosi or that they believe that they need some new leadership that is not that big of a market it look close in. In the states make a chance of speaker speaker but she's gonna have to work for that's a little bit and it is a reminder of the fact that not only have so many. Democrats and they want new leadership but also they feel that they just need some blood in there. But don't discount Nancy Pelosi she is eight. Fierce force on the hill she knows how to get things done and she knows how to bring Ingle a diverse caucus with will be important as they pursue all of these and that's. I got every so even if it's close I would imagine it's pretty difficult to dis place that don't female democratic leader of the house in so many women. Are part of this new majority. I mean Nancy Pelosi is responsible. For help and to recruit this new generation of leadership. She has raised Obama 130 million dollars she is help to advanced the democratic cause including. Health care. I know that she's going to face some challenges but I still bet that Nancy Pelosi knows how to. Count the vote Cokie Roberts well that's the other thing cookie Robert G isn't great though she hasn't had an incredible vote counter and she also settle legislate. She can put bills together and put people together who will both of those bills but she knows how to do that. If the democratic presidential candidates in 20/20 had a book and I don't think she yellen said she's going to be a liability. For the Democratic Party if if in the 220 election if she speaker of the house. Well that's any strangely provocative there on the table I don't know who wants to get out maybe I can't get can't pick up. Not really what I'm not a sport I support Nancy hello to all the right reasons she knows how to legislate you know that account. And she knows how to go out and take when. And chills I think knows when to step aside when it's when it's time to step aside feed into it you know they could really popular new blood Paul Ryan. Granted he's no longer there so I think that it puts is going to be just fine and then what was the rocketed thing led us to talk no no yeah. You solve the problem Erica. Relationship with the president I mean not only have they been friendly at times in the past but while the president you know likes of fancy himself a dealmaker pulled Mozee is shrewd and she has shown that she can actually get the better. Of the president in some circumstances especially we saw that in the past with negotiations over the budget. And spending and government funding so Nancy Pelosi is a good oh for Donald Trump and someone that I think Democrats would like to see. In that role and she does not yet have a nickname for president put that yeah. Close he goes this flights coming in she sought coming in she suggested not long ago that she might only. Serve. A one term as the speaker bass like OT something like that but I would be shocked. If there be anybody that could displace Nancy Pelosi has yet to be so again they consider this sixteen incumbent Republicans have lost so far tonight. On a single incumbent Democrat has lost tonight and you know plus he was behind the recruitment of a lot of these these new Democrats award.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"President Trump reportedly called to congratulate the Democratic leader in the House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59020921","title":"Will Nancy Pelosi become Speaker of the House?","url":"/Politics/video/nancy-pelosi-speaker-house-59020921"}